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  1. Nice - thanks a lot from someone "living on the edge" of the map (Lund)
  2. Did another one yesterday as my first try with the editor but it was a bit "tight" for manouvering so I picked another map.... See this as a quick "instant action" scenario using one of the Finnish LIDAR updated maps, and it has T-14's and T-15's... Pretty though those T-14's! Briefing: Finnish Summer War 2020 - Day 1, 07:00 hours. After the Russian invasion this morning we are desperately trying to delay the advancing spearheads to be able to set up our defences. We are tasked with defending the crossroads marked on the map. We have indications that a Motorized Infantry Brigade with attached tank units are advancing in our direction. As you know the guards units might have received T-14 and T-15 units in addition to the regular T-90 tanks. 1) SITUATION: a) Enemy: Scouts have detected an armored column south of the Partsimaanjärvi moving north. The size is assumed to be around 10 vehicles. We unfortunately have no information about the type of units. b) Own: We moved into Valtola this morning and we think that the enemy might not be aware of our current location. Our forces consist of two platoons of Leopard 2A6 tanks, two infantry platoons with AT-4s and finally one platoon of Swedish Strv 122 tanks honoring the tradition of the Swedish volunteers in the Finnish winter war. 2) MISSION: We have to prevent the enemy from securing the crossroads north of our position for at least 30 minutes to enable the Karelia Brigade to set up defensive positions in Raatti. EDIT: And no, I could not get the Leos to wash off their German markings - should be Dutch if not Finnish Finish Summer war 2020 day 1.sce
  3. I have now mapped combinations using Joystick Gremlin to my T50 throttle with the regular "button to keyboard" modifier. Worked great for mapping a button to "SHIFT + INS" for reloading sabot ammo for example... I actually did the same for a bunch of other things as some of the keys are used for different things so it's easier to map "P, N" etc to buttons instead of changing the places in the configuration where it is used. So now I have all commands mapped to my Hotas setup. Works really nice, will post mapping cards for inspiration.
  4. So - here we go... Bought the game 2 days ago, had never started the scenario editor until 3 hours ago - and I have done food for the kids in that window This scenario at least fulfills: 1 - It uses a new map 2 - It uses new units (Armatas!). Not much more Edit - without the Wiki this would naturally never have been possible. And the fact that the editor seems really nice and powerful! And - for rookies like me, copy this file to: C:\Users\<your-user-name>\Documents\eSim Games\Steel Beasts\My Scenarios This is the default folder on Windows 10. Finish Summer war 2020.sce
  5. Started to create a Finnish Summer War 2020 scenario based on the "Rovajärvi" map with T-14's crossing the border and Finnish Leo2A6 tanks trying to fend it off Bought the game two days ago so started the editor for the first time now and just added one tank platoon on each side where the pesky russians move along the road in column / file formation to try to get to the other side of the map with an "engage" order. Waited nervously for the T-14s to arrive but only one came. He took out two of my Leo's before I nailed him with the last after taking a hit. But where did the other two go? Drove down the road and found one in the lake at least - don't drink and drive! Don't know if the last one fled back to Russia or ended up even further out in the lake Will post it when I get it to run at least semi-decently...
  6. From another thread in the General Forum. But - it would be nice with a scenario build on one of those maps with some of the new units etc. Maybe some T-14:s sneaking over the border?
  7. Thanks, then I know it's that way at least, even though it must be an old Windows XP restriction - have not found a flight sim where I can't use my Hotas gear with many buttons the last decade at least. I am running Joystick Gremlin version 13.3 and I just tried mapping some of my "above id 32" buttons on my T50 throttle to keys and that seems to work great! And it should work for combinations by adding a "macro" that seems very powerful. Will test that tomorrow! Coming from the DCS VR world it is a sacred ritual to map EVERYTHING to you hotas so that you dont have to use the keyboard for anything. As it is right now I am getting an awesome setup with my gear for the M1A2 at first... Really like it. Have the flip down trigger on the CM2 for "master blaster" mode that feels really nice. Almost feels like a cheat to map continous "arrow left" sequences to a hat when held if the turret drive is down though
  8. OK - so Joystick Gremlin seems to work fine by joining my two Virpil devices into one virtual. However - it seems to work for buttons with a lower button ID than or equal to 32. Is it possible that SB cant handle a device with more than 32 buttons? My Virpil joystick and throttle has a mindblowing number of buttons and switches I think the joystick has 29 so I could not map many from the 96 buttons on the Throttle (that is with a shift dial included).
  9. OK - thanks. There was a new version of vJoy released recently for us Windows 10 1903 users so that the open source solution "Joystick Gremlin" that many like can be used for this: https://whitemagic.github.io/JoystickGremlin/overview/ In Joystick Gremlin you can configure and tweak a bunch of "joysick like devices" into one virtual device so that is probably a good solution to get all the weird devices out there working as one device in SB for those who like that.
  10. A question related to controls mapping from a SB newcomer. Coming from the DCS/BoX nerdy flight sim sister community I have a Virpil CM2 Joystick and T50 Throttle etc. After swearing to get a good track with the mouse I realized that the Virpil CM2 feels like it's done for this. Extreme precision and rather "long throw" so that small movements around the center are very easy. The Virpil WarBRD base having a completely smooth "non sticky" center with metal cams and ball bearings is simply awesome for tank and gunner control. But - even though the joystick has a bunch of hats and buttons now mapped to the various TIS functions I want to be able to use the T50 throttle as well that has an impressive array of switches and hats. The controller mapping does not react when I press any of the buttons on the Throttle - how to get that working?
  11. Hi, bought this game 1 hour ago after having it on my recon radar for 10 years or so... Been a bit hesitant with the graphics looking a bit dated before but now felt like the right time to step on the bandwagon! I also noticed that there was a Steel Beasts map of Scania "From Lund to Ystad" and to my amazement I realized that there would actually be a map where I can drive a tank on my backyard! But - so close but no cigar - I can see the tree ridges that are on the western border of that huge map. It ends 1,5 kilometers from where I live - marked with a red cross below So after that disappointment I am looking for some scenario as well to showcase the german or finnish maps that are updated to the new map standard - can see a rather long list of scenarios, any of them on the new maps? And finally - as there is LIDAR data down to 1 meter resolution over Sweden now available for free I guess I will have to work on adding my house myself in the future...
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