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  1. I'm sorry but I can't help as I don't use any CH products (I'm guessing its some sort of HOTAS?) Whilst I don't think posting it here would stop others responding, it might be worthwhile posting something in the "Support" section referring back to this post?
  2. Gibsonm

    ANZAC Day

    I think I know what you are trying to say but "happy" isn't really the right term. I suspect Brits don't say "Happy Remembrance Day" on 11 NOV? I spent it with various commitments including catching up with some Legacy beneficiaries that I'm related to. That is, they are NOK of members I served with, and in some cases were under my command on deployments, when they died. Also you are touch late. Your post = 0400 on the 26th here.
  3. I think he wants to be a JTAC in a Mech PL. i.e. Add a FO team to the TO&E.
  4. Looks like Rotar is already doing it so I'll leave it be.
  5. Looking to organise a visit to Villers-Bretonneux in 2020 for ANZAC Day and if Tiger Day is on at roughly the same time we maybe there next year. Will be interesting to see how Bovington has developed in the 30 odd years since I was last there.
  6. To date 63 people have looked at this but only 7 have voted. I'll let it run until the polling period ends but at this take up rate I don't think it will be happening, regardless of people's preference re dates. For those who may not have looked at the Back Story thread, this is what the session will cover:
  7. Agreed. Anyway we'll see what the votes are - who knows, they maybe scope to run it "soon" (May / June) in 4.023 and later (October) in 4.1x? Guess we'll now in a week.
  8. I know - that's why I wrote "If Option 3 is selected the activity is likely to run in SB Pro PE 4.1.x." You're also assuming its not riddled with bugs, etc.
  9. Oh I didn't offer because you asked for one and received an offer before I read the thread. If you want multiple testers then happy to help too.
  10. From the OPS Brief Powerpoint: Link to the PowerPoint: https://my.pcloud.com/publink/show?code=XZzBbO7ZKJQfOSH0LaFmAzpWk462T5i6uT87
  11. This year BG ANZAC's focus for Rolling Thunder (as with all previous events, this remains open to everyone - its not just for BG ANZAC people) returns to Europe. Back story: Essentially its very similar to Rolling Thunder '16 but focused on a different section of the front. Participants: German, UK and US forces against Soviet block - more detail in the thread above. I need two things from you: 1. Please vote for your preferred date / time in the Poll thread here: 2. Once you have voted please make a concerted effort to reserve that space so the poll numbers are roughly the planning / attendance numbers. As dates / numbers firm up, I'll publish a thread detailing the OPORD for the Blue side and a likely Manning Chart.
  12. Soviet Union was unable to sustain Cold War budgets Continued attrition would see West win. Needed to end – one way or another. TimeLine 1985 Mikhail Sergeyevich Gorbachev becomes General Secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union. He is able to delay breakup of Soviet Union / Warsaw Pact an additional year. Late 1990 (real world 1989 and 1991) popular uprisings in Poland, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Romania and Bulgaria depose Communist governments. East Germany remains loyal and continues to host Group of Soviet Forces Germany and other formations. Late 1990 NATO forces thinned (US VII Corps and UK 1st Armoured Div) and redeploy to counter Iraqi invasion of Kuwait. Early 1991 Gorbachev ousted by his Vice President Gennady Yanayev. 17 January 1991 Operation Desert Storm commences. 25 January 1991 Soviet Forces from Belarus and Ukraine “liberate” peoples of Poland, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Romania and Bulgaria from “rogue” governments. February 1991 Soviet Forces in East Germany cross inner German border, forces in Eastern Europe in suitable locations to be second strategic echelon. Who you are up against ... Oh and keep your respirator handy.
  13. These are the three current options for conducting Rolling Thunder '19. The time specified is the start time only. The likely sequence for the preferred option in GMT, would be: 1900 - 2130 Mission 1 2130 - 2200 Break 2200 - 0001 Mission 2 0001 - 0030 Break 0030 - 0200 Mission 3 For Options 1 and 2 it will likely be run in SB Pro PE 4.023. If Option 3 is selected the activity is likely to run in SB Pro PE 4.1.x. You should be able to select more than one option (so if you can make all three dates, please tick all three boxes). The option with the most votes will be the date selected. Voting indicates that you intend to attend that session.
  14. No, I think since you are carrying almost 100% of the risk, it seems prudent.
  15. The 25th of April is observed here in Australia and New Zealand as ANZAC Day: What does ANZAC Day mean? According, many BG ANZAC members will be busy throughout the day at various events (Dawn Services, Marches, visiting next of kin of lost colleagues, Dusk services, etc. There will be no BG ANZAC session on the 25th of April. We appreciate your understanding. Normal services will resume on Thursday, the 2nd on May. Lest We Forget.
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