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  1. I think that's the problem then 😃 thanks everyone for the answer, I'll check the problem
  2. Hello there! I downloaded a few days ago the new version of SB and can't find the directory with all the maps. So I can download new maps from the server cause it saves the map automatically, but when manually download new maps don't know where to save them. I go to documents>>esims>>steel beasts pro but can't find the directory.. any suggestion? thanks
  3. so that was my first attempt at steel beasts... nothing special, I just putted a few units on the editor and went hunting them. Many things I haven't figured out how they works... but I love the system and would like to create a community in the italian-speaking part of the world 😃
  4. thanks everyone for the warm welcome 😃
  5. that's great you host weekly meetings to play together, my only problem is that living in Switzerland means that the game starts at 04.00 in the morning to me. But I'll se to try to partecipate sometimes! thanks
  6. exactly I live in Lugano, very close to Italian border grazie molte !
  7. Hello everyone! My name is Mauro and live in Southern Switzerland. I tried SB for 1 month a few months ago and have to say it is very impressive!! As a simulation lover, I am dedicated to historical tabletop wargaming, both 2d and 3d. My favorite periods are WWII and modern war era. Besides this I also use the pc for my simulation, I am into an ARMA 3 clan and want starting using SB also. Have to say I haven't purchased the game yet, but will do ASAP. Hope to find a good community. Good simulation to everyone, Mauro
  8. thanks for your answers
  9. Hello I'm new in steel beasts. I went through the m1a1 tutorial for now.. Do you suggest to buy and play with a joystick or you think that with keyboard and mouse works well? If yes, which joystick do you suggest to buy?
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