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  1. This is for what we like/love about SB Pro PE 4.3 I just love how you now can knock out individual wheels on cars and trucks. I have made a shooting gallery scenario just to play with that and I'm giggling as a kid in a candy store. Happy Simming
  2. Nope. It's the Bøllebank Leo from the Panser & Artilleri museum in Oksbøl https://vardemuseerne.dk/museum/panser-artillerimuseum/
  3. Nice to meet you again DK-DDAM. Yeah, to bad with the CV9035 breakdown. As a compensation here are some pics from the Friday aehm, hmmm, whatschamacallit in english? indskydningen. Unfortunately it didn't get to shoot on Friday due to some range problems and shooting time ran out. Here are a couple from Sunday waiting for the main event. Happy Simming
  4. I will look forward to meeting you DK-DDAM. To make it easier to find each other I have sent a PM with my phonenumber to you. I will be spending a lot of time filming and I hope to get a very good position for filming the main event.
  5. Ssnake, Hedgehog and Major Duck. To bad. Sometimes life and work gets in the way. I will be recording video this year, so you will get to see and hear something. I am busy with designing building a camera/soundrecorder platform that I wan't to use and I have started to late, but it just have to be finished, so I can bring it. DK-DDAM Will you be going as a part of the event or are you coming as a guest? I will arrive on Thursday and be there all weekend. Happy Simming
  6. If you do, how about meeting up? I will be there as part of the GHRVPK contingent. It has been nice meeting Grenny at the last 2 GHRVPK open houses and I think that it could be great to meet other Tanksimmers as well. Open Heath (Åben Hede) will be in Oksbøl on 26/6-2022 Pictures from 2019 Happy Simming
  7. 4.3 upgrade bought. Now setling in to wait for release. Good thing that i have Open Heath to tide me over.
  8. Will 4.1 to 4.3 be a paid for upgrade? Just so that I know to put dough aside for it if it is.
  9. It was a great weekend. The sim was well behaved and well visited. Thank you Grenny for bringing the PC and the CV9035 competition scenario. You have sparked an interest in playing around more with the CV9035DK. But before that I need to finnish the Video/Soundrecorder platform that I want to bring to Aaben Hede this year. Thank you Nils for the mouse mats and for letting us borrow the controllers. Interesting hardware. I am now considering doing a swappable LEO 1 and CV9035 gunner controller. A little of what was on Static Display Happy Simming
  10. Great timing. Then I will just wait for 4.3 to come out.
  11. I have shared this on the Mudspike forum. There are some swedes on there. https://forums.mudspike.com/t/swedish-translater-for-steel-beasts-wanted/14009
  12. Is it possible to force Steel Beasts Pro PE to keep playing sounds, when it is in the background? I would very much like for the 1 or 2 instances of SB i normally have running in the GHRVPK simulator to keep playing the sounds even when SB is not in focus. As I mostly run with both an internal and external view, it would be nice if I could have the sound from both at the same time. As it is now the sound disappears when SB is not in focus. Greetings from Denmark Happy Simming
  13. I have created an album on Flickr with pictures showing more details than the photoscan.
  14. If anyone want's it, here is the best of my first tries at Photo scanning a Danish Leopard 1A5DK Gunner's grip. I made a mistake and used a white background for the pictures, thus making it more difficult for Metashape to do it's magic. It is rough, but can still be used as a base for grip stl files. One is really what is needed as it is mirrored on the other side. Since it will be a long while before I can rephoto the grip, I have decided to upload the blend file to Sketchfab. It can be downloaded here: https://skfb.ly/o9FNP Happy Simming
  15. The Danish Army are planning on doing it’s Åben Hede (Open Heath) event in the Oksbøl ekcercise area again in 2022. It was cancelled in both 2020 and 2021. They are showcasing their newest material and some of the historic vehicles get to drive around and shoot. It will be on Sunday 26/6-2022. These are from 2019.
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