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  1. Mark I will make time 24, 26, 27, 31 Dec and 2, 3 Jan. Look forward to catching up with you all.
  2. Apologies Mate I am unavailable and will be away the following week as well. All the best and hope things go well.
  3. Nike I be available and would like to occupy the B22 Position if possible mate. All the best
  4. Nike I will be available and happy to be placed in B22 if that suits. All the best mate
  5. Nike I Believe DBoy would be better suited for B11 (if he agrees) with his experience and knowledge, however I will give it go if you have no one else mate.
  6. Nike Please be aware that I am available and happy occupy Mech Inf B22 or B23 All the best
  7. Apologies mate I am unable to make it this week due to work. See you new week. All the best
  8. Nike Happy to fill the position of B22 or as required. All the best mate
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