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  1. Ok, now I understand. So I have the .shp and the .dt3 files, is there any more I can do myself before submitting it to this board and wait for a nice gentleman to do their magic and make it an actual map?
  2. Sorry to be annoying but, what does that mean?
  3. I used these setting and exported from Global mapper setting the area I wanted as the export bounds. But it just created two separate files that are seemingly identical to the .tif files I started with. How do I get it to export the area I want?
  4. Yep, just two more questions. (I hope). How do you determine what projection you should use and as what type of file should I export the heightmap out of global mapper?
  5. Have now got Jaxa heightmaps instead and downloaded the shapefiles from bbbike.org but when I display the shapefile information in Qgis, some roads and buildings have been smeared all over the map. I tried downloading multiple times, but to no avail. Is there any way to fix his or is this a lost cause?
  6. I'd like to jump in and suggest a map, I have a heightmap of 50m resolution ready but I haven't quite understood what files I should get from https://extract.bbbike.org/ as recommended by DarkAngel. However when confronted with what files to download I have no clue what to use. The same goes for later when preparing it. So if someone with a bit more experience than me (0<) could guide me in the right direction with files and how to properly prepare/separate the files it would be greatly appreciated!
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