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  1. Yes sir, it does work on windows 7 64 bit. And I believe windows 10 and well. I recommend putting the AF3 CD "on the shelf" and just use this version with the novaworld.cc server fixes and latest patch already intalled: https://www.moddb.com/games/armored-fist-3/downloads/armored-fist-3-full-version-ready-to-play If you have display problems, try starting up Armored Fist 3 with "DxWnd" (a free software that can emulate old graphics and be used for running any game in windowed mode) dxWnd: https://sourceforge.net/projects/dxwnd/ however, you should not have any problem displaying the game anyway... I am using Dxwnd to run Armored Fist 3 in a larger resolution 1024x768, however doing so causes the mouse to flicker during gameplay (not the menu) and movement of the mouse causes lag. (first solution is not to use the mouse when playing) I am asking the maker of dxwnd for "troubleshooting" on this mouse problem: https://sourceforge.net/p/dxwnd/discussion/general/thread/7d47808299/ I cant wait to see the whole "armored fist 3 fan community" join up and have some 32 player servers full again like the good old days! but anyway there you are... (I type/talk to much )
  2. Armored Fist 3 Online Multiplayer is ALIVE and Well in 2019 Howdy everybody, I'm sorry if this is the wrong place fo post this. I just wanted to let all y'all who are novalogic fans or (Armored Fist 3 fans) know that online multiplayer gameplay for Armored Fist 3 is no longer dead, but is Alive and well! [my reasoning is that if I can "advertise" this info to enough Novalogic fans AF3 servers (novaworld.cc) may be "repopulated"/filled] DOWNLOAD LINK to the Alternative Novaworld server fixes are available on moddb and in the videos descriptions. So please share this info. Would be nice to see 32 player AF3 online games If you have the ability, please host your own AF3 servers. Lets get the nostalgic, good old game rolling again! video of coop gameplay: video of deathmatch (test):
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