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  1. Hello, Thanks guys for the update!
  2. Hi Guys, Just to keep this topic up to date, it seems to remain unfixed in 4.259 patch Thanks
  3. Hi, With SB running, system memory usage doesn't exceed 25-30% (probably map/mission dependent) Affirm! je suis fran├žais
  4. Hi guys, Just for feedback, SB Pro PE runs well in 4K full screen (3840x2160) on my Pc (MSIZ390 / I9 9900K / 32Go / RTX2080 Super) Windows 10Pro 64bits release 20H2 Nvidia driver 457.09 without any overclocking without any tuning tools or motherboard/graphic card vendor utilities
  5. Hi, It could be related to the "vsync" option. Did you try with "vsync "on" ?
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