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  1. is this going to be updated any more? or do the new versions actually include hi resolution textures now? (sorry for asking, but I am back at version 2.3 still).
  2. what is the current Canadian MBT?
  3. heck - that game looks interesting...
  4. how did this work out? i would be interested in the misson if it is not posted...
  5. Steel_WOF

    TIS image "mod"

    i know that is one of the biggest complaints when we went through transition from the m60a3 to the m1... folks found it unbelieveable.
  6. do dive in head first. do be patient. do be persistent. do the tutorial for one vehicle at a time - then play that vehicle. and do ask questions...
  7. I had exactly Lowengrin's DCG in mind while reading this thread. That would be very nice to have...
  8. so what happens if you do it as file replacement (i am not sure if that is patch or mod?), and some folks run it because they can and others do not because they do not have the graphics card for it? it sounds like this way is client side only, and the clients can be mixed freely - with and without the hirez pack. is that correct? that might be one advantage to file replacement...as opposed to new maps/themes. it sounds like new maps/themes would require everyone to run the same map/theme to play MP.
  9. bring on hi rez... i have an 8800gtx.
  10. i would recommend getting a low end PCI-E video card right away with the system. something like this will get you good performance with SBPPE: http://cgi.ebay.com/New-nVIDIA-GeForce-6200-256MB-PCI-Express-PCI-E-Card-25_W0QQitemZ8829054259QQihZ005QQcategoryZ40161QQtcZphotoQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem
  11. did some testing for ya... i have an eMachines M6807. athlon64 mobility 3000+, ati 9600 mobility, 2GB RAM. it ran o.k. 30-40 fps until zoomed in gps (binos, etc would prolly be the same) view with a large forest in the background. then i got the jitters...16fps. i had to run at 1280x800 as that is my screen resolution and i need to figure out how to get it to resize to the entire screen instead of displaying in only part of the screen... i tried windowed mode as well, and it was marginally better but i could not get fps (fraps only works in full screen mode apparently). i then upgraded my notebook to an athlon64 mobility 4000+ (intended to do it this weekend anyway) and the fps in the zoomed/forest view was marginally better, about 20 fps. still got the jitters. so it is quite apparent that it is limited by the gpu, and a faster cpu does not help much in this case. i hear the 9600 mobility pro can be overclocked quite well, and i will be trying that next...and last resort will be figuring out how to fill my screen with a less than native resolution. you may want to do the same. it is a shame if you are dependant upon this laptop to decide to buy the sim or not. it is absolutely worth having! no other machine?
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