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  1. DanTDBV

    My new Toy!

    On Tuesday 19/11-2019 I had my first gunner scenario up and running in the GHRVPK Leopard 1A3 turret. It somehow gives something extra when you are pulling around the handle from the real deal. A cold experience too, as the turret is in an unheated garage. But it was fun!
  2. Danish Army Exercise 2002 in Oksbøl I just stumbled upon these. At least 12 16 minutes videos. The best Leopard 1 and M113 sounds I have heard. It is close to like being there yourselves. A nice wide sprinkling of Danish Army Vehicles and Fennec and Cayuse helicopters Hope you enjoy.
  3. A realtime testrun of the first scenario for the GHRVPK Leopard 1A3 turret. This time in the gunners seat. Also test of setting up multiple controllers for Steel Beasts with JoyToKey. At this time I have added functions to a set of TM Couger MFD's, CH Flightstick Pro and a G27 shifter. My main stick is my modified TM T16000. Next to come: more functions on the MFD's and shifter and Logitech and CH throttle quadrants. JoyToKey: https://joytokey.net/en/
  4. WIP of my first Gunner scenario for the GHRVPK Leopard 1A3 turret with Steel Beasts Pro PE 3.0 Enjoy
  5. DanTDBV

    My new Toy!

    eSimGames has kindly allowed me to get a license for Steel Beasts Pro PE 3.0, so I can create scenarios for the simulator. This is my first WIP. Enjoy.
  6. That was the one! And Ssnakes reply about spiders to it. Thank you Lt DeFault. One of the Leopard 1 group guys at GHRVPK told me about the spiders, when we where talking about the simulators. Happy simming
  7. I only wish! It’s the cabin part of a Leopard 1A driving simulator. It was used by moving a camera around a large model. The camera was controlled by the drivers input. A popular scare trick was to put a spider in front of the camera lens. It reportedly made some students jump. I only know this from a video I stumbled upon and unfortunately I forgot to save the link. It is a part of the collection of The Guard Hussar Regiment Veteran Armor and Vehicles Union www.ghrvpk.dk And no, we don’t have the model part of the simulator. If any of you know about videos and/or pictures of it in use, that we could use for creating a video, that I intend to run on one of the screens on our simulator turret, then I would be very grateful if you would share them. You can see the simulator turret here: Have a nice weekend
  8. DanTDBV

    My new Toy!

    First post updated with new information about the turret.
  9. When I look at the top picture, it seems that the 2 soft lines to the left of the vehicle and the soft line furthest to the right is the shadows. The very clear and sharp line closest to the vehicle on the right, looks to me like it should have been on top of the mast. Unless of course, that it is supposed to be a landline. ☺️
  10. As expected I got it on Tuesday 6 august. The surprise item is perfect for my Acer Aspire One laptop. 😀 Unfortunately I haven't had any time to delve into it, but i look forward to doing that. Thank you to the team at eSim and testers.
  11. Got the Tax notification letter from the postal company Friday and i payed my dues online the same evening. They should ship it the rest of the way monday. I'm in Denmark
  12. I am roughly in the same boat. The 32 button limit is originally a windows limitation. I intend to use joytokey to overcome this. At the moment joystick gremlin and ucr is not supporting key kombinations and as i understand it joytokey does. I don't have time to test it at the moment as i have some video to edit before i can even install SB 4.1. Hope this helps.
  13. DanTDBV

    My new Toy!

    Some more pictures of the simulator: Enjoy.
  14. I have ordered the 53$ upgrade bundle mainly for the manual and look very much forward to dive into 4.1.
  15. I was hoping for something like this. It is me behind the magnificent beast.😋 Frames from some of the 46.5GB video I have shot at the event. It got even better as I got this! It is me on the rear. Doing the trigger myself would be very nice, but it is very unlikely that it will ever happen. I can however wish!
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