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  1. Hey guys, unfortunately I can't make it I have plans with an old friend, definitely looking forward for next Sunday though, sorry.
  2. Hey guys, I plan on making it but there's a slight chance of a power outage in my area from storms..
  3. I know the redundancies were done for a reason, it's all good though I figured out what works best for me, I appreciate that you took the time to make a key map for SB since there's not many people that do so for CH Products. But I got it all situated so thank you all for your input it is appreciated none the less.
  4. I only play cooperatively with other players not against them. So that doesn't matter. They would probably thank me for having a faster setup because I might just save their life.
  5. This thread should be about people like me who want the same results, a workaround for VR for their/our enjoyment, this thread isn't about implementing this into the game by eSim or using it for the military. I hope everyone understands that. What I'm trying to say is for people who feel VR is what they want over everything else, even if that means maybe having a disadvantage due to resolution etc, then this thread is for them. Not for the military, not for the developers. It's a workaround for VR for the hobbyist that would like it. Plain and simple, I hope you understand that.
  6. When all is said and done if someone who is using SB for entertainment purposes, wants to be in VR, try VorpX. I have used it and it works just fine, the 3D injection is not of highest quality, you can't move your head forward and back but you can look around the same way as with the mouse/TrackIR and the tank is your surroundings 🙂. This thread should be about people like me who want the same results, a workaround for VR for their/our enjoyment, this thread isn't about implementing this into the game by eSim or using it for the military. I hope everyone understands that.
  7. Okay you got me there, IRL it is a bit different, I didn't take the shakiness into account.
  8. Do you realize how accurate your own body movement is compared to a machine? Much more accurate. EDIT: When I mean accurate I mean accurately tracking the target, using your own head gives you the ability to feel when the proper speed is given to track. That's not to say controllers aren't accurate, but you can find that tracking speed of a target much quicker than using a device that's not your own body.
  9. I said it makes target acquisition better, not worse, however, like I said in my previous comment, it doesn't bother me that much. by the way the majority of SB players use a mouse and keyboard, that's not simulating much, I use a HOTAS, specifically a F-16 replica stick and throttle, so in my defense, that's more replicated physical controls than a mouse and keyboard but that's with the civilian version, I know when it comes to military training you have the 5,000 dollar Cadillac and such.. once again, read my comment above this one. This argument is OVER for me as I'm mature enough to end it where it began. EDIT: And even with VR, since my program that runs SB in my headset only does a fraction of 3D transitioning from the monitor, my frame rates are exactly the same as when I use the monitor, even with a big operation, the same Op that Kanium had last sunday.
  10. Okay, anyone who wants to play steel beasts in their VR headset, buy VorpX, it's $40 and it will let you enjoy being in a tank in the virtual world without having to look at a monitor, the 3D is not like lets say DCS World but it is enough to become immersed in it. Some people don't understand that when you're overwhelmed by something all around you that it changes your brain chemicals and lets you process things in a new light, that's fine by me, but VorpX turns your dreams into reality even though it might not be stereoscopic, it sure is right in front of you. Look, I said it once and I'll say it again. I know SB will never move to VR because of the price of hardware and of course the simulation only stops at the screen, mainly because it's all about functionality and not immersion, that's fine by me and since I have my little taste of VR that's all I needed. If anyone want's to experience SB in a HMD, you can get VorpX and I guarantee you it works as of right now, even though it's not as stereoscopic as DCS World for example, it still cuts the cake.
  11. Yeah the roller coasters are pretty extreme, I have Assetto Corsa as well but never felt anything from it. In all fairness, you're able to use the joystick while using your head in VorpX, actually you don't have to use your head to aim at all, that's just an added feature because of the head tracking VorpX offers, I mean I'll be honest, I think VR could help out soldiers get better acquainted with the inside of the tank. Actually feeling like your there instead of looking at it on a monitor changes brain chemistry, at the same time I know this sim is made more for procedure rather than feeling real but that's just my thoughts on it, either way I enjoy it and that's what counts.
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