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  1. We have gotten a new PC with Windows 10 for the sim and eSim Games have kindly donated an upgrade to SB Pro PE, so now we are running with version 4.265. We hit a couple of snags on the way, but now we are fully up and running with all 4 screens. I intended to use Windows 8.1 but that is not supported by the new CPU, so I had to upgrade to Windows 10. Bummer! Win 10 is not seeing the grip! It still works in Win 8.1. Hmmm. I contacted AFVSim, that did the USB conversion of the grip about drivers for Win 10. Since the old interface PCB used is not supported by Win 10, AFVSim chose to send a new interface PCB that was swapped with help from one of our EMEC guys. I had some trouble with cloning one of the screens but a swap from VGA to DVI cable solved that. (SB multiple screens tut. in the works) I am working on some guides for our guests, so I wont have to repeat all of the jazz each time. The first Danish one And a WIP UK version It is great to be fully up and running. We have also had our first guests trying it. At first the kids where hesitant and only the dad was itching for a go. In the end both kids and both parents got a ride and they all enjoyed it. I have to give my heartfelt thanks and deep gratitude to eSim Games and AFVSim for helping us with giving joy and pleasure to our guests. Happy Simming
  2. Have you downloaded and installed the plugins found here? https://github.com/HidWizards/UCR-Plugins To me it looks like the Delta to Button plugin is the one to use. I have not installed interception as I find it easier to use JoyToKey for my Joystick to Key press needs, so I cannot test. You could try to ask for help here: https://github.com/Snoothy/UCR/issues I hope that you get it to work. Good luck. Happy Simming.
  3. I was at GHRVPK today and i asked. It is as Major duck says a holder for a cooking gas burner. I have to ask about how it is used but i think that MD's description sounds very plausible. The placement was because thats where they had room for it. I am courious, is it a model he is building?
  4. I asked the guys running our M41-DK1 and it is room for a small 230V Honda generator used for charging 4 of 6 turret batteries. You can see it in this video: In searching for M41-DK1 I have seen pictures where it is covered with canvas. (At least I assume that it is canvas.) Hopes that this helps you.
  5. New Aaben Hede 2019 videos from me. 18 pdr. Short version Gun zeroing. Centurion MK5/M2 DK and M41 DK1 Gun zeroing. Several types of Leopard 1 DK’s. Short version Enjoy
  6. A Yearly event where the Danish Army are showcasing their newest equipment and Historic vehicles are allowed to strut and show their stuff. Was cancelled 2020 due to Covid-19 I have just finnished the first of my videos. Sunday 23/6-2019 Nyborg Fortress 18 pdr. Cannon and their Saluting guild. Opening shot and Live Shot including procedures. https://youtu.be/8EazIL6NLiE
  7. I told earlier that I had the sim up and running with 4 screens with 4GB Ram. This is a video from that day. https://youtu.be/K4AtqhTQiW4 Workday 28/6-2020 at GHRVPK. To be seen: Leopard 1, M41 DK1, Centurion and Steel Beasts Pro PE simulator set up in a Leopard 1A3 procedures training turret. Warning! Loud at times. I decided to do a Ram upgrade and had hoped to find 2 4GB sticks, but I could only find 2 2GB sticks. It took a while to get them but on 14/7 I fought with installing them. You can read about that here: Changing the Displayport to HDMI cable got the system with 8GB Ram and all 4 screens running. Here is a video from the work at GHRVPK 19/7 2020. Centurion brake test and tucking in a Leopard 1. Also loud bits! Happy Simming Enjoy Yesterday I got all of the screens running on the Simulator. The extra 4GB ram did improve things but there are still some stuttering.
  8. Thank you Splash. I will look at them. Would it be okay with you if i update them and if i get a satisfying result share them with the community? Have a nice day. Happy Simming
  9. Wishing for crewable Danish Centurion MK5 2DK and M41 DK1 Inspired by this thread in the Mods section I would like to ask what kind of documentation you would need to be able to create the additions to the external model and the crew views of a no interior crewable version of the Centurion MK5 2DK? Also what you would need to be able to create the external model and crew views of a no interior crewable version of the M41 DK1 I have access to this fully operational Centurion MK5 2DK and also to this fully operational M41 DK1 Pictures are framegrabs from a video I shot at Åben Hede last year. I imagine a boatload of pictures, but do you have any preferences for camera settings and focal lengths that makes your work easier. What kind of sounds would you need for the M41 DK1? I imagine engine sounds but there are probably others than that. I imagine that you have the Centurion sounds covered. As for the technical specs, details and capacities, that should go through the proper channels. You have a much firmer grasp about that than I do. And of course you also need time and resources. Therefor I am only wishing. Happy Simming
  10. The question is what kind of documentation would be needed for the additions to the external model and the crew views of a no interior crewable version? I have access to this fully operational Centurion MK5 2DK Picture is a framegrab from a video I shot at Åben Hede last year. Happy Simming
  11. I have just looked at Dejawolf's template and the skin files for the shot and the shotkal in the game and to me the form look identical so it should still work today. As for the sceme itself, there have always been a lot of variation in the paint job on each camouflaged vehicle in the Danish Military. To me your skin looks fine. As it is not the correct model I would say that you are are only missing the Bridge classification. (The yellow circle with a number). In the linked to album below I have seen examples of 55, 60 and 61. You can see some of the scheme variations in this Facebook album. I do have access to this Centurion. I for one would like to get access to your skin. Happy Simming
  12. You would be very welcome. It will however be a good idea to let me know beforehand. It is possible to find our activity calenders on this page: https://ghrvpk.dk/?page_id=4 Click one of the AKOS XXXX links to get it for the relevant year. The next is in English for our non Danish reading readers. Everyone is welcome to visit us on Skruedag and Skruesøndag. On the days where Skruedag is followed by , Guide there is a Guide present, ready to show around and tell about what we have and what we do. At Åben Hus we normally show everything we have and do an attack demo and other activities. Currently due to an unfortunate accident last year, only maintenance related driving is allowed for all Danish Military owned historic vehicles. Such as brake tests and steering controls. Most of the vehicles we have are on loan from the Danish Military. Skruedag is our Tuesday workday, where there usually is activity from around 14:00 to about 19:00-20:00 Skruesøndag is our once a month weekend workday. Usually activity starts at around 10:00 and goes on to about 16:00-18:00. Other activities listed are, pending public driving permissions, out of house events, where there can be static displays, performances, get a ride and other stuff. Some of them are internal activity announcements and others are notification of other's use of the Army training area and facilties that we are a part of.
  13. Status report: Tuesday 14 days ago I got the system up and running with 4 screens. 2 on the inside with one running the Gunners view and the other showing the external view and the 2 outside showing those same views. The external view shows some lack and stuttering, especially when there are explosions. I am not surprised at that as the PC only had 4 GB ram but the PC is certainly showing its age. I will bend the mounts for the top screen so that it will no longer get the glare. It is nice to get entertainment while working. These 2 passed by while I was testing and oh how I love those sounds. I have gotten 4 GB ram more and and after a very long hard fight, with putting in and pulling out rams and graphics card multiple times, I finally got it running with all 8 GB ram. I was standing with my left foot on the horizontal bar on the lover middle right And I was resting my right knee either on the lover egde facing us between the wires and the bolthead or behind the bolthead in the space behind the fence. It is the worst place I have ever done PC maintenance. The knee is still sore. But! Now the behind top screen is not getting any signal! Blargh! I have tried replugging it multiple times and finally I gave up. It is plugged into a DisplayPort and this is the 6. I have had trouble with. 2 on one of my main GFX cards and 3 on the other at home and now this. All 5 at home was randomly loosing signal so the screen would just randomly turn black and sometimes it would blink on and off. I really hate Displayports. I will try to solve it by trying a DVI to HDMI cable on Sunday. With regards to getting the player tank to be invulnerable while the enemy is shooting at it. I could not get Enemy tank as impotent to work. They would just sit there and ignore the player tank. The closest I have gotten is activating Repair all and Revive. However at certain times with multiple hits or heavier weapons the tank will be destroyed and the player will be put into external view. I have partially solved that by setting certain units to not shoot back. Especially helicopters. I have also done my best to stop infantry from appearing when enemy units are hit, but sometimes they still appear. Fortunately I can work with it. so as long as we are running this old version on this relic of a PC, I will not do much about it. The entertainment value is still great and the setting we have here raise the experience to a whole new level. I had 2 trying it the other day and they had a great time and boy did they catch on quick. An unexpected bonus with the exterior view screen inside the turret, was that the one waiting was helping the one in the hotseat with finding targets. Thank you so very much eSim Games for creating this great sim. Happy Simming
  14. You could look at the tutorial here. In addition you need to install the VIGEM CORE provider. Here is a install guide that includes a download link: https://github.com/snoothy/ucr/wiki/Core_ViGEm Once installed you should be able to chose your Xbox 360 or DS4 controller as input. I have not tried this as I do not have any of them. I have used UCR to emulate output as a Xbox 360 controller for Witcher III. If you get it to work, then I would very much appreciate if you shared a writeup, that I could include in the tutorial. I hope it helps. Happy Simming
  15. The Danish Army has begun training on their new Leopard 2 A7 Great video and great sound.
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