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  1. I don´t know in detail the DF 90, but at least there is a huge difference in firepower. The Centauro (Italian, btw, not spanish although in service in my country) has a true 105 mm tank gun. Quite powerful. I don´t know if the DF 90 has a low pressure 90 mm gun, but at least the caliber is lesser. Appart from this, you may not be interested in this kind of vehicles, but what if I say "you have already the Leopard 2, I don´t know why we need an M1, not much difference in capabilities". And please understand that I don´t intend to critizise your comment, I´m just trying to say that they are two completely different vehicles, even if they are of the same type. And therefore, interesting to have.
  2. Now I will see your face everytime I read something from you Ssnake!
  3. God, I did miss this answer somehow! Thanks a lot, gibsonm, I´ll test this option too.
  4. But can a fennec plt be commanded through orders in the map? If so, that could be enough for what I want, I.E., that the troop cdr decides where to place them in each phase and that he can Benefit of the added recce capability. Can this be achieved creating a fennec plt within the troop?
  5. I´m not sure where to place this question, to be honest, I hope this is the correct place. Said that, here is the problem: spanish army is introducing a new vehicle in their cavalry units, called VERT. The VERTs are based in a VAMTAC (kind of a spanish HUMVEE) and have an optronic mast that lets them recce in a range of, let´s say, 8 km, either with tv and with thermals. Each Cav troop will have one platoon based on this vehicle, the rest of the unit being tanks (Leopardos), VECs and 120mm mortars. I´d like to depict this platoon in a mission in the best way possible. Specifically I´m not interested in the handling of the vehicles, but in adding this recce capability to the guy commanding the troop, ideally depicting the problems of where to deploy them within the troop, to achieve the desired effects without losing them as they are light, unarmored vehicles. So, how could I depict this long range land based capability? Is there a similar vehicle depicted in SB? A way of adding kind of fake UAVs with limited range? I´m not expert at all in SB or in it´s editor, so if this question is too simple or basic, I apollogize in advance. I try to follow the rule of "don´t ask in a forum what you can easily find by yourself". Thanks!
  6. this is a very interesting topic, indeed! If I may, I´ll try to add something based in my experience that, although is not yet in SB, it is based in a similar air simulator, DCS. In DCS you have three kinds of players: - Single players. - Players seeking to simulate online the aircraft AND it´s employment in a most realistic way. - Players seeking to simulate online just the aircraft in a realistic way. I think that the discussion here is between this two kind of players. In DCS the second kind of players (I belong to them) play only in controlled combats within a clan/VU, because is the only way of simulating not only piloting an aircraft in a realistic way, but also the combat (planning, coordination, different roles, etc..). The third kind of players are happy just piloting a realistic aircraft in a realistic way, sort of, and added to the controlled combats they also use the 24/7 servers that run a more or less persistent world in which you spawn in a base, select one of the available missions and try to accomplish it or just try to seek a dogfight somewhere. In my point of view this kind of server may probably be technically feasible for SB, but does not make sense at all. Not only because I´m the second kind of player, but also because a tank or armored vehicle is not a fighter. A tank never goes alone and you cannot reallistically use a tank without planning, coordination, people around you, etc... and that mean that the kind of play that you find in a 24/7 server cannot be extrapolated to the simulation that SB requires. If it is done, you may have a World of tanks kind of play but with reallistically simulated tanks. Is that a hardcore simulator? Yes, in the sense that the platform is realistically simulated, but you cannot simulate realistically the tank employment without the aforementioned steps that simply cannot be done in a 24/7 server.
  7. Thanks a lot! I think both questions are clarified. I´m lucky to be able to ask here, it´s a pleasure to have access to nice people with such a knowledge about Armor. I guess more questions will pop up as I advance in the kit, as learning about the model I´m building is one of the things that I like most. And in this case it´s related with one of the best tanks in the world, which is also one of my áreas of interest.
  8. I´m doing now a model kit of the M1A1 in the first (¿Second?) gulf war, and I´d like to do specifically Cougar 3, the mount of Maj (then) MacGregor, S-3 of Cougar Squadron. So, I open this post with a dual purpose: for one side, to ask questions about the Tank itself, and second to clarify if possible, things about that specific tank. So here I go! the first question is from the tank itself. The M1A1 has two protected channels in the turret roof, one long running from the back to the front left and other shorter to the right, that end in symetric points, protuding out of the sides. I guess it is some kind of sensor and it´s cabling. Can someone explain me what it is? and, any reason for running all over the roof, needing protection, instead of just popping up just in place? The second question is related to this picture of sid vicious tank, the one I´m representing, but also in general: Related to the darker line that can be seen in the front and sides of the turret, what can it be? I´ve seen similar lines in other pictures, sometimes going up at the sides of the mantlet in a 90º turn. Is it related with the dark angled squares that can be seen in many other pictures, specially M1A2?
  9. I´d say that the 25mm bushmaster ammo should be able to penetrate 1st generation armor, yes. Not always or in all circumstances, but it does not surprise me. It probably was tested in the 91 gulf war, in any case.
  10. darn, you were too fast! I just realized that your answer was not for me, and edited my commment. Well, everything clear, then. If I can, and have permission for Her Who Has To Be Obeyed, I´ll be there.
  11. ok.... so, I missed the first session and I could take advantage of being there, just as a listener if necessary. Should I show up or better not?... up to you, the timing is not so bad for me.
  12. That´s exactly right, gibsonm. I guess that the Word "live" is used because this kind of traks looks like they move by itself when you set it free, as if it was alive.
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