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    Bugreports 2.538

    Grenny, Try this uv map in your mods folder to hold you over until I can give the new model a complete treatment. M2A2.zip
  2. After a detailed look at 2.5,s map builder I'm quite impressed and it takes a lot to impress me. And the Lord sayeth on the seventh day let there be apartment buildings and hi-rise complexs and let us not forget our humble brethern of the desert for there shall be mud brick dwellings for all Berbers and Bedouin. And grain storage for the plowmen and light poles for the electricians (though electricity had not been discovered yet) and then he rested.
  3. Send me a disc when you get er done and I'll be happy to provide some skin packages for the upgrade.
  4. Glad to see that the chaps over at MoD have a sense of humor.
  5. Same here, I've been using Windows for over twenty years and have never encountered problems other than lapses into the stupid zone. I defrag on a regular basis and keep my registry fairly clean.
  6. congo

    Polish Leo2A4

    Heres a plain vanilla Leo with no markings and a good layer of dirt to use with Hacks Polish markings when he uploads them. Enjoy leopard2a4.zip
  7. Just browse the downloads section for the available mods, just be aware that there were several new 3d models introduced with v 2.46 so not all skins will be applicable. Make sure to read the manual so you will understand the file structure for mod installation. I would recommend getting JSGME ( Jones Software Generic Mod enabler) to simplify mod installation. Most of the mod downloads will have a jpeg included so you can see what you're getting.
  8. There's native girls living in Canada,wonders never cease. I'll check in with the misses and get back to ya!!
  9. Hey when you start doing the LSD can I come up and help?
  10. I want big parabolic mirrors mounted on the vehicles so I can see the suspension in operation from the TC,s station. And wipers on the mirrors so I can see the suspension in operation when its raining.
  11. I had a lot of fun producing that one. Thanks Strat
  12. If you are trying to use the ones from KingTigers pack you will need to rename it so the sim will recognize it . If you are running the newest version of SB I dont think those skins are compatable with the new Leo model. These skins are for versions prior to 2.46 Directly from the download info, "This is a request, its my old strv121 with MekB10 marking. Both in DDS and BMP. use DDS for BETA version and BMP for normal SBP".
  13. congo


    Hell, Thats like being from another planet
  14. As they say, "A photograph is worth s thousand words"
  15. Dr D, I might be interested in item 4 but the rest probably not.
  16. Are you saving the file as a dds with expicit alpha?
  17. congo

    Looking for new Tracks

    Merci Beaucoup Tac!!
  18. congo

    Looking for new Tracks

    Avec plaisir mon ami!
  19. congo

    Looking for new Tracks

    You may have to play with them a bit to suit your likings. T158track.zip
  20. Hey, I got a question Which came first the chicken or the software?
  21. No point in having kick ass software if you need a superubercomputer to run it. __________________ Pong anyone
  22. congo


    Man I feel sierra hotel now that i know this and I don't consider myself tango foxtrot uniform anymore!!!
  23. Yes but then you have to post sentries around the wire so some GI doesnt hang his nasty bdu,s and socks that he field washed on the wire otherwise the reception will become garbled.
  24. If you are just trying to change the visual appearance all you need to do is mess with the dds file. There are UV templates available at Dejas site. ie look at the top of the page. You do not need to bother with the mrf as they are hard coded. If you are talking about turning a European house into a North African house by manipulating the UV map then that is possible. Can't move those polygons!! Recommend you take a tour through the textures folders and as you said it is pretty easy to figure out whats what, but be careful because there are probably additional used and unused things in these folders. Some maps are used in multiple places like track files and such and the different variants like the ASLAV. If you have a fast machine you can generally change the size of the maps from 512 to 1024 for example and remember if working with terrain textures some have explicit alphas that need to be saved when working with them. Like wise you can access the bumps in the terrain folder. You need to take a peruse at the mods section also to get an idea of what can be done with the uv maps.Under downloads\Pro PE Mods. Have Fun!
  25. Dask, Started some time ago but never finished. You are welcome to make it your own. tigreARH .zip
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