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  1. This makes much more sense! I'm used to the Abrams where the time average used to determine the lead offset must be a lot shorter, I didn't realize it was a second and a half on the Crusader. Thank you for pointing this out. After retrying the engagements I had much more success, although for some reason my MMB binding isn't working. I can hear the "clack" and see that the lead has been dumped when I press P, but pressing the MMB does nothing for me. I checked the binding, set MMB as the primary binding, but it doesn't appear to work. It's a bit of a pain having to move from N to P to N each time I engage a target but at least I can destroy them, even if it takes an extra moment or two. Did you happen to see my second question? When lazing a target at 2000+ meters the reticle ends up falling out the bottom of the sight entirely when engaging with HESH rounds and I'm wondering if you can even use those rounds past that range for this reason. Thanks again!
  2. So I purchased Steel Beasts recently and am currently working through the tutorials for the various vehicles. I've been having some difficulties with the Challenger 2 and I'm sure you guys could help me figure out whether I'm encountering a bug, operator error, or just misunderstanding the instructions. I've noticed that the TOGS has a tendency to jump from side to side when I'm attempting to acquire a target. This only occurs when I'm firing through the TOGS (not the GPS) and when in Normal mode (not when in Emergency). After identifying a target, I try to finesse my sight onto the target by applying consistent movement in one direction, but the sight likes to bounce backwards and forwards with and against my intended movement. Is this meant to happen? Or am I misunderstanding something? Here's a video demonstrating what I mean. The effect becomes much more pronounced when firing HESH rounds. Here's another video showing what I'm talking about. The side-to-side jerking isn't a result of my input and it makes target acquisition pretty difficult, especially with moving targets. When firing through the TOGS in Emergency mode, there is no issue. Given the difference, it seems like I would want to use Emergency mode over Normal mode (anytime I'm engaging stationary targets, anyway) which I know isn't right. Here's another video showing how much easier it is to engage these targets with the same amount of input from me. Thoughts? Am I doing something wrong? And additionally, I had another question about engaging targets at long distances with HESH rounds. As you can see in the video, I attempted to engage a tank at ~2300 meters with a HESH round and, after lasing, my reticle disappeared off the sight entirely. How am I supposed to hit a target like that? Or was that outside the effective range of a HESH round? Thanks all.
  3. I'm also having some trouble with activation. While waiting for my CodeMeter stick to arrive I used the temporary license, which worked, but has since expired. Now that my stick has arrived, I'm getting the "License Failure" error after switching to the license and attempting to launch. I've enabled the CmStick license in CodeMeterCC and updated the CmStick to 4.10. I'm using Windows 10 and see the directions regarding downloading and installing CodeMeter runtime 6.30b, but it looks like 6.30b has been taken off the list of downloads on that page and the closest Runtime version there is 6.32 (currently I'm running 6.50). Is there something I haven't tried yet? Thank you.
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