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  1. thanks for the feedback ill see if i can figure some of that stuff out
  2. Hey Guys my first scenario let me know what you think Thanks
  3. Version 1.0.0


    60 Minute mission Canadian Units Search and Destroy Russian Units returning with stolen fuel from Ukraine to Russia Please provide feedback my first created mission thanks and enjoy rGUNSLINGERr
  4. Thanks is there any single player scenarios you can recommend?
  5. Thanks guys that helps me to better understand...just played my first solo senario Awaking the bear by Dragon Six Golf 85 out of 100 total kills 62 total losses 26 user kills 29 user losses 10 not the prettiest battle
  6. thanks that helps me to understand im just struggling to figure the best position to play from.
  7. Hey guys Is the gun attached to the commanders sights every time i try to use them it seems the gunner overrides me? Thanks
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