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  1. Thank you too Gibson. And ignore my lil tears above I figured out I could right-click the extraction and point them to my E: Drive (wich is my download drive). From there I could run the install without problems. It could be I have done this also with v 3.023 but I really cant remember. Things work ok now. Thank you again and regards from a happy tanker
  2. Thank you for the reply Rotar. But if indeed they changed the install it means I cannot install this simulation anymore. So much of a hotfix
  3. Hello all, Some info first: I had version 3.023 installed. Completely uninstalled that version , incl codemeters. I downloaded 3.025 from Steelbeasts.com. I want to install my 3.025 on my D: harddrive. So I choose that drive for the install. Plenty room there. Om my C: drive I have like 5Gig space left. The installer is unpacking to my D: drive first for the install and the usual files to my C: drive after that. In the end of the install it stops unpacking some file and tells me I dont have enough space left? My question is, has something changed filesize speaking? Because I had a succesfull
  4. Got my licences upgraded to 3.0. No problems at all. Thanks for the hard work to all Cannot wait to run the software... errr to start the engines
  5. This is going to be huge! Again.. Im going to love this map, alot!! :) Really awesome work!
  6. Excellent work! Love what you doing! :) I'm also wondering... with the 3.0 upgrade... we can see soldiers moving in rooms in a building. More mapbuilders move buildings in/over other buildings to create different looks of excisting buildings. How will the AI soldiers react on this? They dont get stuck in rooms?
  7. Hi, Im guessing the old sound and textures mod will not work anymore with upcoming upgrade? Cleaning up my old files for SB. Unless you want to install old version I can delete old sound and textures mods? Thank you. Cheers!
  8. This map looks really great. Looking forward to it. Cheers!
  9. Nice update of pics The Fennek and updates of YPR family. Love it! Cheers!
  10. Lovely new screenshots..again! I see many buildings with new textures, interrior and soldiers taking positions in the buildings. Will all buildings get updates like this in future? And most important.. can the player as commander and using his bino or sights see those soldiers moving inside those buildings when checking the windows? Cheers!
  11. I like the new screenshots and I noticed that fences and buildings are casting shadows too. Very nice. I can imagine trees will not cast shadows? Not sure how this effects framerate? Also how close or how far we will notice the shadow? Cheers
  12. Excellent screens. Cannot wait to see more. Cheers.
  13. I think the AMX can be, in earlier cold war scenario's, an excellent little recon tank. I believe the Dutch used the AMX 105mm for mainly recon and some anti-tank. Cheers.
  14. I don't have Windows 8 but you might want to try to install latest Codemeter for your dongle. There might be more topics here if you do a search how to install and update Codemeter for Windows 8. Good luck. Cheers! Edit: you got support ^^
  15. Thank you so much for sharing this lil mod Cheers!
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