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  1. Will find out when the patch drops. And if i really want to get those missions running i had better a) Learn to live without them. b) Start looking for a Youtube tutorial on "how to". At the end of the day there is still an amazing amount of content in this sim.
  2. Is eSim Games going to provide a patch to fix all this map BS.? Because the majority of the scenarios i have downloded in the past don't work, and i'm not interested in downloading individual files and putting them somewhere...
  3. I5-2500k 8GB Ram Win7 HD7850 2gb vram 500gb HDD...Runs fine for me, road detail@1. AA@8, ground clutter@20, rest is pretty much default. All in all it's still very playable.
  4. Here's a source for some free Canadian LIDAR data... https://canadiangis.com/free-canada-lidar-data.php#sub_menu1
  5. Have a great time, it looks like fun! And thanks for all the effort you guys put into the Kanium Sunday sessions.
  6. I'll put in as gunner again (For Major Duck), now that i have comms working. Thank you.
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