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  1. congo

    CZ Studios Skins

    Another rework of an older CZ skin.
  2. congo

    CZ Studios Skins

    Beta Map for a tryout. Drop the contents of the zip file in your terrasim-terrastan folder which will be located in your maps folder. Don't forget to back up your desert folder as I have made some changes with trees and shrubbery and walls. This is not the desert folder in your mods folder but the one in the terrasim-terrastan folder. This map was built on the terrastan map with the addition of buildings and such. The sandbags at the outpost are the ISO container if you do not have this I will post an attachment. Place this in your mods folder in desert. Give me some feedback. Sidi Said.zip ISOcontainer.zip
  3. When you shift between object and select it would be nice if it remained on the object you have selected so you need not scroll through the objects each time to find the one you were working with. A simple copy and paste feature would be nice. A way to simply place stone walls rather than individual pieces that neet to be lined up and a command to place a gate or opening rather than a seperate object that again needs to be lined up. Roads placed on inclines should level themselves so it looks realistic when placing them in the mountains. A intersection dds would be nice to add a realistic touch.More road signs.
  4. congo

    CZ Studios Skins

    Map Based on the Terrastan Terrain, shown here is OP Purgatory and OP Hell. Small Afghani village.
  5. congo

    CZ Studios Skins

    couple of betas give them a try and give me some feedback. T-55.zip
  6. congo

    CZ Studios Skins

    I'll PM you my new email address when Im finished with it. Just respond so I can lock in yours.
  7. congo

    CZ Studios Skins

    Hey Wil, good to hear from you.
  8. Homer, It wasn't Vman he was perfectly charming, I just have problems helping to support someones salary who insults me. And Ssnake saying he does not represent the company just kind of baffled me. But then I forgot that Mr Wolf knows about all things except maybe how to treat the clientele. Congo
  9. Well Deja You will not have to worry about it happening again because esim just lost me as a customer. Good work
  10. Why does there need to be any options it is you that branded me either unhappy or a troll. Have I in any of my past post referred to any personality faults that you may or may not have. I asked V-man to clarify his post for my sake as well as others which he did with all the diplomacy of an Ambassador or Attache.
  11. They are my only two choices Deja or you just like making accusations?
  12. congo

    Hey esim games

    Do you think you will ever get around to correcting the uv mapping on the Tennix track and the 50 caliber machine gun on the Pirhana. And for the programmers will we ever see the return of the mission save feature.
  13. Did I ever say I was unhappy?
  14. Hey, You're the one using terminology like average top speed. But because Deja says it it must be true n'est pas!! LMFAO
  15. a vehicle with a high top speed, and high acceleration, will in all cases, always reach point B sooner than a vehicle with the same top speed, but slower acceleration. and therefore a vehicle with higher acceleration, will always be faster than a vehicle with the same top speed, but slower acceleration. Yes its all semantics but even this statement does not always hold true, It is only true if there is zero loss from slippage between the driving medium and the surface it is being driven over. Refer to DA,s post above.
  16. Yes Tac, When the M-60,s angle of the dangle and the mass of the ass equals the heat of the meat all will be well!
  17. I think you both mean average speed, top speed is top speed, distance between two points and the time it takes to cover it on hard surface. any vehicle will not attain its top speed driving over boggy or rough surfaces. My Fiat has a top speed of 120 KPH but will not acheive that driving in a field. When the manufacturers statistical data says the top speed is 48 mph the top speed of the vehicle is 48mph, if it needs to slow down because of terrain that does not negate its top speed it is still 48mph. Though its average speed over different sorts of terrain will vary. Likewise if two different vehics have a top speed of 48mph but one will accelerate to that speed faster than the other their top speeds are still 48mph. Now terrain dependent operating speed is another matter!! One vehic will accelerate from 0 to 60 in 2 seconds and another will accelerate from 0 to 100 in 30 seconds which one is the faster. BTW both vehicles have a top speed of 120mph
  18. Deja, Top speed is top speed not an average.
  19. How does a vehicle being able to accelerate faster translate into a higher speed? If a vehicle has a top speed of 60mph doesnt matter how fast it accelerates up to this speed its top speed is still 60mph.
  20. congo

    How to install skins

    You need the Nvidia plugin to be able to open dds files in photoshop, I do not know about other photo apps. If you have photoshop the plugin is available for free just google it. Just make sure that the dds file has the same exact name as the file you are trying to replace. The dds files have a much smaller footprint than the old bmp files therefore the sim loads faster.
  21. congo

    Updated skins?

    J'achete bien sur
  22. congo

    Updated skins?

    "Many skins are now obsolete due to new unit models and I find it quite hard to browse through all the offerings not really knowing wether I can use it or not." Not for folks who did not purchase the upgrade
  23. congo

    City Builders Rejoice.

    You should upload that ter. file as the city is quite nice. What map did you build it on?
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