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  1. Steel Beasts: Content Wish List

    I´m probably wrong, because I´m fairly new to this game, but the combination shift+arrow is the one that I was referring to, and it orders the gunner to scan that sector for just some seconds (10 or so). After that it returns to its normal front sector. The idea´d be to keep this as it is, as is very useful, but to add other command to order gunner, like ctrl+arrows, to scan permanently a certain sector. In that way you could tailor the surveillance sector for every vehicle within a formation or keep the proper one when the vehicles are all manned.
  2. Nice training! I learned a lot, just being there, and now I want more! Thanks to everybody involved.
  3. Steel Beasts: Content Wish List

    I support this request. The other day I had my first online experience and I was given just a tank to crew. The rest of the plt was commanded by gibsonm. Well, I tried to integrate in the plt and command the tank just from the cdr position, and the one thing that I missed is how to order the gunner to scan the sector that I thought corresponded to my tank according to the formation/position within the plt. Actually, the order is already there, as you can order the gunner to scan a specific sector, but just for several seconds. It´d be nice to have a variation of that command for giving a permanent sector.
  4. Video Thread

    I like the VEC also, although it´s fairly outdated nowadays. But the concept for a Cavalry vehicle is still valid, in my humble point of view, and I´d love to see just a modern versión of the VEC concept. And yes, it was designed to be amphibious and actually the prototype had two hidrojets at the back, where it has now two storage compartments. But the production vehicle lost that capacity.
  5. I´ll do my best to attend this session. I understand that it will be an execution of the plan, is it? If you could send me the plan, I´d appreciate it.
  6. History of US Tanks.

    I hope that whoever made the mistake can correct it on time, this thread alongside with the one from russian tanks are one of my favourites and contains a wealth of information.
  7. Video Thread

    Yes, Spanish Army is one of the professional users of SB. That´s the only reason why you can find crewable Spanish vehicles and/or versions in the PE, as local desings are not so popular or known outside our boundaries.
  8. A pity, I´ll miss the Session 1 and 2, so I guess it makes no sense to show up for the third session. Thank you anyway, Gibsonm, for your effort!
  9. Steel Beasts "Summer Camp"

    rgr, answererd!
  10. I just answered the poll, after requesting answers for some RFI to HWHTBO (Her Who Has To Be Obeyed), and the situation is the following: First session: fairly important for me, I could just attend Jan the 2nd. Maybe I could the 3rd early in the morning, but is the worst option for the rest, so... Second session: I´m afraid I´ll miss this one. I could attend the 5th 0830, but in any case is the session that I need less. Third session: I agree with the majority in this one, 5th 2000 is ok for me. Thanks for the effort, gibsonm!
  11. Steel Beasts "Summer Camp"

    Gibsonm, I´m highly interested, indeed! That could be the push that I need to fully use SB. I don´t know yet dates in which I could be avalilable, but I´ll keep an eye to this thread and see if I can join. Thanks a lot for the iniciative!
  12. Operacion La Seguridad

    It´s a pity that I cannot attend sunday missions, and specially this one. Anyway, Nike-Ajax, may I suggest that you join 2D and 3D? a real Cavalry platoon of Light forces is exactly a VEC squad (2 VECs) and a Armored Squad (2 Centauros), being the platoon cdr in one of the Centauros.
  13. hunter/killer capability explanation

    Thanks a lot Ssnake, you are just confirming my suspicion. If it is just that, then IMHO it´s not worth a specific term because, as you say, this is just an evolution of techniques used since many, many years. With more resources, I agree, but not new at all.
  14. I´ve reading lately this term related with new tanks or even with new capabilities added to x versión of the Abrams. Could someone explain me what is extactly this capability? What I´ve found in a quick search is that it means the capability for the TC of designating targets to the gunner with some kind of independent optics, such as the Leo Peri. Is this only?
  15. Oh, my, did I laugh.... I´d say...