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  1. I have 2 wishes for the Maps installer. 1. That you show on the download page when the installer was last updated. Then it is possible with a quick glance in our local SB downloads folder to see whether or not it needs to be redownloaded, by just looking at the downloaded file date. 2. To get a “Do this to all files” checkbox for Yes or No to replacing files when reinstalling into an existing maps folder. It takes quite a while when you have to chose for each file when reinstalling everything. It could be to install the rest of the maps, as an attempt to repair a corrupted install, or as I did a full reinstall because I was not certain that I had the latest version.
  2. This is for what we like/love about SB Pro PE 4.3 I just love how you now can knock out individual wheels on cars and trucks. I have made a shooting gallery scenario just to play with that and I'm giggling as a kid in a candy store. Happy Simming
  3. Nope. It's the Bøllebank Leo from the Panser & Artilleri museum in Oksbøl https://vardemuseerne.dk/museum/panser-artillerimuseum/
  4. Nice to meet you again DK-DDAM. Yeah, to bad with the CV9035 breakdown. As a compensation here are some pics from the Friday aehm, hmmm, whatschamacallit in english? indskydningen. Unfortunately it didn't get to shoot on Friday due to some range problems and shooting time ran out. Here are a couple from Sunday waiting for the main event. Happy Simming
  5. I will look forward to meeting you DK-DDAM. To make it easier to find each other I have sent a PM with my phonenumber to you. I will be spending a lot of time filming and I hope to get a very good position for filming the main event.
  6. Ssnake, Hedgehog and Major Duck. To bad. Sometimes life and work gets in the way. I will be recording video this year, so you will get to see and hear something. I am busy with designing building a camera/soundrecorder platform that I wan't to use and I have started to late, but it just have to be finished, so I can bring it. DK-DDAM Will you be going as a part of the event or are you coming as a guest? I will arrive on Thursday and be there all weekend. Happy Simming
  7. If you do, how about meeting up? I will be there as part of the GHRVPK contingent. It has been nice meeting Grenny at the last 2 GHRVPK open houses and I think that it could be great to meet other Tanksimmers as well. Open Heath (Åben Hede) will be in Oksbøl on 26/6-2022 Pictures from 2019 Happy Simming
  8. 4.3 upgrade bought. Now setling in to wait for release. Good thing that i have Open Heath to tide me over.
  9. Will 4.1 to 4.3 be a paid for upgrade? Just so that I know to put dough aside for it if it is.
  10. It was a great weekend. The sim was well behaved and well visited. Thank you Grenny for bringing the PC and the CV9035 competition scenario. You have sparked an interest in playing around more with the CV9035DK. But before that I need to finnish the Video/Soundrecorder platform that I want to bring to Aaben Hede this year. Thank you Nils for the mouse mats and for letting us borrow the controllers. Interesting hardware. I am now considering doing a swappable LEO 1 and CV9035 gunner controller. A little of what was on Static Display Happy Simming
  11. Great timing. Then I will just wait for 4.3 to come out.
  12. I have shared this on the Mudspike forum. There are some swedes on there. https://forums.mudspike.com/t/swedish-translater-for-steel-beasts-wanted/14009
  13. Is it possible to force Steel Beasts Pro PE to keep playing sounds, when it is in the background? I would very much like for the 1 or 2 instances of SB i normally have running in the GHRVPK simulator to keep playing the sounds even when SB is not in focus. As I mostly run with both an internal and external view, it would be nice if I could have the sound from both at the same time. As it is now the sound disappears when SB is not in focus. Greetings from Denmark Happy Simming
  14. I have created an album on Flickr with pictures showing more details than the photoscan.
  15. If anyone want's it, here is the best of my first tries at Photo scanning a Danish Leopard 1A5DK Gunner's grip. I made a mistake and used a white background for the pictures, thus making it more difficult for Metashape to do it's magic. It is rough, but can still be used as a base for grip stl files. One is really what is needed as it is mirrored on the other side. Since it will be a long while before I can rephoto the grip, I have decided to upload the blend file to Sketchfab. It can be downloaded here: https://skfb.ly/o9FNP Happy Simming
  16. The Danish Army are planning on doing it’s Åben Hede (Open Heath) event in the Oksbøl ekcercise area again in 2022. It was cancelled in both 2020 and 2021. They are showcasing their newest material and some of the historic vehicles get to drive around and shoot. It will be on Sunday 26/6-2022. These are from 2019.
  17. On Saturday 21/5-2022 if Covid is willing, there is Open House at GHRVPK at Næstved. GHRVPK = The Guard Hussar Regiment Veteran Armor and Vehicles Union It is possible to see all and crawl around on and in most of our vehicles. There will be a combat demo. It will also be possible to try the Steel Beasts Pro PE sim in our Leopard 1A3 trainer turret with a genuine Leopard 1A5-DK1 gunners grip. There is also some Steel Beasts mouse mats available for sale. A little of what we have: Our webpage with directions and pictures and information about our vehicles. (In Danish) http://www.ghrvpk.dk/ The turret sim: https://www.steelbeasts.com/topic/12812-my-new-toy/ I You plan on attending and are going by public transportation, I would suggest that you mention it here. It may be possible to arrange pickup from the station. It is a fairly long walk from the closest busstop and they are not going to often in the weekends.
  18. That is so cool! Is that a genuine grip or a AFVSim version or other? I look forward to see your compleated buttonbox! A running WIP would be great. Congratulations.
  19. Notable guests Youngest? 2 at 2 1/2 years old. Most dedicated? A son of one of the homeguard exhibitors that returned several times on Saturday and was the first one in line before opening on Sunday. He got half the scenario before a que started to form and returned a couple of times. He was there when it was time for my late lunch break and got the full scenario. There are 72 targets in the scenario and it takes about 20 to 30 minuttes to run through for somebody who haven’t tried it before. I did a speed run at the end of sunday and it took me 15.59 minuttes. And then there where the other kids returning 3 or 4 times. Happy Simming
  20. Thank you for the nice words Grenny. It was great having you up here. Also thank you for showing me the manual targeting tecnique and delivering the mousemats. They where made available right away, but didn't move as fast as they could have. I know I will get one for the Sim. I was to busy with the Sim, so I don't have any pictures, but I saw a lot of happy faces on our guests and members. Sunday was just as busy with the same static displays and a closed event for the Danish Interforce community. This time without a battle demo, but this time with rides for Interforce members and their families in most of our ready to ride vehicles, including tanks. InterForce is the Employer Support organisation of the Danish Armed Forces. InterForce endeavours to create the best possible conditions for employees that have obligations both in civilian work life as well in the Reserve or the Home Guard. They bassically guarantee that their employees have a job when they return from exercises and/or missions with the armed forces. I do have one correction. I didn't make the setup. That was done back in about 2015, with the help of one of our group members, that was also a tester when SB was implemented in the Danish Army. I have just upgraded and expanded it. One thing to learn. If anyone who is planning to visit, intend to come with public transportation, it would be a very good idea to take contact, so transport can be arranged from Næstved Station, as there are nothing going in that direction, especially in the morning hours. A TAXI on Saturday or Sunday is close to 200 Danish kroner. I was lucky to meet Greeny at the Station, when he asked me for directions on how to get out there. That meant that he could join me in the ride I had arranged for myself. A final note. Usually our Open House is in the end of May but was this year moved to September due to the Covid-19 situation. The current plan for next year's Open House is Saturday 21 of May 2022. Thank you Koen. It was great to let the public try out the beast fully for the first time.
  21. A small update. The event will start at 0900 with static displays and APC's and wheeled vehicles will be doing some driving, some of them with passengers. 1500 to 1600 will be a Battle Demo and the event will end at 1600. I will mostly be at the sim, but it will be closed during the Battle Demo as I want to watch.
  22. Yeah, it is not exactly a oneday triparound. Thank you very much.
  23. On Saturday 25/9-2021 if Covid is willing, there is Open House at GHRVPK at Næstved. GHRVPK = The Guard Hussar Regiment Veteran Armor and Vehicles Union It is possible to see all and crawl around on and in most of our vehicles. There will be some demonstration driving in the exercise area with at least some blank firing of some of the tank cannons. Hopefully there will also be a combat demo but that is still to be determined. I will update on that. It will also be possible to try the upgraded Steel Beasts Pro PE sim in our Leopard 1A3 trainer turret with a genuine Leopard 1A5-DK1 gunners grip. We have upgraded the PC and gone from SB Pro PE version 3.028 to 4.265 and they shoot back in the new scenario! (Impotently.) A little of what we have: Our webpage with directions and pictures and information about our vehicles. (In Danish) http://www.ghrvpk.dk/ The turret sim: https://www.steelbeasts.com/topic/12812-my-new-toy/
  24. We have gotten a new PC with Windows 10 for the sim and eSim Games have kindly donated an upgrade to SB Pro PE, so now we are running with version 4.265. We hit a couple of snags on the way, but now we are fully up and running with all 4 screens. I intended to use Windows 8.1 but that is not supported by the new CPU, so I had to upgrade to Windows 10. Bummer! Win 10 is not seeing the grip! It still works in Win 8.1. Hmmm. I contacted AFVSim, that did the USB conversion of the grip about drivers for Win 10. Since the old interface PCB used is not supported by Win 10, AFVSim chose to send a new interface PCB that was swapped with help from one of our EMEC guys. I had some trouble with cloning one of the screens but a swap from VGA to DVI cable solved that. (SB multiple screens tut. in the works) I am working on some guides for our guests, so I wont have to repeat all of the jazz each time. The first Danish one And a WIP UK version It is great to be fully up and running. We have also had our first guests trying it. At first the kids where hesitant and only the dad was itching for a go. In the end both kids and both parents got a ride and they all enjoyed it. I have to give my heartfelt thanks and deep gratitude to eSim Games and AFVSim for helping us with giving joy and pleasure to our guests. Happy Simming
  25. Version 1.0.0


    Single player scenario Gunner position 4.265 63 targets unlimited ammo. To celebrate our new Turret sim PC and upgrade of SB Pro PE to version 4.265, I have decided to upload the scenario that I made for it when it was version 3.028 and have used until now. It is very simple but our guests only have access to the 2x5 buttons, on the genuine Leopard 1A5-DK1 Gunners grip. The scenario is meant to be run in the Gunners position, F2 view, daylight sight. Mounted troops have been disabled and all vehicles have been set to not shoot back. (I am just beginning to figure out how to use the impotent settings and when I get them to behave as I want I will upload another version with Shoot back.) The UK briefing Welcome to the Leopard 1 shooting simulator at GHRVPK. You are now seated in a Leopard 1A5-DK and You have the opportunity, to try your hand at the work of the Gunner. The following buttons are available on the Gunner's grip. Shoot (Send Heavy Metal Downrange) Dynamic Lead (Press when targeting.) Palm Switch (Press at all times) (Disabled by default) * Laser (Lase) Battle-Sight Range (For targets within 1000m) We are driving through terrain where stationary, moving and flying targets will appear. Your task, with the help of the Tank Commander, is to destroy as many targets as possible. Unlimited ammunition is available to You. Enjoy. * So small children can participate. Activated by selecting control handle in the control menu. To deactivate, select Joystick in the control menu. Running the scenario in the sim, I have mostly been using O, S, X, C, I and F3. Occasionally M if troop targets do appear. To disable Troops Open the scenario in the mission editor and go to the red faction, switch of routes, select all vehicles, Right click on one vehicle, click Options, click Damage if, personnel. Mark Unit this is anywhere. (You may need to click to change choices, Right or Left click in the last box.) Hit OK. If the enemy shoots back do as with troops but chose Set fire crtl and mark Hold fire. Save the scenario. I hope that you will enjoy it. Read about the sim here: https://www.steelbeasts.com/topic/12812-my-new-toy/ Good Luck! Happy Simming.
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