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  1. Realism - Page 44 of the Manual. The more you zoom in, the more easy to read where the impact area is.
  2. You can also see the fire mission outlines if you reduce one of the Realism or Difficulty settings - I forget which exact one.
  3. Doesn't really matter - I need to change the ammunition allocation, add the gun shield and some other things, so just as easy to delete/create, rather than convert to something else, then convert back and then change all those things anyway.
  4. Yep, can make it. Please put me down for a non speaking role.
  5. Seems to work. Now just 7 other files to update.
  6. @Jartsev Sorry follow up question. If I: 1. Open the legacy scenario in 4.363. 2. Delete the existing M1064A3. 3. Create a "new" M1064A3. 4. Save the file in 4.363. Will the 0.50" "reappear", or do I need to create a new scenario from scratch?
  7. You can set the languages for a scenario so that UK vehicle crews use UK fire control orders, etc.
  8. OK well I'm not starting over, invested / wasted enough "free" time on this already. Seems weird though that this wouldn't be carried forward. Legacy (anything made before 4.3xx) scenario creators be warned!
  9. There seems to be something missing: It does however carry ammunition for the gun: I haven't tried to fire it though.
  10. Unsure about the lasing issue. But Alt J (I think) inverts the joystick axis.
  11. I've noticed recently that units with 6 vehicles (I've had issues with both Piranha IIIC and M1064A3) seem to jostle for position while in Column. The units are setup on map in column (so its not due to moving from say Line into Column) but when they set off there is jostling for position, vehicles trying to change their place in the order of march etc. These units are in column and on a march route. Unsure if the pictures help: Here you can see vehicle 6 attempting to overtake vehicle 5: Thoughts?
  12. BEST is subjective. If it does what you want and costs you nothing (because you already own it) that's great. Whether it works better that say a set of dedicated gunner's control handles, or if someone else thinks product Z is better, I can't say. Personally I use a mouse, primarily as I move from site to site to run sessions, I want to ensure I'm using the same kit as the Trainees.
  13. You may find the Warthog works (I have never used one). However using more than one controller (say Warthog and Joystick) becomes more complex (you need to select which one you want to use).
  14. Welcome! You'll find the scenario files in two places: 1. Scenarios that come with the software (assuming you are running a fairly current version of Windows): C:\ProgramData\eSim Games\Steel Beasts\scenarios. Unfortunately Windows by default "hides" this directory. 2. Scenarios that you create / download (assuming you installed on C:\): C:\Users\XXXX\Documents\eSim Games\Steel Beasts\My Scenarios. Where "XXXX" is your username. You need to decompress / expand the Zip file. If "onedrive" (I'm not familiar with it) is some sort of cloud / file share then that's unlikely to be the right place. Mouse / HOTAS / Joystick is a whole world of personal preference / possibilities: Are you left handed? Do you need to move from place to place with your setup? Is your setup fixed in place? Have you already bought a controller to use with something else? ....
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