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    GUI Colours

    I think the alpha is found in channels. Should be at bottom of RGB.
  2. congo

    CZ Studios Skins

    Marko, Those models have not changed, if you look back through the d/l section I believe you will find the MTLB and the BTR in Finnish camo but they will be marked with rondels and such. Zip and I did these quite some time ago so you may have overlooked them. I have attached a no markings version if you would like them without the rondels and other markings. There should be an MT-55 bridgelayer also maybe at some point I will get around to doing the T-55 and the tracked AA. Glad you enjoy the skins! Here they are with no markings Congo BTR and MTLB no markings Finnish.zip
  3. congo

    CZ Studios Skins

    Here is a beta version to try out, think of it as an early Christmas present. No markings but if one of the energetic Finns wish to lay on the rondels and such feel free. BMP-1, BMP-2, T-73M1, turret top and tracks are also in the package. There are some blank decal dds,s also if you wish to block out the default markings.Its probably a good idea to back up any custom decal files you may have in your mods folder. All Vehicle textures are 1024,s so as to be user friendly for all computers. Track files are slightly larger than defaults but again user friendly. Give me some feedback. Enjoy Mighty mini Finn Pack (2.64).zip
  4. [Nevermind! I actually ordered my copy a week before 2.6 release. I never had the licence. >_<[/quote=Killjoy;205388] CENTER] Theres the problem, that skin is for 2.6
  5. congo

    skins version 2.546?

    You can also look at the naming structure of the dds file as in the case of the leopard2A4.dds and the leo2A4.dds. When the models were upgraded the skin file was upgraded hence the new name.
  6. congo

    CZ Studios Skins

    Thanks Fabio Yes the new BMP models deemed this necessary.
  7. congo

    CZ Studios Skins

    Making progress will probably release this and the T-72 together, need to do sides and top of turret and then some small detailing.
  8. congo

    CZ Studios Skins

    Most likely yes but I dont think it will come immediately after this one.
  9. Wheres the tracked artillery?
  10. congo

    dirtspray files moding?

    I think you need to work with the rgb channels and not the alpha which is the opposite of what you did.
  11. congo

    dirtspray files moding?

    You can work with the image as you normally would and just save as the correct dds file or you can make a new layer and spray in the color you want for the dirt but flatten image when done and save with explicit alpha in dds format DXT 3 ARGB 8bpp.The alpha determines the invisibility from the graphics perspective of the skin for that particular sprite. If you look at the alpha layer you will see the shape of the explosions, dust etc. during the sim are the same. You should be able to highlight the alpha channel and turn off the rgb,s and work in black and white if you would like to change basic shapes used during the animations. The same holds true for trees, shrubs and grasses and the overlay for roads and such. Just be aware that some dds files need to have an explicit alpha in order to display correctly in the sim.
  12. For those interested in all the codemeter command lines just go to the codemeter command prompt in the tools section and key in cmu32 and it will give you all the commands and options.
  13. For those that don't have the disc config tool which was dropped with 4.30 here is the command line entry to accomplish this with codemeter command prompt: cmu32 -s******** --set-config-disk RemovableDisk Substitute your sticks serial number for asterisk
  14. congo

    CZ Studios Skins

    For Redaspect, give this one a try. leopard2a4.zip
  15. Not really obsolete but with the many upgrades to the various models in SBPE throughout its life, when the model is reworked the UV map also needs to be reworked as more polygons are added. Open the dds file for the Leo I sent you and the one you were trying to use and you will see differences but the single most important item that determines if the file is usuable in the version you are using is the file name. I believe the older leo skin was leo2A4 and the new one was leopard2A4. I guess this is necessary for folks who dont upgrade. The same holds true for the Abrams and the M2 also the T-72M1. When you upgrade it is a good idea to look at the in game models ( these are not editable) and then look at the skins so you have an idea of the naming convention that they are using. You just need a dds viewer or suitable photo editing program to do this. The game will be your model viewer. I think all the newer additions to the site have the version listed with the skin. Usually in Parens such as (2.552) or (2.238) that tells you what version the skin was developed from. In some cases like the Spanish packs I did the VAMTAC I did uses the M1025 model and the skin is still named as such I just changed some graphical details of the dds file. If you decide to edit or tinker with the skin files just be aware that some use an alpha layer such as the track files. And you need to know this when saving your edited skin file. Vehicle decals use an alpha layer. The alpha layer is a way of imparting invisibility to parts of the graphic overlay or skin. Trees, shrubs, and grass are another good example of dds files using an alpha channel.
  16. You did read the readme file Right! Pay close attention to the paragraph that begins with To Install. Those skins should work, I think the problem is you need to name the skin you want to use to one the sim will recognize. When In doubt go to the readme file: CZ Finnish CV90 Pack v.1.0 25th March 2007 This pack contains 10 skins, half of whitch are with Finnish markings and the other half are without them: -Dusty -Muddy -Winter (with snow) -Winter 2 (no snow) -Nets (with camo netting attached) +2 Track files -track without rubber pads as in Finnish vehicles -track with rubber pads (MADE BY KINGTIGER!) To install copy the skin you wish to your "MODS" -folder and remove anything that comes after "CV9040B" in the file name (example: CV9040B_DustyFIN -> CV9040B). If you wish to use KT's tracks with rubber pads, just remove the "_PAD" and put in correct folder! Thanks to KINGTIGER for the optional track-file and the TC's hatch interior which is from his CV9040 -skin. And thanks for the feedback man! CZ Studios If you still have problems PM me and I will convert the ones you want to use to dds files and send them to you. Also a good idea to download an BMP to DDS converter as the dds files load much faster because of their compression.Try these and see if they work. cv9040B woodland and winter.zip
  17. Version 1.0


    Detailed and dirtied up version of the T-72 M4. Track file included. Enjoy
  18. congo

    CZ Studios Skins

    Submitting to the dl section now. Finally got around to finishing the beast. I'll be releasing all the others except myT-72 M1 shortly. Since it will be crewable in 2.6 Ill wait and do the turret top at the same time.
  19. Used in aircraft since the late 20,s or early 30,s. I suppose instrument flying would be nearly impossible with out them. As in artificial or gyro horizon.
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