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  1. And CM Stick now up and running, manual next to me and surprise gift in use!
  2. It arrived! They had sent it to the wrong adress, do it hade made 2 trips to the parcel distro center. But now it's here!
  3. No fingers pointed at you! Unfortunately, the Swedish Postal Services really, really suck. They used to be one of the best in Europe, but this is the SECOND time in a few months this has happened to me. Last time they lost a base I had ordered for my son. Took them two weeks to find it, damaged.
  4. Ok, mine is lost... No package today. I'll drop you a line later Ssnake!
  5. I'm kind of a sucker for hit decals. A small thing all things considered, but I just kind of like having them. 😊
  6. Will do. I spoke to them today and they told me to wait three more days. So I'll get back to you if the package doesn't show up by Tuesday next week.
  7. Yeah, and now I'm really pissed off. Calling them puts me as number 135 in the queue. I think they've lost it or sent it back for some reason.
  8. I would be less annoyed if it weren't for the fact that the Swedish Postal Service are really quick to demand payment, but once the fee is payed, they couldn't care less. Calling them today though. Hope yours get to you soon!
  9. I still haven't received my package. I got the letter directing me to pay customs around two weeks ago and payed immediately. Still no package though, so tomorrow I will call the Postal Service. REALLY annoying, but obviously not your fault eSim.
  10. Great work! Really enjoying this. 😊 Unlike the Swedish Postal Service. They rarely do great work. They were eager to prompt me for money, which they got immediately. Still no delivery though...
  11. I got my customs notification Friday! Payed all due fees, so now it's about to be delivered to me in Sweden. 🙂
  12. Didn't we pay sales tax on the initial purchase?
  13. I haven't had a massive amount of play time, but from what I've played so far, it feels awesome as well.
  14. Ahhh.... I do't have Blauheim umfortunately.
  15. Which map for the Camp Hornfelt missions? I can't find "Blauheim" in the map list when trying to replace the map. EDIT Just saw the "plain41" in the message. Tried that and it seems to work.
  16. Got the download and renewed the temporary license i got when I pre-ordered so I'm playing already. But looking forward to the printed manual.
  17. I really like the new terrain. Is the AI spicier too? Got my butt handed to me just now. Looking real good so far! Looking forward to getting properly stuck in.
  18. Well, I have about 15 minutes left until the 29th. Uninstalled the old version before heading to bed, ready to install 4.1 sometime tomorrow or whenever it arrives, my time. 😀
  19. 😧 Well, I might have to meet it half-way then. 😮
  20. Excellent news! Any ballpark estimate on how long orders will take to cross the Atlantic and reach the EU? 🙂
  21. Glad to hear they are "ON THE WAY!". Even if I have to wait a bit for mine to arrive. 🙂
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