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  1. 1 hour ago, Gibsonm said:

    Welcome to the forum!


    Pretty sure this has been answered a bunch of times already however ...


    1. Its paid.


    2. Normally at some point the cost of 4.023 (the cureent version) is discounted so that 4.023 + cost of upgrade = cost of buying ver 4.1x from scratch,


    3. You have two main choices:


    a. A permanent license (costs more up front, comes with USB stick, valid on whichever machine the USB stick is plugged into [or a shared IP address]).


    b. A Time based license (initially cheaper, includes upgrades, limited to the one machine you bought it for [and can be impacted by motherboard upgrades on that machine, etc.]).


    Details here:




    Be aware that there will be an opportunity to pre-order the upgrade (if you decide to buy 4.023 now) and buy the upgrade at a discounted price - the timing of that is currently TBA, but will probably be announced here and reflected in the page that I linked.


    Thank you for your patience and answer, very helpful to me.

  2. 10 hours ago, Ssnake said:

    DF30 and DF90 have been confirmed (through without a separate video yet), there's the gazillion ATTV variants (well, 22 or so), and more. But this version is not about new playable vehicles but

    • the high resolution terrain
    • the new handling of high explosives and fragmentation effects
    • better pathfinding for computer-controlled units

    Is this upgrade a paid upgrade or free? I am thinking about buying 4.0 now or waiting until 4.1 is released.

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