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    Nike I am happy to work with Chris therefore A52 or A53. Or wherever needed. Thanks mate. Great job with the last mission.
  2. Nike I happy to work with Ronin and DBoy in A32 or where needed. However I am only available for 3 hours which I expect will not be a problem ??? See you there mate.
  3. Mark Please be aware that I will be available for Thursday. Chris Have fun with the tiling and plumbing, been there with my own reno last years. I am off to paint the bedroom wall in my daughters house today. See you when we see you. All the best mate.
  4. Operation Delaware River

    Nike Can you please re role me into B43 to work with Chris and Dboy if that is OK All the best mate
  5. Operation Delaware River

    Mate I am available for this one and would be happy for A13 if the position is still up. If not wherever I am needed. All the best mate
  6. Mark I will see you here. Mac
  7. Operation Hammerblow

    Nike Another week before I will be available. The mission sounds good enjoy all the best.
  8. Internets is now up and available for Thursday. See you are there.
  9. Nike Apologies mate I am unavailable due to work. This will be the case for the next 3 weeks. All the best.
  10. Mark I will be there however please be aware that my internet is currently very slow and waiting for the technician to fix the problem. I expect it is the line from the exchange to my house or the exchange itself. no quick fix and no update from Telstra. All the best
  11. Nike Happy to work with the Mech Inf if required say C14 or as needed. Mac
  12. Mark I am expecting to be available pending on weather and power.
  13. Nike Be aware that I may not be able available for the game with the flooding in Townsville North Queensland currently (where I live). I am still plan to rockup, we see what happens. Hopefully I will see you tomorrow my time. Mac
  14. A42 thanks mate if available
  15. Mark A change of plans my visitors have postponed their trip therefore I will be available for Thursday. Mac