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  1. Ssnake, I respect not making compromises on your principals for "balance." I've never even played (insert unnamed tank-based game here) and even I've hear all the buzz (whining) about "balance" and the devs constantly pushing updates to that effect. As I said, I'm a DCS simmer, so I'm comfortable with that. I realize now the way I phrases that really sounded like there was a "however" coming. IIRC I did set the difficulty to "hard" given I assume it could as easily have been called "realistic." GaryOwen, I guess my takeaway there is that I'm too timid, having no qualms about taking several minutes to think about moving across a clearing, let alone doing it. I also need to remember to use supporting fires more. Mirzayev, I know it's not really cheating, and I did make the change because that's the vehicle I'm most interested in. (I like my shiny new toys) However, I imagine it does make the mission easier having all the fancy optics. Hey! There was a "however" after all! Thanks for the replies guys. We'll see how much I can soak in as I get some training.
  2. Honestly, I'm glad to hear it. Normally one would 'ramp up' the difficulty of such mission packs, so I was worried anyone with an ounce of sense would breeze through the first mission. Man, the second one was really easy. I didn't mention this earlier, but I 100% cheated and changed the M1A1s to M1A2s, figuring I'll start with the most modern tech and work backward to the older, more difficult systems. Looking forward to getting this figured out. RE: Camp Hornfelt mission 1, it seems to me that the enemy tanks are in just about the best possible positions on that map (which makes sense) but it sure makes assaulting them much more difficult. If you can see them, you're exposed. If you're in a good hull-down position, you can't see them. That a tough nut to crack.
  3. Hey guys, I'm all-new to SB and I've been doing some studying. I'm hoping some members might have time to walk me through some basics RE commanding a platoon. I'm a pretty experienced DCS flight simmer and decided to give SB a try. I'm playing through (writ attempting) the Camp Hornfelt missions, and I'm embarrassed to say I'm stuck on mission 1. I'd go in to detail here, but I think it will suffice it to say I'm looking for the basics for commanding the two sections to protect each other, and specifically how one uses cover/concealment/hull-down positions etc. in terrain such as that featured in the mission. Ironically, I've made some pretty simple missions to start with on the "Greek Island" map, and generally have a pretty easy time, even though I use random spawning/routes so I don't know where the enemy will be. If anybody would like to jump in a session and give me some pointers, I'd much appreciate it.
  4. I saw that Gibsonm, It's a shame you couldn't record it (I read your posts explaining why) I'll make my own post so I don't completely highjack GaryO's thread.
  5. Hey Gary. I'm new to Steel Beasts as well. I've actually been thinking about posting here to ask if there is anyone with some experience that would be willing to show me the ropes RE: commanding a tank. I'm coming over from the flight sim world and could use some help learning to operate on the ground. Let me know if you'd want to join up.
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