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  1. ****Pro PE File Paths****

    Awesome Gibsonm.........all working now...thanks for the swift reply.
  2. ****Pro PE File Paths****

    I'm running Win10 and having a right faf on getting new maps into the game..............I can only find the 'ingame' .ter maps in the 'this pc > local disk (c:) > ProgramData > esimgames > steel beasts > maps' The ProgramData folder is hidden, so I've just made a shortcut to it on my desktop. I've dropped the new maps (all single file *.ter files) into this maps folder but the game wont even see them, let alone open them. Seems weird that the maps are in a hidden folder that has to be 'unhidden' before you can see them.............. Is there something else I'm missing doing on Win10? Any help would be appreciated.