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  1. Sadly I will not be able to make today's scenario. I di hope to make next week but we will see. Best luck to all.
  2. Looks like 2/2/A us available. Put me in that and Raven 434th can have his original request. Sorry for causing confusion.
  3. Please don't change. It was my mistake and oversight. I am just as happy not to AND I don't want to command anything but me.
  4. Thanks again for hosting. This was a fun scenario. Also learned not to get separate and not to present side to enemy for fire. Easy way to die. 🙂
  5. OK I'll ask. Where and how do I download this map pack? Is it in the download list? Does it have a specific name? And do I use the new generic map installer to find it. Sorry for all the questions but I have not done this before, and I am at work.
  6. I see my name with (?,?). Assuming that is organization and country, I am a member of the AKA Wardogs squadron and am in the US (west cost).
  7. I will echo this. EVERYONE has been very helpful and it has been a LOT of fun. Was a gunner the first time and then a Tank Commander the second time. Still have lots to learn, but this is a lot of FUN!!! And thanks to all for helping me, setting up the scenario, and hosting.
  8. I'll take A22 if it is still available. Thanks.
  9. From a tutorial/training purpose,. is the Leopard 2A6 like the Leopard A25 in the SB Pro PE tutorials?
  10. Not sure yet if I will be able to make it. Is it OK to show up 30 minutes before hand?
  11. Sean It is working now. I don't know what changed but since Gibsonm did the test it works. What was happening was that I would type a message, hit sumit, it would then go away for a minute and then come back with the submit button active. Thanks for the help.
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