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  1. Thanks Ssnake. I have installed the latest CodeMeter runtime and rebooted the computer. . I did not do a manual stop/start process and assume a reboot does the some thing. As my computer takes about 30 seoncds to reboot, I often do it just to avoid any issue. Thanks for the help once again!
  2. And another question. Does the install order matter. Here is how Iplan to install things for a fresh clean install. Install Code meter update (done) Install SB Pro PE 4.167 reboot Install Map Transfer Manager v31 reboot Install Map Package reboot Is that the correct order? ( the reboots are probably not necessary, but ... ....)
  3. Stormrider_sp and SSnake, Thanks very much. In the update process. 🙂
  4. HI, I am looking to update after being gone for a while. My installed version is 4.161. From what I read, I need to download the entire 4.167 package, uninstall SB P_RO PE, and then install the 4.167 package.. Is that correct? I also see that there is a SB PRO MAP PACKAGE TRNAFER MANAGER V31. I have a Package Download Manager V 13. Is assume that the V31 is a replacement. Do I just uninstall v19 and then install V31? Do I need to download all the m,ap packages as we;ll? Thanks for the help. Nathan/Clutter
  5. Sadly I will not be able to make today's scenario. I di hope to make next week but we will see. Best luck to all.
  6. Looks like 2/2/A us available. Put me in that and Raven 434th can have his original request. Sorry for causing confusion.
  7. Please don't change. It was my mistake and oversight. I am just as happy not to AND I don't want to command anything but me.
  8. Thanks again for hosting. This was a fun scenario. Also learned not to get separate and not to present side to enemy for fire. Easy way to die. 🙂
  9. OK I'll ask. Where and how do I download this map pack? Is it in the download list? Does it have a specific name? And do I use the new generic map installer to find it. Sorry for all the questions but I have not done this before, and I am at work.
  10. I see my name with (?,?). Assuming that is organization and country, I am a member of the AKA Wardogs squadron and am in the US (west cost).
  11. I will echo this. EVERYONE has been very helpful and it has been a LOT of fun. Was a gunner the first time and then a Tank Commander the second time. Still have lots to learn, but this is a lot of FUN!!! And thanks to all for helping me, setting up the scenario, and hosting.
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