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  1. I believe Win7 x64 has the ability to run, in VM mode, an already included version of Win XP. Apparently the framework is there, one must install a few free bits and pieces, and configure the whole shebang. IIRC, the process is different, but more expansive for Win 10 machines, as the list of possible Virtual OpSys is much larger.
  2. OK, thanks for the info. It's expected that getting this thing to run would be a chore. That said, I have quite a number of old games that use this game's operating system, so maybe I had better look into a Virtual Machine to really solve my problems once and for all--Ihope. Thanks for taking the time to give your good advice.
  3. Mods, please move if you think it best; I don't want to create an identical post and clutter the site, so your call.
  4. I'd love to get this old-timer working on my Win 7 x64 system, bit I'm running into problems. Version of the Steel Beasts game appears to be V1.15. The intro/splash screen plays through, but then the computer comes up with the message "d3drm.dll is missing". A further message is that "No Solutions Found for Exclusive Mode Video Playback Sample Application" I have done some searching and found what is purported to be a d3drm zip file, which, when unzipped gives a d3drm.dll file and a text which is of no use to me. So, the question is where do I go from this point? I realize the folks running this site are running a business which sells vastly updated versions of this game. It would be a kindness to help me out, though, and I would be much obliged if they would see fit to help, if possible. In any event, thanks for reading.
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