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  1. Is this available anywhere for download for map review. I'd like to review the map before hand if possible.
  2. Thanks, Volcano. I have seen that before. A whole lot of words on that page. I am sure the answer to my question is in there somewhere, but finding is a bit tedious for me. Thanks again.
  3. Thanks, Stormrider. It took me a few minutes to put all of the pieces together, but I got it. That drawing was key. I can clearly see the issue now. My guess, as an American so the metric system is not native to me, is that the gunner's sight is about 20 to 25 cm higher than the horizontal line of the main gun. If the gun is pointed down at all, then the difference and hence the error is greater even, since the length of the barrel will multiply this difference way out at the tip.
  4. Where is the gunner's sight located in reference to the main gun on the T-72? Also, where is it located outside of the tank? It seems that it is higher than the main gun. I had a situation where I could easily see the enemy tank through the gunner's sight, but when I fired the TC immediately reported short when I know my range was correct. I think I was hitting the hill directly in front of me instead of shooting over it like the sight showed. There was a gap between the top of the hill and the bottom of the target, so it looked to me like was clear of the top of the hill.
  5. I wish I could join, but that is 14:00 for me. I am still at work.
  6. MisterCommander

    Sights on what.7z

    I downloaded this in Jan 2020 and it is asking for a password for blue and red. What do?
  7. Is it possible to use and crew tanks from WW2 such as the Sherman and the T-34?
  8. I think all of these suggestions are relevant. I will try to substitute a different tank and ammo and see if the capability changes. For the T-55 anything beyond 2 km is hard to pull out. The vehicle I put at 2 km is an M60 so I could have the best hope of seeing it. Anything smaller and beyond that distance only shows up as about 5 pixels on my screen. Thanks.
  9. Okay. Before I added the 5th unit at 3 KM it would pickup all 4 even out to 2 km. Maybe the ammo selection affects it.
  10. I have created a scenario with Blue as the T-55A and Red with 5 vehicles. Red vehicles are at the following ranges: 1 km, 1.2 km, 1.6 km, 2 km, 3 km. The map I am using is the Tutorial Map, and I am firing from West to East with the time at 14:00 with clear sky. I can see all of the targets, although the one at 3 km is difficult to see, but I can still make it out and hit it with a the first round. Also, I have visibility set to 10 km. The commander will identify and tell me to fire at the first two units, but tells me to cease fire when I fire at the other three units. Why does he not tell me to fire at all enemy units?
  11. I hope this is the right place to post this. I noticed that in the tutorials screen there is no tutorial for the T-55. I have been able tutorial myself enough from the wiki to make it somewhat work, but it is still very hard to hit targets in real action. Would I be able to take the tutorial for the T-72 and change the vehicle to a T-55? Can I edit that tutorial, or do I have to create a new one from scratch?
  12. If troops are too far away for the 50 cal or 7.62, and I absolutely must kill them, what main gun round should I use instead.
  13. Here is an update. I did search around and found some other old posts. One of the suggestions was to reduce the resolution. I checked mine and it was way high, so I reduced it to 1350x768, (or something like that), and performance improved greatly. My fps was 50-60 most of the time. However, since I was running it windowed it was so small on the screen that it was unpleasant. I switched it to full screen and it was much more pleasant. I also enabled the VSYNC and that put the fps down to 30 most of the time, but it was a solid 30, however, sometimes it would jump up to 60fps for a few seconds and then back to a solid 30. I have yet to figure out why it jumps though. It can do it in a busy screen or a non-busy one. I can confirm that setting the resolution to something that your card can better handle can go a long way to improving performance. I like windowed for network play, so I will just switch my resolution lower in the OS closer to the game's resolution and still do windowed. When playing solo, I will just do full screen. I checked ebay for some GTX 970s and boy are they cheap compared to a new one. Prices on bids ranged from like 35 - 85 USD. Buy it now prices were in the range of 100 - 120 USD. If they are not faulty this seems like a great deal considering that new ones range 250-510 USD at newegg.
  14. Thanks to all who have replied. SBPro is the only thing I play that needs a 3D card. The GTX 970 has some sweet specs. Maybe I can get a used one on the cheap or do a 1060. Thanks again.
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