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  1. Update 19/1-2020 for version SB Pro PE 4.162 and UCR 0.9.0 Major differences: So far UCR 0.9.0 haven't crashed and it is possible to edit settings like Invert, Mode, Dead zone, Linear, Percentage and so forth while the profile is running.
  2. I know about the videos and I very much appreciate and understand the effort that goes into making any kind of video or tutorial. I do tend to skip video tutorials, as some of them are bloated with unnecessary stuff. This could be helped by putting a time stamp section in the description, with a link to each element of the tutorial. Then it is possible to skip to the part, that you want to learn about. The controllers tutorial I posted and the multiple views one I am working on, are the ones I have been fighting with. I am very much for making it easier to find elements. Another reason for suggestion a tutorial section, is that I have a suspicion that it could be an enticement for users to submit tutorials, if it easy for other users to find and learn from them. I know it is for me. 😎
  3. I have very much looked in the Wiki and the documentation. My major gripe with the Wiki, is that it is to me, not very clear where I can find the specific information I need. I have mostly been delving into multiple monitors and controller stuff. Another thing is that a lot of subjects are buried in submenus and some of them in further submenus. I very much prefer to have an subject overview including subsubjects with links on the frontpage. Then I can go straight to the subject, the I need at the moment. I have a major disadvantage in that very often, when I am looking for stuff I have mental blinds that makes me not see anything other than what I am looking for. I forgot to ad this to my earlier reply: In some of my specific cases, it have been mentioned that something is possible and light skimming over the major points, but not how it is done in details. One example is using multiple instances for multiple view. I have only a basic knowledge about networking and how to get it to work. Only a reply from Gibsonm I found in a thread on the subject pointed me in the right direction. For the controllers how to i made, I have had to figure it out on my own.
  4. I have to admit that I have not been doing much SB Pro PE. I have been busy working on 2 tutorials, or rather “How I got this to work” thingies. I have just published the first, but number 2 needs more work. What I really like about SB is the diverseness in complexity. From the fairly simple as Driver, Gunner over TC, Platoon leader to higher and higher levels of command. My level of Complexity acceptance pretty much ends at the TC level, it exceeds my multitasking skills. Nope, I do not carry a hidden TC around in my belly. I find it great that the possibilities are there for those with the skills and inclination. I think that as long as you keep the possibility for the levels of complexity intact for those so inclined, it would be fine to add more complexity. What I do find offputting and I am pretty sure that I am not the only one, is the difficulty in finding out how to do stuff in SB. Unfortunately the way the wiki and forum is set up, makes it difficult to determine where to look for the answers to the current problem or how to do a certain thing in SB. Sometimes it is mentioned in the manual, the wiki or a review, that something is possible, but not how to do it. I know how to “RTFM” And I am very happy to say, that fortunately this is not one of those places. People are very generous with their willingness to help here. I also know how to do a search but am sometimes hampered by not being a native speaker and writer. When I would translate a word or phrase into something that makes sense to me and the ones actually used, are different, then it becomes difficult to find anything. Unfortunately I’m an expert at it. The Google Fuu is weak in this one. The structure of the forum is so that it at times, can be very timeconsuming to find the answers. When the Goldnuggets are hidden on something like reply 6 on page 6 and reply 20 on page 22 of a thread, it takes time to find. Also if it is a long thread, there is the risk of the early answers no longer working. That the manual is for both SB Pro and SB Pro PE, has given some “Hey Cool, we can do that! Oh Bugger! It does not work in the PE version, Blahhh.” moments. This is not only a problem with SB. Unfortunately it is becoming more and more prevalent all over the internet. It becomes very frustrating spending several weeks in a row, searching for answers for DCS World, MMJoy2, SB and other stuff for 4 hours, for each 1/2 hour work/play/sim/fun. Mesa no liken. What I would like to see is a forum section only for tutorials, guides and “how to,s” threads. My thought is that the best place would be on the forum frontpage under the Support section. It could be called something like “Tutorials, Guides and “How to’s” It should be possible to comment and ask and answer questions in each thread. I am suggesting a forum section as I believe, that is more likely to be a first stop for and a great help to new users and easier to find than a Wiki entry. My personal opinion. I have just posted my first SB “How to” in the support section, as an example of how it could be. “Using multiple controllers with SB Pro PE” I would be very happy if it could become a part of such a section if we get one. My next one would be headed there as well: “Multiple views with SB Pro PE on a single PC” It does however need some more work and I need to ask some questions first. Keep up the great work that you do.
  5. This is how I am using multiple controllers with Steel Beasts. It works with version 3.028 to 4.162 Update 19/1-2020 for version SB Pro PE 4.162 and UCR 0.9.0 My first SB Pro PE “How To” I am posting this to illustrate a suggestion for a Forum section only for tutorials, guides and “how to,s” I will post shortly in the “Steel Beasts Complexity” thread. Why? Because I am a lefthander and the basic Keyboard/Mouse layout can be very painful to use for a lefty. Also because I want as many functions on my controllers as possible. When set up for SB Pro PE I have 8 controllers, with the possibility to assign at least 148 button or keypress functions. Not to mention, that the vehicles that I am using in SB do not come with a keyboard. It is also training for setting up a couple of buttenboxes, that I intend to create. Mesa no liken da keyboard! Mesa no needen da keyboard! At least not for SB. I will get into installation and basic setup of the software used later. Software used: JoyToKey (Shareware 7$) Joystick to Keyboard mappings https://joytokey.net/en/ Downloads https://joytokey.net/en/download UCR (Free) Universal Controller Remapper (Alpha) https://github.com/Snoothy/UCR Download Version 0.9.0 If you wish to use the UCR-Plugins download version 0.8.0 https://github.com/snoothy/ucr/releases Important UCR information on how to install providers. https://github.com/Snoothy/UCR/wiki/Core-Providers UCR Plugins (Has yet to be updated for 0.9.0) https://github.com/HidWizards/UCR-Plugins Download: https://github.com/HidWizards/UCR-Plugins/releases Other Downloads for use with UCR: vJoy (Free) Virtual Joystick Emulator. Must be installed for UCR to work. http://vjoystick.sourceforge.net/site/ Downloads: http://vjoystick.sourceforge.net/site/index.php/download-a-install/download Interception (Free for personal use) Mouse and Keyboard Emulator. Only needed if UCR is used for Mouse and Keyboard Emulation! I am not using it here, as it does not support combined keypresses like CRTL+ALT+SHIFT+H. https://github.com/oblitum/Interception Download: https://github.com/oblitum/interception/releases/tag/v1.0.1 Note that I write out all steps so this will be useful even if the pictures disappear. Installing files and adding shortcuts: Adding Windows Game devices shortcut to desktop. Open File Explorer and navigate to: C:\Windows\System32\joy.cpl Or C:\Windows\SysWOW64\joy.cpl Rightclick joy.cpl, hold, drag to desktop, release, click ”Create shortcuts here” Change name as you feel like. To change the icon: Rightclick, click ”Properties”, click ”Change icon...”, click ”Browse...” click file with icon you wish to use, click ”Open”, doubleclick your preferred icon, click ”Apply”, click ”Ok” You can find Windows 10 Game Controller icon files: In System32 DDORes.dll, setupapi.dll or SysWOW64 DDORes.dll, setupapi.dll Install vJoy. Double click the downloaded vJoySetup.exe file. To setup a virtual joystick navigate to your vJoy install folder, find and doubleclick vJoyConf.exe Typically in: C:\Program Files\vJoy\x64. I would recommend that you add a shortcut to the desktop. Chose what Axes, Buttons, POV’s and FFB features you want your vJoy Device to have. Max is 8 Axes, 128 Buttons and 4 POV’s. Note that joy.cpl will only see 7 Axes, 32 Buttons and 2 POV’s. Some games and software like DCS World, UCR and JoyToKey will see all Buttons and Axes. For Steel Beasts Pro PE you can only use 4 Axes, 32 buttons and 1 POV. Mark “Enable vJoy” and click “Apply” You can now close vJoyConf. You can add up to 15 vJoy Devices and they will be present, even when restarting the PC, until you open vJoyConf again and make changes or disable vJoy. Your added vJoy Devices should now be visible in joy.cpl. In joy.cpl Click Advanced, Highlight your newly created vJoy Device, Click OK. You have now told Windows to use the vJoy Device for games that only support 1 controller. Click Properties. You can now see the 7 Axes, 32 Buttons and 2 POV’s joy.cpl can see. When the window is active and UCR is providing input to the vJoy Device, you can see it here. Click OK. Install JoyToKey. Doubleclick the downloaded JoyToKeySetup_en.exe file. We will go into setting this up later. Install UCR. (Current version 0.9.0) Version 0.9.0 with UCR-Plugins Unzip the UCR_v0.9.0.zip I use 7-Zip a freeware program from www.7-zip.org. You can move the UCR_v0.9.0 folder to wherever you like. Create a shortcut for UCR.exe. Version 0.8.0 with UCR-Plugins Unzip the UCR_v0.8.0.zip and UCR-Plugins.zip files. I use 7-Zip a freeware program from www.7-zip.org. Move/copy the UCR.Plugins folder to the UCR_v0.8.0\Plugins folder. Now you can move the UCR_v0.8.0 folder to wherever you like. Create a shortcut for UCR.exe. If you have problems with any of the plugins being blocked, try to run UCR_unblocker.exe. We are now almost ready to setup the controls. But first! Get up! Get something to drink. Get a snack. Take a toilet break. Make yourself ready for the next installment! Are you ready? Well, we are not quite. This is optional, but I do recommend it. Open up Steel Beasts, click “Controls”, click “Save to HTML”, Type an appropriate name, chose folder and drive with the down arrow in the upper right corner, click Save. You can now copy this to your favorite spreadsheet or writer program. I have created a file with a table in LibreOffice Writer (A freeware program) with all of the default mappings. I am also creating a file for each vehicle that I use in SB. This is a snip from my Leopard 1A5-DK file Toggle GAS retic: KE/HEAT R G27 S PV ► Change MG Mount O G27 S 18 Palm switch (default) P JOY 3 FLSP 1 MM Increase GAS range SHFT+▲ G27 S PV ▲ Decrease GAS range SHFT+▼ G27 S PV ▼ Toggle turret speed O G27 S 18 TC controls Keyboard UCR JTK Mouse Fire SPACE Joy 1 T16 1 Lase CTRL Joy 2 T16 12 RM TC palm switch (Leo1) Joy 3 MM Toggle mag. / zoom in N Joy 4 FLSP Hat ► Zoom out SHFT+N G27 S PV ◄ Eventually I will create controller mapping pictures for each vehicle setup. Okay! Now we are ready! Open UCR, Click “Add profile”, Type in Profile name, Mark Input Devices you wish to use, Mark Output Devices you wish to use (In our case vJoy Stick 1), Click CREATE. Version 0.8.0 I very much recommend to save (Press the diskette in the top left corner) after each finished step as marked with a period sign. I experience multiple freezes and shutdowns in the setup phase and even a fast scroll can shut down UCR. Do not use “Click to bind” for Axes, UCR will lock up. Version 0.9.0 The above issues seems to be fixed, but I admit that I have not done much testing. If UCR locks up, CRTL/ALT/DELETE, open Task Manager, mark UCR, Click “End task”, Open UCR and Doubleclick the profile and continue. Therefore! Save often! You can check if you have the right Axis or Button, by activating the profile, by clicking the Play button in the upper left corner. The “Click to bind” button changes with axis movement and button presses. To continue to edit profile axes and buttons, stop it by clicking the stop Button. Note that you can edit settings like Invert, Mode, Dead zone, Linear, Percentage and so forth while the profile is running. Now we set up the Axes. Double click the new profile. First the X and Y Axes (Turret rotation and Gun elevation) Click the + next to Axes to Axes Map from joystick to joystick, Name it, Click ACCEPT. Chose X Axis input device with the down arrow next to the “Click to bind”, Click the 3 dots, Click the desired input Axis. Save. In my case T.16000M and Axes, X Chose Y Axis input device with the down arrow next to the “Click to bind”, Click the 3 dots, Click the desired input Axis. Save. In my case T.16000M and Axes, Y Chose X Axis output device with the down arrow next to the “Click to bind”, Click the 3 dots, Click the desired output Axis. Save. In my case vJoy Stick 1 and Axes, X Chose Y Axis output device with the down arrow next to the “Click to bind”, Click the 3 dots, Click the desired output Axis. Save. In my case vJoy Stick 1 and Axes, Y You can experiment with the different settings on your own. Note that I do not use the Steering, Speeder and Brake Axes in SB, as they only work in the Driver view. But I include them here for completeness. I instead use JoyToKey for this. Next up is the Z axis (Steering) Click the + next to Axes to Axes Map from one axis to another, Name it, Click ACCEPT. Chose Axis input device with the down arrow next to the “Click to bind”, Click the 3 dots, Click the desired input Axis. Save. In my case G27 and Axes, X Chose Axis output device with the down arrow next to the “Click to bind”, Click the 3 dots, Click the desired output Axis. Save. In my case vJoy Stick 1 and Axes, Z Then we have the Speeder and Brake. Note that in SB it is a single Axis. If You use something like the rudder axis on rudderpedals, You just use the same plugin as above, with the appropriate name, and the relevant input and output Axes. If you want to use separate Axes, like a Speeder pedal and Brake pedal or the Toe Brakes on a rudder pedal, then you need to: Click the + next to Axis Merger Merge two axes into one output axis, Name it, Click ACCEPT. Chose Axis high input device with the down arrow next to the “Click to bind”, Click the 3 dots, Click the desired input Axis. Save. In my case G27 and Axes, Y Chose Axis low input device with the down arrow next to the “Click to bind”, Click the 3 dots, Click the desired input Axis. Save. In my case G27 and Axes, Sliders1 Chose Axis output device with the down arrow next to the “Click to bind”, Click the 3 dots, Click the desired output Axis. Save. In my case vJoy Stick 1 and Axes, Rz Mode Average Fiddle around with Invert high and Invert low until you get the desired output result. Save. Then there are buttons. Where would we all be without buttons? We would probably use zippers! Ohh, sorry sidetrack. You can among other things, use UCR to remap your controller buttons. Say that you want to use your button 5 as button 2 and button 12 as button 4 you can do this. You can also use buttons from any of the controllers connected to your system, that UCR recognizes button presses from. Click the + next to Button to Button Map from one button to another, Name it, Click ACCEPT. Chose the Button input device, Click the 3 dots, Click the desired input button, Save. Chose the Button output device, Click the 3 dots, Click the desired output button, Save. You can rename a mapping by clicking the pen and you can delete a mapping by clicking the wastebasket. I have not delved into the “Add plugin to mapping” part yet. In its current form UCR does have some limitations. It does see my TM Cougar MFD’s, but does not recognize button presses from them. Interception that does the keyboard emulation for UCR, do not support combined keypresses like CRTL+ALT+SHIFT+H. This concludes the UCR part. JoyToKey For SB I prefer to use JoyToKey for mapping of key and button presses. I find it easier, it sees the button presses on my TM Cougar MFD’s and it supports combined keypresses. You can use Joystick Axes and button presses as input with JoyToKey. I use JTK for Driver commands as it works in all view positions. Setting up JTK: Doubleclick your JTK shortcut. To create a profile, either click File(F) on top and chose New, or Click Create at the bottom. Name it and Click Ok. Save it by clicking File(F) and chose save. Click your new profile to chose it. Click Options on top. In “Number of joysticks to configure (Max 50)” enter the number of controllers you have connected including the vJoy’s. Hit enter. Change Stick/POV to “Show all axes (8 way + POV x 4)” Save. Click Configure. If you click “Configure Game Controller Property” You open joy.cpl. If you click “Advanced setting for each device” You can see how JTK sees each Axis and change how much input is needed for JTK to send output. Click OK. Save. I have not been able to figure out how to get JTK to see Slider Axes as Sliders. Now we need to identify what controller is Joystick 1 to however many you have. Click Settings(S), Click Preferences...(P), Mark Highlight pressed buttons” Click OK. Now when JTK is the active window, the tab of any Joystick where JTK sees as an input, will be highlighted. To help me remember I created this list: Windows 10 JoyToKey controllers Joy 1 T16000 Joy 2 TM RP Joy 3 MFD Right Joy 4 MFD left Joy 5 vJoy Device 1 Joy 6 CH TQ Joy 7 Saitek TQ Joy 8 Logitech TQ Joy 9 CH FLP Joy 10 G27 As far as I have been able to determine, it is not possible to copy a profile to another PC or OS install. Therefore I recommend that you grab screenshots of each controller setup, for easy recreation. Remember, when JTK is the active window, any button press and active Axis, will be highlighted. Setting up controllers in JTK: We start with the drive controls on a Logitech G27 Racing wheel and pedals. Chose the Tab for the controller you wish to add functions to. Move all Axes to identify. Edit assignment by either Highlighting the axis/button and clicking on the “Edit button assignment“ button below or Right clicking the axis/button and chose “Edit this button assignment”. Right clicking and choosing “Clear this button assignment” is the fastest way to clear an assignment. Simple assignment: (Send 1 keyboard press) Press the wished for key and hit “Enter” Advanced assignment: (Send key combinations, up to 4 simultaneous keys) Press the first key in the combination, Click the next field and press the second key, You can now hit Enter or Click the next field and press the third key. Und so weiter. If you Right Click the field you can differentiate between left and right presses like L-Shift or R-Shift and a slew of other options. When you have added the wished for assignments, Click File(F) and chose save. Important! Be Careful! Your Profile is now active! It will send out keypresses if you move your controller or click the assigned buttons. I messed up my Spell Checking settings because of this. It is possible to associate JTK profiles with specific Applications, but I have not delved into that as it works for me as is. A fairly safe place to test is opening up Notepad and see what comes out there. My G27 Drive assignments: Wheel left A Wheel right D Speeder W Clutch X With this you don’t need to assign anything to Stop. If you run at low speed, an opposite direction command will make you stop. I will probably be assigning the most needed headtracking controls to the G27 shifter together with other functions. For my modified Thrustmaster T16000M I currently have Lase, Fire and formation commands assigned, but that will probably change as I figure out what functions I need the most. For my CH Products Flightstick Pro, that is in my right hand, I have assigned the arrow keys to the X and Y movements, TIS controls to the Point Of View hat and P, T, Backspace and M to the buttons. Here are the assignments for my Right MFD. The list goes on with the rest of my controllers, but it is very much still a WIP to decide what to put where, so I will stop here. This concludes the JoyToKey part. The end. I hope that you will find this useful and if you have any questions, fell free to ask them. Happy Simming
  6. When I got home today, there was a surprise in my mail (As in the physical one that the mailman puts letters in) box. A nice stealth Merry Christmas and Happy New Year card from eSim Games. Thank you so very much, I appreciate it. I also hope that you will get a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, with lots of successes, satisfying development and more and happy customers. I have not been doing as much SB Pro PE as I would have liked, what with some SB tutorials i am working on and replacing my dual boot 1TB HDD and my 2 2TB main data drives. I now have 1 2TB system and 1 4TB data HDD, at the moment and will get another 4TB for data after New Year. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Happy Simming
  7. DanTDBV

    We love photos

    We are preparing this Leopard 1 at GHRVPK for static display, meaning that we are removing anything useful from the inside, that would be ruined from our wet weather, before it gets a paintjob. I have been allowed to keep this lamp, as a souvenir and has personally pulled it out from the TC station of 46.781. I will put it on the bottom of the shelf above my main screen as my new desktop light. Both the red and white light works in it. I have been collecting information to create a controlbox for Steel Bests Pro PE and now I have to determine what functions are supported by SBPPE. I will do another post about that later. I have been allowed to borrow this Gunner grip to measure and do some photogrammetry on, so I can create a 3D model and print my own version. Meanwhile others where doing standard user maintenance checks and winter preparations on some of our running Leopard 1’s. Happy Simming
  8. DanTDBV

    My new Toy!

    On Tuesday 19/11-2019 I had my first gunner scenario up and running in the GHRVPK Leopard 1A3 turret. It somehow gives something extra when you are pulling around the handle from the real deal. A cold experience too, as the turret is in an unheated garage. But it was fun!
  9. Danish Army Exercise 2002 in Oksbøl I just stumbled upon these. At least 12 16 minutes videos. The best Leopard 1 and M113 sounds I have heard. It is close to like being there yourselves. A nice wide sprinkling of Danish Army Vehicles and Fennec and Cayuse helicopters Hope you enjoy.
  10. A realtime testrun of the first scenario for the GHRVPK Leopard 1A3 turret. This time in the gunners seat. Also test of setting up multiple controllers for Steel Beasts with JoyToKey. At this time I have added functions to a set of TM Couger MFD's, CH Flightstick Pro and a G27 shifter. My main stick is my modified TM T16000. Next to come: more functions on the MFD's and shifter and Logitech and CH throttle quadrants. JoyToKey: https://joytokey.net/en/
  11. WIP of my first Gunner scenario for the GHRVPK Leopard 1A3 turret with Steel Beasts Pro PE 3.0 Enjoy
  12. DanTDBV

    My new Toy!

    eSimGames has kindly allowed me to get a license for Steel Beasts Pro PE 3.0, so I can create scenarios for the simulator. This is my first WIP. Enjoy.
  13. That was the one! And Ssnakes reply about spiders to it. Thank you Lt DeFault. One of the Leopard 1 group guys at GHRVPK told me about the spiders, when we where talking about the simulators. Happy simming
  14. I only wish! It’s the cabin part of a Leopard 1A driving simulator. It was used by moving a camera around a large model. The camera was controlled by the drivers input. A popular scare trick was to put a spider in front of the camera lens. It reportedly made some students jump. I only know this from a video I stumbled upon and unfortunately I forgot to save the link. It is a part of the collection of The Guard Hussar Regiment Veteran Armor and Vehicles Union www.ghrvpk.dk And no, we don’t have the model part of the simulator. If any of you know about videos and/or pictures of it in use, that we could use for creating a video, that I intend to run on one of the screens on our simulator turret, then I would be very grateful if you would share them. You can see the simulator turret here: Have a nice weekend
  15. DanTDBV

    My new Toy!

    First post updated with new information about the turret.
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