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  1. Posted this here instead of support, as it didn't seem very critical. Do any of you wise super users know which control in the controls list (if any) handles the Arm / Safe switch on the CROWS / Protector RWS ? Trying to program my joystick/controller.
  2. We'll attribute it to garbled comms in the J-TACs nine-line briefing.
  3. Thank you, Gentleman... FYI ... I got it to go with 2 IEDs configured as 8 x 2000lbs. Didn't try too hard to reduce the charges, a little less might work... But 1 x 10 x 2000lbs did not. Very excited. I like a little random chaos in my scenarios, and loss of an expected route will be fit the bill.
  4. Folks, I suspect the answer is "no"... but let me ask... Can "permanent" bridges (i.e. those bridges contained on map file) be "blown"/destroyed during run time ? My experiments on the 450 ton bridge, with airstrikes and IEDs would seem to indicate no. Can the engineer vehicle (Biber, MT-55) bridges be destroyed during game play ?
  5. Mystery solved, Mr. Ssnake. Good news: No bug detected ! based on your statements, I carefully re-traced my Scenario setting steps, and seemed to notice that the "change in theme" occurred when I configured the scenario start time, which in this case was early in the mornin'. The early morning (lack of ) sunlight, was shading the ground a darker color, completely as desired. My confusion stemmed from my deliberately tailoring the original theme that was using darker colored "low" textures with lighter, more vegetative textures, and I thought it w
  6. Hoping some map-making guru's can help me with a weird problem I am experiencing. I have a delta map I've made off the "Gomahola" map, and I've altered the Theme to a customized version. When I use it in a scenario - edits I've made to the theme's terrain textures refuse to load. What is weird, is I can the the theme is otherwise loading, as the vegetation changes I've made to the theme have loaded. Just stubbornly, the terrain textures wont. They show up fine in the map editor, not the mission editor. I've tried to replace the theme in the
  7. Jimbo

    USMC Helos

    Now that I am better oriented to the Forum, I see some good USMC skins in the "Files" section. AH-1 from Captain_Colossus and a WannaBe Sea Knight from Hackworth. Those guys got em a bit more detailed than mine, so I am gonna bring mine up a notch, and post them into Files, along with my UH-1Y Venom. delta6 ... I joined the Army in 1983, and wound up as a 68-Mike (the MOS codes got all re-done somewhere in 2000s). I started in a divisional Cav squadron that was organized with 3 armored cav troops (M113s and M60s) and I was in the 1 Air troop, which had
  8. Jimbo

    USMC Helos

    Hey, Jar-Heads... I did not spend much time on these, but I have been doing some amphib scenarios and made some USMC skins. If anyone is interested... AH-1 into AH-1W, Griffon into UH-1Y.... and, yes, it's a stretch... Chinook proxy of a Sea Knight... AH1Qcobra.dds CH-146_Griffon.dds chinook.dds
  9. Indeed - saw this Gibsonm ... glad someone (think it was you ?) - pinned this, so we can come back to it later, for adjusting terrain for 4.1 For sure Mirzayev. It's a fine art to write the briefing to balance giving the blue team enough info to know how to form a good plan, especially for recon, and not "spoon feed" the course(s) of action.
  10. Very helpful info fellas. I think I can satisfy my map urges with a little help from the community, and the appropriate forum link. My main driver for more battle-space, is to build dynamically variable scenarios with multiple rule-driven objectives at the company level with multiple platoons in cooperation. eg: Seize an airfield, or a village, so Player does not know exactly what is going to be asked of him each time. GibsonM - I may very well PM you one day soon I've gotten competent with the Map Editor, and understand the difference of the "
  11. Folks, I'm a big fan of the platform. Great simulation ! The 4.1 work looks really cool. I've been using a time-limited 4.0 for awhile now. Question on 4.1 and "PE" (Personal Edition) v.s. "Pro"... As I have come to enjoy the sim so much, I want to get into making maps and getting a larger play area than the 22 SQ Kilometers. I am looking at the 4.1 Pre-order screen on the site, and forgive me if I am being thick, but it appears to me the only product offerings are 4.1 PE (not full blown "Pro"). Is "pro" only offered to commercial/gov
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