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  1. I think all of these suggestions are relevant.  I will try to substitute a different tank and ammo and see if the capability changes.


    For the T-55 anything beyond 2 km is hard to pull out.  The vehicle I put at 2 km is an M60 so I could have the best hope of seeing it.  Anything smaller and beyond that distance only shows up as about 5 pixels on my screen.



  2. I have created a scenario with Blue as the T-55A and Red with 5 vehicles.

    Red vehicles are at the following ranges: 1 km, 1.2 km, 1.6 km, 2 km, 3 km.

    The map I am using is the Tutorial Map, and I am firing from West to East with the time at 14:00 with clear sky.  I can see all of the targets, although the one at 3 km is difficult to see, but I can still make it out and hit it with a the first round.  Also, I have visibility set to 10 km.


    The commander will identify and tell me to fire at the first two units, but tells me to cease fire when I fire at the other three units.  Why does he not tell me to fire at all enemy units?



  3. I hope this is the right place to post this.


    I noticed that in the tutorials screen there is no tutorial for the T-55.  I have been able tutorial myself enough from the wiki to make it somewhat work, but it is still very hard to hit targets in real action.


    Would I be able to take the tutorial for the T-72 and change the vehicle to a T-55?  Can I edit that tutorial, or do I have to create a new one from scratch?

  4. Here is an update.

    I did search around and found some other old posts.  One of the suggestions was to reduce the resolution.  I checked mine and it was way high, so I reduced it to 1350x768, (or something like that), and performance improved greatly.  My fps was 50-60 most of the time.  However, since I was running it windowed it was so small on the screen that it was unpleasant.


    I switched it to full screen and it was much more pleasant.  I also enabled the VSYNC and that put the fps down to 30 most of the time, but it was a solid 30, however, sometimes it would jump up to 60fps for a few seconds and then back to a solid 30.  I have yet to figure out why it jumps though.  It can do it in a busy screen or a non-busy one.


    I can confirm that setting the resolution to something that your card can better handle can go a long way to improving performance.


    I like windowed for network play, so I will just switch my resolution lower in the OS closer to the game's resolution and still do windowed.  When playing solo, I will just do full screen.


    I checked ebay for some GTX 970s and boy are they cheap compared to a new one.  Prices on bids ranged from like 35 - 85 USD.  Buy it now prices were in the range of 100 - 120 USD.  If they are not faulty this seems like a great deal considering that new ones range 250-510 USD at newegg.

  5. I have seen the requirements on the website for a GPU, such as a GeForce 10x0.


    I am currently running an Intel Core i-5 (6 cores) 8th generation CPU with the integrated Intel UHD Graphics 630.  It actually does a pretty decent job. I was surprised of its quality for being integrated.  Frame rates are in the 40-50s.  I also have 32GB of RAM and it can share up to 16GB for video, so, RAM is not an issue.  I have never seen the entire system use more than 8GB during the game.


    My problem though is that display seems a bit herky-jerky at times since I have installed version 4.162 of SB.  And sometimes the video will freeze for about a second, but everything else, like audio, keeps going without stutter.  I have the graphics settings in the game about as low as they can go and still have an image, and in terms of visual quality I am fine with this.


    I am not a frame rate whore, so 60+fps at full graphics detail is not my goal, but I am willing to try a GeForce 1050 or 1060, (maybe even a 1030), if you think it is worth the $200 or so.  So, I am wondering what a few of you are running that you are happy with.  If you tell me that I need to spend $500+ for a GPU alone, that is not going to happen.  I know that I will already need to upgrade my power supply if I put in a higher-end GPU.

  6. I am posting this here for high visibility.


    I found a trick that you can use when you are GNR in the T-72.  Since you must press V to load the main gun at the start of the scenario and at the end of each firing, I went into the Controls screen/menu and searched for "load".  Then I change the hot key to the Space bar.  Now when I press the space bar to fire it will also trigger a loading of the main gun immediately.


    If everyone already knows this, then kudos to you, but it was a theory that I had and when I tested it in the Tank Range it worked there.

  7. I love the Tanks! scenario where you have to kill 9 enemy units.

    When I play with the Centauro, I whoop ass.  If I am sloppy I get 5 or 6 kills, but if I play like I am supposed to I can get all 9.  Therefore I do have a history of not being a complete loser.


    However, when I play with the M60A3 tank I get killed so easy.  The best I have done is to get 1 kill out of 10 plays, once.  My shortest game was about 60 seconds when a T-55 got me while I was still in the woods where I started.  Have not even moved yet.  Thought I'd be save for more than a minute at the spawn point.  My longest game was about 15 minutes.


    And if I am even lucky enough to hit something it won't die.  I once hit a PC at 1500 meters twice and it just drove off like I was not even there.  The first hit was Heavy Damage, and the second was crew casualties, and then it drove into cover.  WTF.


    Also, I seem to get swarmed by 2 or 3 different vehicles at the same time from difference directions every time.  They can see me, but I cannot see them.  Cannot see them daylight, binoculars, nor TIS, but they can see me well enough to get a kill.  Not just a hit or damage, but a kill.  I am seriously looking for them.


    I am not just driving around at top speed out in the open either.  I am using every bit of cover I can.  Staying close to the edge of the battle area, and using hills and forest to block enemy view in multiple directions and limiting exposure as much as possible.  I have even tried to just stay in the woods the whole time and scout from there.


    Is there a beacon or something that I am supposed to turn off so that they do not gang up on me with x-ray vision?  What is the strategy to not be a total luser in the M60 in this scenario? 



  8. I like to switch between the map and the commander's position unbuttoned, but every time I go from F5 to F1 I have to press Q twice to get up out of the vehicle so that I can see the landscape again.

    Is there a way to stay up when I switch back to F1, so that I do not have to keep hitting QQ so much?

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