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  1. Thank you for your input! I'm so glad a eSim member responded. Also, sorry for potentially promoting the violation for your EULA rules. I'd have to admit, my post was pretty ignorant in regards to the subject, so please forgive me, but thank you for responding. I'm just hoping to provide further features for my personal use so I could enjoy aspects in this game that I would like to change (like more animations and new models). but it would be great to be able to share these created features with others. Unfortunately, I'm just a beginner who doesn't have much or any knowledge on how I would go about implementing my ideas. I'm just a dreamer for now. Maybe one day I can help eSim games directly by joining your team when I'm more experienced, but we'll see what happens in the future. Anyway, thank you for your response and I hope the content I can create and share will be valuable.
  2. Hello, so I'm new to Steel Beasts and the whole modding scene about it, so do take it easy when I talk about these wild ideas that sound impossible to implement into Steel Beasts. Anyway, I was curious about how far you can modify the game. I do have the understanding that Steel Beasts is difficult to modify any further than skins and sound mods, but I have seen people modify Tanks with new little external gadgets that others said was practically impossible. So with that being said, I'm going to ask if any of these ideas I'm going to suggest are plausible. - The modification of existing Interiors of vehicles and tanks, and if new interiors could be created - The modification of vehicle, tank, and infantry animations - Being able to create and import new models into Steal Beasts ( e.g. buildings, new gear and weapons for infantry, and new vehicles and tanks Now, I'm not asking anyone to create any of these ideas for me, just asking if I myself can even implement these ideas with what Steel Beasts Pro PE provides. I would be grateful if anyone with knowledge of Steel Beasts' inner workings would provide any useful info regarding to this topic. Thank you
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