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  1. When I look at the top picture, it seems that the 2 soft lines to the left of the vehicle and the soft line furthest to the right is the shadows. The very clear and sharp line closest to the vehicle on the right, looks to me like it should have been on top of the mast. Unless of course, that it is supposed to be a landline. ☺️
  2. As expected I got it on Tuesday 6 august. The surprise item is perfect for my Acer Aspire One laptop. 😀 Unfortunately I haven't had any time to delve into it, but i look forward to doing that. Thank you to the team at eSim and testers.
  3. Got the Tax notification letter from the postal company Friday and i payed my dues online the same evening. They should ship it the rest of the way monday. I'm in Denmark
  4. I am roughly in the same boat. The 32 button limit is originally a windows limitation. I intend to use joytokey to overcome this. At the moment joystick gremlin and ucr is not supporting key kombinations and as i understand it joytokey does. I don't have time to test it at the moment as i have some video to edit before i can even install SB 4.1. Hope this helps.
  5. DanTDBV

    My new Toy!

    Some more pictures of the simulator: Enjoy.
  6. I have ordered the 53$ upgrade bundle mainly for the manual and look very much forward to dive into 4.1.
  7. I was hoping for something like this. It is me behind the magnificent beast.😋 Frames from some of the 46.5GB video I have shot at the event. It got even better as I got this! It is me on the rear. Doing the trigger myself would be very nice, but it is very unlikely that it will ever happen. I can however wish!
  8. I am getting ready to go now and am very excited. After all I am about to loose my "Experience Live Tank Gun Fireing" virginity! I will be wearing a M84 uniform with black beret and will most of the time, be carrying my video and soundrecording rig around. My base will be with GHRVPK. I would be happy meet up. Back to packing for me.
  9. Is anybody from in here going to Åben Hede this Year? It would be cool to meet others into Steel Beasts. It is on 23 of June. www.aabenhede.dk I am going with GHRVPK (The Guard Hussar Regiment Veteran Armor and Vehicles Union) www.ghrvpk.dk
  10. DanTDBV

    We love photos

    I must say that the Gunner trainer simulator pales compared to this. For the first time I have been sitting in the Gunners seat in the real deal. What a tight squice. Except for the Grip, none of it is present in the trainer, not even the handcranks. I have also sat in the commanders seat for the first time and have moved guns and turrets with the commanders stick on both Leopards. 😁😊 Happy Simming
  11. My simpit Controlls The platforms are adjustable side to side and forward and back. Racing mode Flying mode De ajustabler kaybard Happy Simming
  12. DanTDBV

    My new Toy!

    The address is Skyttemarksvej 194, 4700 Næstved Sealand
  13. DanTDBV

    My new Toy!

    Thank you very much. Pretty much everything except the gunner grip has been stripped out. The screen sits where the sights where. It is very bare and it is only the Palmswitches, Lase, Dynamic Lead and Fire buttons on the grip that are used. The keyboard controlling the PC is behind where the TC seat would be. It does nicely accommodate kids from 4 to 125. For the younger kids I disable the palmswitches, as it is impossible or very uncomfortable, for them to reach the other switches. I am considering making a switch/button box, that makes it possible to use the thermal sight and magnification, but since I limit a stint when there is a line to 4 to 5 kills, it may not be necessary. On the other hand when there are no guests, I can sit down and play around to.☺️ I do have access to 4 other Leopard 1A5's, so I will be doing something for my home setup.
  14. DanTDBV

    My new Toy!

    An early Danish Army Leopard 1A5 Gunner trainer/simulator. It has been set up with a PC running Steel Beasts Pro PE, with a screen at the Gunner’s station, and using the real existing Leo 1A5 Gunner Grip as the controller. I wish that it was mine, but it is a part of the collection of The Guard Hussar Regiment Veteran Armor and Vehicles Union www.ghrvpk.dk It is now used for letting kids of all ages, including me, trying out aspects of the Leopard 1A5, at open houses and other events. It has become my enjoyable job to handle this. I am currently working on some controller layout and instruction pictures and intend to create a history plaquette for it also. I also have Steel Beasts Pro PE at home. My first post here. Have a nice weekend
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