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  1. Wicked

    Fullscreen Crash

    Been searching the net and I read that more people have problems with a combi of Nvidia/Asus Rog/Nahimic. Nahimic services are installed with the Realtek Audio. It (can) cause problems going fullscreen with your system. Advise here was, uninstall Nahimic or disable it. Just adding this info here, it might help in the future for some.
  2. Wicked

    Fullscreen Crash

    Everything is working fine now. I could switch from Windowed to Fullscreen (borderless) without a crash in the display menu. I only let the application choose (Nvidia) settings. But most (Nvidia) settings are pretty high for the "looks". I will try if I can tweak some more settings and add step by step. Before when it crashed I could not Alt-Tab to the Taskmanager for some reason. Even when waiting somewhat longer as it might need time to load. I could only see the preview and could just read "not responding". I also recently updated Windows 10 wich could have been a problem with some settings? Not sure though. Anyways, thank you all for the help and time ! And its amazing to see SBProPE in full glory with high fps! Best regards, W.
  3. Wicked

    Fullscreen Crash

    @Ssnake; Im running SBProPE in fullscreenwindow mode very stable now. The mouse pointer is working now as it should. I tuned a few Nvidia settings in the configuration of the Nvidia tool. Letting the application choose. Fullscreen option still crashes when I choose the option in the Display Menu. So I try to figure out some Nvidia settings, since it worked just fine with the 1080Ti. Also, is there a max fps setting in SBProPE? I notice the fps has a max of 63,XX in a simple mission with small map and lowest map details. In other games/simulations I get 100+ fps at times. Just curious....
  4. Wicked

    Fullscreen Crash

    Im running latest build of SBProPE.
  5. Wicked

    Fullscreen Crash

    Thanks Ssnake. Unfortunately I do not get a crashdump file. I also tried the shortcut with debug. Again no crashdump file. Made a shotcut with the --fullscreenwindow command added. That worked but discovered other problems; my mouse is offset with the visible pointer, mainly in the popup menu's in the editor or ingame. When using the topmenu, mouse works fine, but as soon I get a popup menu in my screen I have to click like half a centimeter above. I connected the monitor to my "old" PC with a 1080Ti card and everything works fine. Seems it does not like a RTX 3090 card. At least on my system. Its frustrated I dont get a crashdump file to help me and the SBPro team. Switching back to my old setup for now. Best regards, W.
  6. Hello all, Im trying to get SBProPE fullscreen on a RTX 3090. As soon as I switch from windowed to fullscreen, SBProPE crashes in the display menu with a "not responding" in the taskmanager. I can move the mouse around but cannot switch back to windowed mode. I have to manually log off from computer using taskmanager. SBProPE does not write a crashdump? Or where can I find this? In windowed mode SBProPE works after I dragged the window to max of my monitor. I have reinstalled and downloaded again, twice. Running Windows 10, latest version, all hardware latest drivers. Other games and simulations like DCS World runs great. I have checked the forum and I found one post of someone who had also a problem with a RTX 3090 card with fullscreen mode. But could not find a solution for it? Any help appreciated, meanwhile its Windowed mode only ;) Best regards, W.
  7. Thank you too Gibson. And ignore my lil tears above I figured out I could right-click the extraction and point them to my E: Drive (wich is my download drive). From there I could run the install without problems. It could be I have done this also with v 3.023 but I really cant remember. Things work ok now. Thank you again and regards from a happy tanker
  8. Thank you for the reply Rotar. But if indeed they changed the install it means I cannot install this simulation anymore. So much of a hotfix
  9. Hello all, Some info first: I had version 3.023 installed. Completely uninstalled that version , incl codemeters. I downloaded 3.025 from Steelbeasts.com. I want to install my 3.025 on my D: harddrive. So I choose that drive for the install. Plenty room there. Om my C: drive I have like 5Gig space left. The installer is unpacking to my D: drive first for the install and the usual files to my C: drive after that. In the end of the install it stops unpacking some file and tells me I dont have enough space left? My question is, has something changed filesize speaking? Because I had a succesfull install with 3.023. Size should be pretty much the same with 3.025, not? Or do I need to download again from different location, eSIM or so? Some file corrupted? Any help appreciated. Thank you all Regards Wicked.
  10. Got my licences upgraded to 3.0. No problems at all. Thanks for the hard work to all Cannot wait to run the software... errr to start the engines
  11. This is going to be huge! Again.. Im going to love this map, alot!! :) Really awesome work!
  12. Excellent work! Love what you doing! :) I'm also wondering... with the 3.0 upgrade... we can see soldiers moving in rooms in a building. More mapbuilders move buildings in/over other buildings to create different looks of excisting buildings. How will the AI soldiers react on this? They dont get stuck in rooms?
  13. Hi, Im guessing the old sound and textures mod will not work anymore with upcoming upgrade? Cleaning up my old files for SB. Unless you want to install old version I can delete old sound and textures mods? Thank you. Cheers!
  14. This map looks really great. Looking forward to it. Cheers!
  15. Nice update of pics The Fennek and updates of YPR family. Love it! Cheers!
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