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  1. Sir... that's extremely kind of you! I'll let you know if needed! Many thanks!
  2. Got awesome fiber, so all good for download. Although my main issue is that my 30 day license will expire i 12 days so not sure if the stick gets here in time.
  3. Nice! Although I'm regretting my choice to get stuck in with the current version using my 30-day license instead of waiting until the stick was shipped. I assume it will ship around that date and I can expect around a week for delivery since I'm in the EU? Pre-ordered June 29.
  4. And the Hornfelt scenario playthroughs really helpful for noobs like me!
  5. Yeah, as a new guy to the game and the community, the reactions, in my view, are more damaging than the stream. I am a bit taken aback tbh. 😂
  6. This. I couldn’t watch the entire stream bit appreciate the vid and your stuff in general @matsimus.
  7. Oh, thanks guys! Still learning. 😁
  8. Thank you! How would one go about it? I can't find anything in the in game settings.
  9. 30Gb?! Will I be able to install these maps on a drive that is not my C-drive?
  10. Excellent, looking forward to it!
  11. 😁 OMG I completely forgot about that... I have been playing with the Strv 122 mostly, and there I have to press P to get lead. Thanks, makes sense!
  12. Laggy isn't really the right word to describe it, so I made a quick video to hopefully show what I mean. The feeling I get is that I struggle to control the turret traverse with my mouse. Suddenly the smallest input generates large movements of the turret, at other times it barely moves it until it suddenly jumps away and traverses extremely fast. This does not happen all the time. It is infrequent, and I'm not sure how to reproduce it. It is as if I'm fighting someone for control of the turret, so maybe I actually am but just don't understand? I'm quite new to this excellent game. https://youtu.be/NT9fyOv8NWA
  13. Thanks! I grabbed the Hornfelt scenarios, but will try Tanks again as well.
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