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  1. Sweet! This is exactly the kind of stuff that I was talking about.

    I especially like the 3 monitors and control boxes in the pics posted by Froggy.


    Currently I am running the old school version Gold Edition 1.226, but need to upgrade to the latest, but not sure if my computer can handle it.

  2. Has anyone ever seen or made, at home, a tank simulator cabin or cockpit?  That's right.  Basically a mock-up of the tank interior with the controls, dials, gauges, levers, wheels, etc., that actually work with the simulator software.

    If so, I would love to see pics and get your thoughts on what was easy and what was hard.


    I have seen the ones people have made for various aircraft simulators, but I have not seen anything for Steal Beasts, for example.

    Here are some pics of homemade aircraft simulator cockpits as an analogue:


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