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  1. ok, so, to accomplish what I have in mind, I would need to create different versions of the senario, a 2player, 3player and 4 player. If I am understanding correctly, now, is there a way for each player to not have a preditermined vehicle? i.e. Player assigned to team 2, can choose from 4 different vehicles, and the one they choose, spawns while the others do not?
  2. I'm trying to create a free for all map for a few friends, and I can't find an "If, then" statement to match what I am looking for. The goal would be to be able to have 2-4 friends on a map, and if there is no player for a team, the team does not spawn. Is this possible? If so, then how might I go about doing it, and how would I set it up to where if all "enemy teams" were destroyed, the session ends?
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