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  1. well, well….. some books for the summer, great!
  2. despite my awful experience in yesterday´s mission, completely my fault, I had a great time once I was killed and I could just watch you play and take notes of some things. The mission was great, very inmersive. The plan was more than correct, and the only thing is that maybe my platoon/post was not the best one for a first mission, mainly because of the fast pace and because a lot of things happened from the very beginning, while I was just trying to figure out the sound volume in SB so I could hear TS orders. At the end, all was my fault. Maybe a bit too green for a mission yet and for that I apollogize to Furia, Chrisreb, and the rest of the Plt. But I learnt (or identified, better said) a lot of lessons to direct my training and I will definitely show up next time that I can.
  3. ok, thanks. So the most likely change is a graphic card, and I understand that that should not affect the license. That´s great! The most dangerous one is a micro/MOBO change, isn´t it? I´ll contact you, ssnake, if that´s the case. You never know when you are gonna win the lotto! Gibsonm, thanks a lot! but I hope that´s not neccesary. In the worst case scenario that may be the push that I need to finally buy a full license...
  4. quick question, which hardware changes may pose problems for the temporary license codemeter? I guess that a MOBO and or processor almost for sure but, what about a graphic card? Memory?... And for the affecting changes, can them be done provide I send an email in advance alerting of the change? I have a hardware renovation in the midterm future, or short term if the stars align themselves properly, so I want to be prepared..
  5. good sound samples add a lot for a mission in terms of inmersion, that´s obvious I think. And I agree with gibsonm that accents are a very important factor for best results. But this may be an example of the saying "best is the enemy of good" (is it well written like that? I know it only in spanish). I think that radio messages adds a lot even if the accent it´s not the proper one, and clearly is incredibly inmersive if the accents matches with the mission. I´m remembering a campaign of DCS simulator in which you are supposed to be one of two US pilots in an interchange tour in France, learning to fly the Mirage 2000. This campaign is specially well done and it´s incredibly realistic to hear your wingman speaking in american english and your instructor speaking english with a strong french accent. As a bit of advice for you, Lumituisku, don´t rely only in voice messages, support them with text. Specially because for us non native english speakers it may be difficult to understand fully a message, specially in the heat of the combat and it´s easy to miss important info. Finaly, if you ever need to depict a spanish unit trying to desperately make themselves understood over the radio... I could help
  6. quick question regarding VA in multiplayer, or any voice recognition software. Is it possible to have two mikes in one pc? I use VA in flight simulation, but as I fly with VR I use the headphone´s mic for communications with the others (with PTT) and the Oculus integrated mike for VA. In this way the others don´t hear me giving orders to VA. But in SB it´s not the case and I´m thinking on attaching a tabletop mic in the rear plug for the same purpose. I don´t want you people hearing me constantly saying "gunner, sabot!". Said that, I´m gonna prepare a VA profile for SB, but in spanish. I´ll let you know when I´ve done it Should be easy enough to translate it into other languages.
  7. rgr that! I guess that for assassin it´s better me than none, jeje.
  8. I think I can make it to this misión, but as it´s going to be my first online misión and I have not much experience yet, I think that A14 is a good option (or any other leopard that suits better for my profile and cdr intent).
  9. I know some, but in spanish. In one of them, actually, there is an episode of the history of tanks that I did and a second one of the "modern" russian T tanks inspired in the post here. http://casusbellipodcast.blogspot.com/ https://www.ivoox.com/podcast-motor-al-aire_sq_f1117313_1.html Aviation history, moslty military and done by people of a virtual simulation squadron that includes Sb. I know some others of military history, if anyone is interested I can say the names.
  10. I love this thread! Thanks to all for your reviews
  11. you are fully right, that´s what I tried to say with "t-55 chinese versión". Anyway, I did not know that the main gun changed, I always assumed that they kept the russian calibers. Is this 105 "inspired" in the L7?
  12. interesting that last video but… bullet, seriusly? seconds? Appart from that, the caliber is also wrong or is there a 105mm T-55 chinese versión?
  13. I don´t know in detail the DF 90, but at least there is a huge difference in firepower. The Centauro (Italian, btw, not spanish although in service in my country) has a true 105 mm tank gun. Quite powerful. I don´t know if the DF 90 has a low pressure 90 mm gun, but at least the caliber is lesser. Appart from this, you may not be interested in this kind of vehicles, but what if I say "you have already the Leopard 2, I don´t know why we need an M1, not much difference in capabilities". And please understand that I don´t intend to critizise your comment, I´m just trying to say that they are two completely different vehicles, even if they are of the same type. And therefore, interesting to have.
  14. Now I will see your face everytime I read something from you Ssnake!
  15. God, I did miss this answer somehow! Thanks a lot, gibsonm, I´ll test this option too.
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