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  1. I have a monthly rolling license (no USB stick) and in a couple of days I'll be installing a new GFX card. Will this cause an issue with SB and my current license and if so how should I proceed?
  2. TFW you've demolished the pub you're looking for.
  3. It would definitely help me. For example these are all different formations.... Two of the formations have identical symbology while all four are so close visually that it takes me longer than a glance to decipher which formation is being represented. Maybe I'm getting old but I'd love to see the formation name displayed.
  4. Botas

    TrackIR question

    I've got head-tracking working great in the TC view except when I go to binocular view I'm forced to use the mouse again. Is there a switch or setting to have the binocular view slaved to the head tracking?
  5. I've been enjoying the Leo-1's PANO sight- it's movement is soooo smooth! Surely this would be perfect for the TC's 'eye' and 'binocular' views - I can't imagine who would complain about this kind of upgrade, especially if it was optional.
  6. Absolutely! Never liked the bugger, anyway! Good point though. And if that's the rationale it would make sense to wait while the TC climbs down into the turret (as if pressing 'z' a couple of times) before getting to see the map, instead of it appearing instantly on hitting F5.
  7. Exit map to previous view - for example when I'm in TC's top view I hit F5 and go instantly to the map, but when I exit the map it drops me to the 'bottom rung' and I have to climb back up top. Double click to 'Jump to Unit' - be a bit easier to double click on a unit icon rather than going through the menu.
  8. Sorry! (I wouldn't class it a bug so much as an annoyance). Here's a pic - generally you can safely mouse left and right while viewing through the blocks and the view will only switch when the mouse gets near the edges - but with the forward facing block the 'safe' zone is very narrow. I've added a pair of lines to show the max limits. It's the commander's seat in the Leopard 1A5 & Leopard 1A5-DK1
  9. It's both the Mk-1s - the 'capture-zone' in the front vision block is especially small. It's very easy to switch to an adjacent block and almost impossible to land on the front one while sweeping the mouse around. The younger Leopards don't seem to use these capture zones for the vision blocks - you can just sweep your head around.
  10. Some ideas (i haven't read through 237 pages sorry) Radio reports all look and sound the same and it's hard to distinguish which are most relevant to the player. So maybe a different colour specifically for your platoon. Having a voice for the TC commands like 'Fire at will' or 'Hold fire' etc. It would be tactically helpful to get status reports from your platoon or individual wingmen. And it would also be useful if they could tell you when they had finished reloading (I think at the moment the only way to
  11. I do have TrackIR so I'll give that a try - some gentle axis curves might just do the trick. Trying to maintain a forward view from the Leo-1's turret is a nightmare at the moment, although I think it's more a bug in the Leo - the range of movement is tiny compared to the other vision blocks.
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