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  1. Looks very interesting, but I will be at the beach and will not be able to make it.
  2. My first team sergeant said much the same. "The worst of riding beats the best of walking any day"
  3. GaryO


    How good is the CROWS system? I remember the old CWS on the A1 was so touchy in power mode that most TC's used the commander's override to lay the 50 cal in azimuth. Also good way to knock your loaders head in was to forget or not lock in good the crappy leaver to power after using the manual mode to lay the 50 cal.
  4. And a reminder to the U.S. players. This is the first day of Daylight Savings time, so make sure you are converting to local time correctly. I almost forgot....
  5. The Chieftain goes over the MA1 fire control system and switchology using Steel Beasts to demonstrate.
  6. Gibson, Thanks again for the session. The tips on how to get the AI to do what you want it to do are invaluable. Once I work my way through the Camp Hornfelt missions, I will jump into the multiplayer world.
  7. Hello, Thought I would introduce myself. I am in North Carolina, USA and I was a M1 tank platoon leader and Troop XO in the 80's. My only gaming experience has been in the UCOFT and Simmnet back in the day. Looking forward to playing SB as it bring back some good and not so good memories of tanking in the FRG.
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