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  1. Thanks guys. I took a try during my lunch brake and was able to decimate the convoy a couple times (8 and 9 kills). Definitely feel like I can make a mess with combined artillery and tank fire if I put my mind to it now. I don't think I ever got past the gunnery tutorials the first time around. The game definitely gets very interesting when you start learning how to move around, hop to TC/Observer, start bringing in artillery, and work with multiple units. Very much looking forward to trying out some scenarios and getting the hang of it all.
  2. Thanks for the welcome and help! I figured out some of it. The mine fire missions take about 4 minutes. That's more than enough for most the convoy to proceed through the area. So if I set up the mine missions and then set off an ICM barrage, which takes seconds to fire, to block their path they end up more boxed in and I can play with them a little more. I haven't perfected it yet, but I was able to run some of them down and get about 8 kills. With a little tweaking to my strategy I could probably do a whole lot more damage, but alas, for now I must get ready for work.
  3. I've been going through the M1A2 tutorial and finally trying to learn this a bit before 4.1 is released. I have now done the artillery tutorial several times trying to dump FASCAM on all the TRP1..TRP5 positions, I think as the tutorial text suggests, but all the vehicles seem to stop up, maybe after 1 takes damage? I've also tried to fire ICM on point 1 and 2 when I think the vehicles will be about at those locations, but I have had no luck getting the fire on the enemy and of course they won't drive into a barrage, so I don't think I've ever killed anything unless I've had the gunner of my tank open up on the convoy, which always ends badly. Any which way it goes after several minutes the mission ends for reasons I'm unclear and nobodies dead. What am I doing wrong calling in the artillery and how do I manage to get some kills... or are these results about as expected? It seemed from the briefing I could expect to do heavy damage to the convoy, but maybe my expectations are off.
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