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  1. FIXED: Got it working. Had to disable Avast Antivirus. Will work the application into exceptions.
  2. As per the title, when I launch the application, I get the usual amount of time till the license expires, but then the application just kills itself. First occurrence was yesterday when I bought the full game w/ stick, pending the stick delivery. I have since bought another license, reinstalled steel beasts, and reinstalled codemeter runtimes after doing a registry wipe. Still no dice. See my cmDust file attached. CmDust-Result.log
  3. I'll take INF I reckon. Just wanna position in which I can give recon info to XO.
  4. I'll take an FSO slot if any additional, attached to Mech Inf. PLT if available. I'd like to do recce and bda with INF for XO/CO. Acronyms.
  5. Sorry I missed it gents! Got held over for a double shift at work
  6. My bad assassin. Didn't see your prior post for A11. You can take it on game day if you want, doesn't matter to me
  7. I can move up to A11 if we need someone to run the AI...Leave it open for now but just FYI for game day. Or, alternatively, down to B14.
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