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  1. For some reason I though the date was 7 March? Sorry, didn't even know you had a game yesterday.
  2. I appreciate the confidence 😃 If you need my country code for some reason, it's UA, as in Ukraine.
  3. I'm looking forward to the learning. At this point the game can be quite frustrating, as I don't have the skill of utilizing terrain to protect the vehicle and achieve favorable position in relation to the enemy. Therefore I get shot at and killed a lot by the AI. The command tasks are also daunting, at this point I feel like I need to go to a military college to be able to manage the battle even at company level. Still, I am not entirely new, I played SB Gold back in the day and already tried multiplayer a year or so ago with Abraxas in a Leo. I have a 94 gunnery score at the range, although I still need to work on reaction time. I'll be happy to join in.
  4. Hello, new guy, wanting to get in the game. Relatively decent gunnery, but that's the extent of my skills. Prefer M1A1(2) but Leos are ok too for me. Is there a position available? Otherwise, can I join as an observer only maybe, see how it's done?
  5. Gentlemen, mind if I sign up as well? I'd jump in as a gunner for someone, if you'd have me, or maybe venture to command a Leo as part of the platoon. Failing that, an observer position to keep learning the ropes would also work fine.
  6. Anyone tried to use messengers, like Telegram, set up a group and contact each other in real time?
  7. I'm thinking of a way to better contact each other. Something that would pop up on my phone saying "hey, there's a game tonight, you in?" And so that I could respond rapidly whether I can make it or not. Email maybe? I just don't have instant notifications of forum mentions.
  8. I'm sorry, real life got in the way big time =(
  9. Excellent information, very interesting too see. I also like the fact that a friendly nation in our rear is bolstering its military. Given the current state of affairs, it might be a deterrent for further escalation in the east. (mods, remove post if considered political).
  10. Hey if anyone wants to roll and rumble on weekdays around 1900z ish and can't find a game, give me a shout. I think I can make it more often than not.
  11. Thanks, Mirzayev, I'll check it out. Btw, I really liked your videos on Youtube, the tank platoon on the attack one was especially helpful.
  12. I'll be sure to. And,wildbillkelsoe, I do fly DCS. Shot you a PM. Hey, I was wondering, is gunnery rating of 93 good or meh?
  13. Yes, the timing is problematic for me. But I appreciate it anyways. I have actually checked your announcements today. It's workdays morning when you meet, so yeah. At any rate, PzBtl 911 says I could join their meetings, and they are an hour ahead of me, so timewise that is nearly perfect.
  14. So I thought I'd introduce myself to the community I'm about to join. I am a Ukrainian, big on sims of all sorts, but I mostly dwell in Flightsimland. Finally, I join the ranks of Steel Beasts users. Just for one month initially, but I will be getting the unlimited time license as soon as the month expires. I've played the original Steel Beasts way back in the day a little, so I am not entirely new to the concepts etc. Still, there is a steep learning curve, since I have no RL military experience apart from firing off a few AKM rounds from time to time. I started with the basic stuff, completing all M1 and Leo tutorials and trying some simpler single player missions focused on one platoon operations. I prefer to play from the TC perspective as much as I can. While I am reading up on field manuals, I still find commanding anything more than a platoon quite overwhelming. I hope to be able to make more sense of it as I gain more experience and the stuff I read is embedded in my brain in a more permanent manner. Now, the main reason I'm posting this is that I'm looking for someone to try multiplayer with, at least relatively newbie-friendly if at all possible, with my near-zero skills and hands on experience. I suppose it would be most convenient to play with people in Europe due to time zone constraints (the TGIF events, for instance, are 5 a.m. for me on Sat mornings, no go in my case). So yeah, if I could roll with some of you, gentlemen, I'd greatly appreciate it. PS To make this post less boring, here's a moderately epic video or Ukrainian armor (Oplot and Bulat). Now at least if you watch it, it will mean you didn't just completely waste your time on reading it =)
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