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  1. 24/7 Server

    this is a very interesting topic, indeed! If I may, I´ll try to add something based in my experience that, although is not yet in SB, it is based in a similar air simulator, DCS. In DCS you have three kinds of players: - Single players. - Players seeking to simulate online the aircraft AND it´s employment in a most realistic way. - Players seeking to simulate online just the aircraft in a realistic way. I think that the discussion here is between this two kind of players. In DCS the second kind of players (I belong to them) play only in controlled combats within a clan/VU, because is the only way of simulating not only piloting an aircraft in a realistic way, but also the combat (planning, coordination, different roles, etc..). The third kind of players are happy just piloting a realistic aircraft in a realistic way, sort of, and added to the controlled combats they also use the 24/7 servers that run a more or less persistent world in which you spawn in a base, select one of the available missions and try to accomplish it or just try to seek a dogfight somewhere. In my point of view this kind of server may probably be technically feasible for SB, but does not make sense at all. Not only because I´m the second kind of player, but also because a tank or armored vehicle is not a fighter. A tank never goes alone and you cannot reallistically use a tank without planning, coordination, people around you, etc... and that mean that the kind of play that you find in a 24/7 server cannot be extrapolated to the simulation that SB requires. If it is done, you may have a World of tanks kind of play but with reallistically simulated tanks. Is that a hardcore simulator? Yes, in the sense that the platform is realistically simulated, but you cannot simulate realistically the tank employment without the aforementioned steps that simply cannot be done in a 24/7 server.
  2. M1A1 Questions (just curiosity)

    Thanks a lot! I think both questions are clarified. I´m lucky to be able to ask here, it´s a pleasure to have access to nice people with such a knowledge about Armor. I guess more questions will pop up as I advance in the kit, as learning about the model I´m building is one of the things that I like most. And in this case it´s related with one of the best tanks in the world, which is also one of my áreas of interest.
  3. I´m doing now a model kit of the M1A1 in the first (¿Second?) gulf war, and I´d like to do specifically Cougar 3, the mount of Maj (then) MacGregor, S-3 of Cougar Squadron. So, I open this post with a dual purpose: for one side, to ask questions about the Tank itself, and second to clarify if possible, things about that specific tank. So here I go! the first question is from the tank itself. The M1A1 has two protected channels in the turret roof, one long running from the back to the front left and other shorter to the right, that end in symetric points, protuding out of the sides. I guess it is some kind of sensor and it´s cabling. Can someone explain me what it is? and, any reason for running all over the roof, needing protection, instead of just popping up just in place? The second question is related to this picture of sid vicious tank, the one I´m representing, but also in general: Related to the darker line that can be seen in the front and sides of the turret, what can it be? I´ve seen similar lines in other pictures, sometimes going up at the sides of the mantlet in a 90º turn. Is it related with the dark angled squares that can be seen in many other pictures, specially M1A2?
  4. Sorry, guys, but I´m not going to make it. Darn!
  5. T-55AM Armor "leak"?

    I´d say that the 25mm bushmaster ammo should be able to penetrate 1st generation armor, yes. Not always or in all circumstances, but it does not surprise me. It probably was tested in the 91 gulf war, in any case.
  6. darn, you were too fast! I just realized that your answer was not for me, and edited my commment. Well, everything clear, then. If I can, and have permission for Her Who Has To Be Obeyed, I´ll be there.
  7. ok.... so, I missed the first session and I could take advantage of being there, just as a listener if necessary. Should I show up or better not?... up to you, the timing is not so bad for me.
  8. That´s exactly right, gibsonm. I guess that the Word "live" is used because this kind of traks looks like they move by itself when you set it free, as if it was alive.
  9. Thanks, gibsonm! I´ll do my best to be there, although I can only sign in with a sad "maybe".
  10. that was easy! and fast! makes sense, I guess that our official term was translated directly from english. yeah, I guess that dead can be used also for "no longer working", etc.. In Spain is also used in that sense, although I´d say that more in a coloquial language. Thanks for answering!
  11. Hi! kind of a stupid question, but as it is tanck technical question and I don´t know the translation, I thought that I´d beter try a "recon by fire" in the fórum and see if by any chance I can find the correct term in english. So, reviewing an old tank manual (in spanish) I did find the term "live" track vs "dead" track. I mean, in spanish. A live tank track is those traks that by design tend to curl. A good example is the track of the M113. So, if you leave the track by itself on the floor the edges of the track will raise in the air, as the track tends to curl. Sorry, it´s difficult for me to explain it in english. On the other hand, a "dead" track, such as the one in the Leo 2, whould remain perfectly flat. So, if someone knows what the hell I´m talking about and knows the proper technical term in english, I´d be grateful. It´s a very technical thing, but I know there are ex tankers here and hopefully this rings a bell in someone. Thanks! PS. I´d love to attach a picture, but as I don´t know the term in english and 90% of the pictures on internet are referred in english, I was not able to find any.
  12. Steel Beasts: Content Wish List

    I´m probably wrong, because I´m fairly new to this game, but the combination shift+arrow is the one that I was referring to, and it orders the gunner to scan that sector for just some seconds (10 or so). After that it returns to its normal front sector. The idea´d be to keep this as it is, as is very useful, but to add other command to order gunner, like ctrl+arrows, to scan permanently a certain sector. In that way you could tailor the surveillance sector for every vehicle within a formation or keep the proper one when the vehicles are all manned.
  13. Nice training! I learned a lot, just being there, and now I want more! Thanks to everybody involved.
  14. Steel Beasts: Content Wish List

    I support this request. The other day I had my first online experience and I was given just a tank to crew. The rest of the plt was commanded by gibsonm. Well, I tried to integrate in the plt and command the tank just from the cdr position, and the one thing that I missed is how to order the gunner to scan the sector that I thought corresponded to my tank according to the formation/position within the plt. Actually, the order is already there, as you can order the gunner to scan a specific sector, but just for several seconds. It´d be nice to have a variation of that command for giving a permanent sector.
  15. Video Thread

    I like the VEC also, although it´s fairly outdated nowadays. But the concept for a Cavalry vehicle is still valid, in my humble point of view, and I´d love to see just a modern versión of the VEC concept. And yes, it was designed to be amphibious and actually the prototype had two hidrojets at the back, where it has now two storage compartments. But the production vehicle lost that capacity.