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  1. Thanks for all of the suggestions. Wanted to make sure that I was doing everything I could to make it go right. The last time I played the scenario I finished it in 4 hours and had 26% troop losses and 13% vehicle losses. That is much improvement over the total 95% loss I had the first time played it and then quit early because I did not have enough force remaining to do anything useful. The worst challenge that I have found is that some of the buildings have opaque windows so I cannot see if they are occupied and neither can my troops. However, if they do see fire coming from the building they will fire on it, but rarely hit the target inside. I have had entire platoons run out of ammo doing this. That was another hard lesson learned. I couldn't figure out why they would not fire, but it was because they were out of ammo. I mounted them to reload and put them back in place and they immediately started guns ablazing. A sweet ah-ha moment. I have not tried the "Suppress here" option yet, so I will try that next. Lesson's Learned: I have to give the rifle teams a good target and they will fire, but I cannot fire for them. With the LMG team I can get behind the gun and aim and fire when needed. Keep track of the unit's ammo quantity and vehicle mount them to resupply. This also means that I have to properly manage their mounting vehicle's location for quick resupply. If the building has opaque windows, then blow it up, just to be on the safe side. The one you don't blow up will be the one to kill you. Experience says it may take 4 or 5 rounds to dispatch all enemies inside. Just because a building has fire coming out of the windows does not mean an enemy is not sitting in said window ready to kill you. (Don't ask me how I know.) Apparently I have Satan himself in my scenario. (hehe) My troops will not enter a burning building no matter how many times I mistakenly tell them too. For some reason troops will enter the building next door to the one you told them to enter. I assume this is because it has better refreshments or a buffet, or it could be because they think they can see better from the other building for the direction I have the engagement-view pointing. Troops will change their location on a floor in the building based upon their set viewing direction. This is critical to know when needing to see around the edge of another building to acquire a target or to avoid being seen and killed. Clear the viewing area at each floor before going to the higher floor. Floor level plays a critical role in seeing a target and being the target. And the odd quirk of a troop will be able to only see the edge of an enemy's sleeve at long distance and kill him, but seeing one fully, prone, with a load of RPGs on his back at 200 meters? Nah. He's fine. Probably just out catching some rays and vitamin D while fully dressed head to foot. And troop skills, that is elite vs "weekend warrior", can affect performance. Thanks again, guys. I think I am getting the hang of it.
  2. Second question in regards to infantry, is there a way to enter a building that has an enemy in it and kill him while inside? Maybe that is not the real M.O. for this software. It is like they run in, ignore the enemy, or stare at him and wait to get shot. I have stopped entering building that I know have enemy in them. HEAT rounds from a tank are gloriously fun though.
  3. Yes, it is government action sce. I am using this sce as a training for building clearing and troop management. Many challenges. So much micromanaging and stay tactics. Map updates are on and I have difficulty and realism set to low. It might not be clear from the pic but both of those bad guys had rifles. Also after 53 minutes, I think all of the civies have left town by then. I looked at an AAR and they all seem to leave or literally just disappear from town after about 10 minutes. Did not check the civ actions to see if it was planned that way or if it just happens for some reason. Although I could be mistaken and they could be civs. Will check the report when I finally quit. But other times the AI surprises me. They report, I look and see nothing even remotely resembling a target, they fire, but they are all about it. Then the target is dispatched, and I never saw anything distinguishable while looking right down the gun barrel. Computers! Such a hoot. Thanks.
  4. SB Pro PE 4.167 F7, and then N for binoculars. This is what I see in the attached image. I do not think this pic needs red circles to spot the bad guys, but somehow my guy cannot detect them. I originally found them through observer view and switched to commander. He did not mark them on the map, would not shoot at them on his own. As you can see he has plenty of ammo. Also these guys are in his cone of interests and in range. The range was about 200 meters, says the map. Unit is set to "Fire at will" and no range limit. They were visible like that for at least 10 minutes. I then selected "Fire at unit..." and selected the guy on the left. Still nothing. Then I switched to Observer view and waited. Still nothing. Although I did not wait long; 5 seconds. Then I went back into F7, F2 aimed and fired and got my two kills without needing to reload. This inability to see and take action on the obvious is happening frequently. What am I doing wrong?
  5. I just used the map in the {htg}kook... map package. Then you have to set the area to be used to the numbers of 08 to 20 for the verticle and 80 to 88 for the horizontal.
  6. Okay. I think I can make that. I am GMT -4 these days. Probably won't need an hour though, as I can only absorb so much at one time.
  7. I am in the New York time zone. Getting ready for TGIF. We can chat there some if you are attending, otherwise I will have to schedule another time. Thanks!
  8. That is what I was afraid of. I will keep playing it. It will certainly be a good exercise to see what works and what does not. I think I will approach from multiple sides and plink in from the outside slowly closing in deeper and deeper. The sce has some mortars and 3 arty tubes, but my experience is that arty has a kill rate of about 10% against infantry. At least mine does anyway. Great for smoke though.
  9. Thanks, Cav. One thing that it pointed out to me, is that I have low skills in sweeping the vermin out of a town. You or anyone, have any advice on how to clean up a town without losing 95% of my units before it's done? Is there a tutorial or a methodology or set of principles to follow?
  10. Not sure if this is the correct forum for this question, but here goes... I am playing the Government Action v3C scenario and the objective is to secure the bridge from the the reds. For someone who has only been playing for a year, that is not enough detailed instruction for me, so my question is, how? There is no button that says "click here to secure/take bridge", so what do I have to do specifically, or what conditions do I have to create for me to have "secured the bridge"? The bridge is at the edge of a town which is loaded with reds who will shoot at you if you go on the bridge or go into the town, so just parking a tank on the bridge did not work in any sense. Do I have to literally wipe the town clean of all reds, or is there something specific that I need to do for the bridge to be taken/secured?
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