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  1. agreed, both solutions are far more convenient, but not to the reach of everybody. What I propose, if doable, is an easy solution. It could even be a "map glimpse" button and the map will show just while pressing that button.
  2. well… the most anoying moment as I said is when you are TC and with the head fully out. You are there in real life normally when you are navigating and many times with your map at hand. But in SB if you look at the map, as it is treated like other station, when you hit the TC position key you return to the default position. I get your point of realism when you are looking through a scope, but it is also true that in SB you are trying to do the job of a full crew at the same time. The gunner in reality is not worried about the map normally, because the TC Will make sure that he is pointing at the right direction. In SB you are the gunner and TC at the same time in that regard.
  3. aaaand another wish: if you are in one of the "special" views, such as gunner sight, PERI, etc... and you want to have a quick look at the map, you have to go afterwards again through the process to arrive to that view again. Not a great deal, but when you are in a serious situation, a bit unnerving, specially when the IA may have moved your sight or when you are the TC and have to go again all up to the Hatch. It´d be great to have a key to have a quick look to the map without abandoning your position, and that returns to that position pressing it again.
  4. Interesting! I am generally against autoloaders, but not strongly against them But listening to the video (I agree with practically all the pros and cons) I realized that there is one thing that did change since I made my decisión: technology improves and what was difficult or challenging in the eighties it is not now. And now my opinión is slightly shifted towards autoloaders, to be sincere.
  5. of course! I´m not talking about myself…. but I´ve been told that could be that someone (not me) sometimes (did I say that never I?) could seek for an easy and fast duel..
  6. I´m reluctant to participate in this kind of posts but here I go: I fully agree with the opinion of many of us: SB is not too complex and it could be more complex. The why is easy to explain: as we already have simpler tank games in the market and they are generally better than SB in many "game" aspects. The power of SB is to be able to SIMULATE the employment of a tank in it´s environment. This is a niche game, but the good news is that in that niche it has to compete with none. It´s the same with the already mentioned hardcore simulators or wargames, like DCS or CMANO. Secondly, it is good that SB does not force the user to use it´s máximum complexity or realism, as it opens a bit the spectrum of potential users in one hand and in the other, even hardcore users can have a lazy day and just fancy some shooting. Third, I don´t see a problem in not being able to properly use more than one or two vehicles. Crewable vehicles are just options. The more crewable vehicles, the more people can be atracted to SB because they love this or that model or the vehicles of a certain army. Again, DCS has many modules and each one is way too complex to master in a few session. Most people are able to play seriously one or two modules, and it´s ok. to summarize, if you substitute the word complexity by the word depth or realism, the more the better. I say this because it can be more realistic in some aspects, many of them already stated, but it could also use some easyness in IU, etc... specially when you are dealing with thasks that in reality´d be done by more than one person.
  7. The Centauro is no more and no less than a wheeled MBT. It has the firepower of a full tank 105 mm, obviously far less protection, but less weight and better operational movement capability. In the Spanish army, one of the two operators with Italy if I´m not mistaken, is used in light cavalry units in exactly the same role than the Leo 2E is used in heavy cavalry units. Actually initially it was bought just for the Cav Regiment intended to be fast deployable, as the Centauro could be air deployed in more "normal" platforms than a tank. Said that, it has rear storage space as, for example, the merkava. It can carry in that space extra ammo, stretchers or, as Furia said, a couple of explorers. But Ssnake is right. In the Spanish Cavalry, as it´s used as a tank, the explorers are in the acompanying VECs and they don´t carry more personnel than the crew. Could they? Sure!. I think that it could be a nice addition to the SB Centauro, as it does not modify the vehicle and in the PE you can use the vehicle in other roles like heavy reconnaisance without accompanying VECs.
  8. I think yes. As I understand Nvidia will apply the setting to the image, no matter where it comes from. So you can effectively apply settings that the game does not have. But, each game is different, and a certain setting may be more effective applied through game settings or through Nvidia settings. Example, Nvidia has certain AA technologies that games normally don´t offer, as they are Nvidia specific. They may or may not be better than the AA offered by the game.
  9. generally speaking, Nvidia drivers cannot override game settings, I guess because it has no way of knowing if the game is aplying some postprocessing. So in my experience (and I´m no expert by any means, just gamer for a long time) if you want Nvidia settings to be applied, let the game settings to 0, as Jam just said. If not, Nvidia may not be able to override the game or, what is worse, it may fight game settings, duplicate them, etc... causing problems or unnecesary loss of performance.
  10. btw, in case anyone does not know. You can take any profile, edit it in VA and just change the phrases in one language and just write them in your language. Let´s say every profile is quite easy to translate into your own language, provided it has not hundreds of commands. I understand that the recognition precission is higher in your own language.
  11. that´s my profile. Use it with precaution, as I´m not experienced in SB yet and there may be things that are not useful or things that I should add. Let´s say it´s a base profile. You may notice that one specific command may have several phrases associated, that means that you can use either of them and the command will be issued. I´d appreciate any comment if someones uses it, so I can improve it, as the ones already stated here. steel beasts-Profile.vap
  12. yskonyn and the others, I´d also could share my brand new VA profile, but it´s in spanish so I suppose is for little use. If anyone wants it, I could upload it on monday. One thing that I added, Yskonyn, in case you want to include it in your profile: for turning, I extended the period of pushing the key to 0.5 s, as the default one is almost an instant and therefore SB makes just a tiny turn left or right. I also added a second command for continuous turning. If I say "driver, left" VA sends a continuous "A" press, without releasing and the tank turns left continuously. When I say "straight", VA releases the "A" and the tank stops turning. That is handy for big turns, but it´s quite imprecise.
  13. as yskonyn said. In essence is a series of "when I say..." press this button and release it. Then you take the SB manual, decide which commands you want and start putting them in VA.
  14. well, well….. some books for the summer, great!
  15. despite my awful experience in yesterday´s mission, completely my fault, I had a great time once I was killed and I could just watch you play and take notes of some things. The mission was great, very inmersive. The plan was more than correct, and the only thing is that maybe my platoon/post was not the best one for a first mission, mainly because of the fast pace and because a lot of things happened from the very beginning, while I was just trying to figure out the sound volume in SB so I could hear TS orders. At the end, all was my fault. Maybe a bit too green for a mission yet and for that I apollogize to Furia, Chrisreb, and the rest of the Plt. But I learnt (or identified, better said) a lot of lessons to direct my training and I will definitely show up next time that I can.
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