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  1. congo

    CZ Studios Skins

    Submitted to dl section awaiting approval. Can't do much about track file. Both T-55 and T-72 use the same dds file but the models appear to be somewhat different with regard to the location of the end of the link pins. Don't know why they are not consistent.
  2. Version 1.1


    Same treatment as my T-55. Forgot to add vision blocks so here is version 1.1 with them added.
  3. congo

    CZ Studios Skins

    Finished the detailing and submitted to dl section and awaiting approval.
  4. congo

    T-55 desert(2.552)

    Version 1.0


    Minor detailing of T-55 and track file. Enjoy.
  5. congo

    CZ Studios Skins

    Updated track file for the M113 package. M2A2tracks.zip
  6. congo

    CZ Studios Skins

    Thanks Crusty !! I have submitted to dl section but they still need extensive weathering done on them but they should appear shortly after approval.
  7. Version 1.1


    A rework of the M113 a-1, a-3, and the improved tow vehicle. Some minor detailing added. included is a reworked track file and a TC view top of hull. Enjoy. version 2.552. Updated track file added and some additional shadowing added on lower hull.
  8. congo


    Nice Job CC. If youre interested I included a track file in my desert pack that has all the alpha layers for the T158 track.
  9. congo

    CZ Studios Skins

    Concentrating on the A3 at the present.
  10. congo

    CZ Studios Skins

    Wicked Correct, So all the desert vehics match. Congo
  11. congo

    CZ Studios Skins

    I will need to re-upload as the M1A2 has a few glitches which will be repaired shortly.
  12. congo

    CZ Studios Skins

    Wil, Nice screen captures, I just submitted a 2 vehic pack so download once it is approved as the Brad has some minor changes and I've included a matching M1A1. Bill
  13. Version 1.1


    Detailed US M2A2 and M1A1. Details are too numerous to cover but give them a try and I hope you like them. both are for ver 2.552. I've included the turret tops and some interior work on the Brad. I've also included the M1A2 and the mine plow. Made some minor repairs with the UV mapping on the M1A2. Enjoy
  14. I guess the pecker checkers will be along shortly for the VD lecture. OORAH!
  15. A whore new aspect to the sim.let face it if you are in command of a leo2 or M1a1 and your up against a T55/T62 you have got a major advantage.but if the T55 was equipped with some of the many upgrades offered you mite get more then you bargained for. We're getting a whore in the upgrade, that should make things interesting in the combat zone.
  16. congo

    CZ Studios Skins

    Thanks Wicked, Here it is give it a try. Ive included the turret roof top also, it was a chore cause some of the uv mapping comes from the vehicle also but I'm happy with the results. Let me know what you think after the test drive. Congo
  17. congo

    CZ Studios Skins

    A few more hours of cooking and it will be ready for public consumption.
  18. I believe Coastline Conflict uses the 122 if I,m not mistaken or as Tac said open the mission editor if it is not passworded and change to the vehicle you want to use. http://www.steelbeasts.com/Downloads/p13_sectionid/24/p13_fileid/1148
  19. congo

    CZ Studios Skins

    Other projects on my workbench.
  20. Maybe something like when you open the ratings window the first screen is for a comment and once that is filled out and you hit submit then the ratings window pops open, just a thought.
  21. Generally speaking I did most of my mods because I enjoy the artwork and get some satisfaction when I can include them in my sim while playing. When folks expressed interest I started making them available for general consumption. Whether they have good ratings or bad would not deter me from doing them. Ratings as you said are very subjective. IMO if someone is so low to give low ratings just for the hell of it then they will most likely be untruthful when asked to comment about why the rating was low.
  22. What would be the justification for doing this? I don't understand, you either like a mod and download it or you don,t.
  23. congo

    CZ Studios Skins

    I've been developing some textures for Afghani maps as the stock ones were two brown for my taste.
  24. congo

    CZ Studios Skins

    Thanks Wil, It is a fairly small map but with some interesting scenery, I have since added a river and some other features I will post an update in the near future.
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