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  1. Perhaps, but you need to respect the designer's decision. I used to post non password protected scenarios but then people would complain to me about changes they have made. e.g.: "I've swapped the M113s for Bradleys and now its too easy for Blue. Its a broken sh*t scenario!" - as if somehow I should have been prepared for Blue now no longer having just a 0.50" MG but now having TOW, 25mm, and Thermals. If its password protected I know it hasn't been played with and can respond to reasonable questions. If you know who made it, perhaps send them a PM requesting they update it? I know several designers are currently doing just that. Either a "simple" conversion to use a new map, or a more detailed "update" to use the new map, adjust the bumpiness, adjust to take into account new features, etc.
  2. Indeed, refer the first post in this thread.
  3. You can't have "legacy" missions. You need to open the old mission in the Mission Editor and update the information regarding the map to be used to the new map package. Then save it as a 4.159 version. Say "Camp_Hornfelt(4)-Support_by_Fire" becomes "Camp_Hornfelt(4)-Support_by_Fire 4_159" or similar. If you don't want to run it in something prior to 4.159 you can just save the new file over the old one. There's even a thread in the Support area devoted to this:
  4. Sorry can't really help. I know some of my scenarios, when updated, have resulted in some interesting conversions in 4.159 but they've never crashed the machine. Good luck!
  5. Gibsonm

    Button Boxes

    I did say "into". I can sew a button if required but I don't have a box dedicated to collecting / storing them.
  6. Well arguably in 4.159 you don't need the height map, just the map package. Are you seeing some sort of error message in 4.159 suggesting you do need a height map? I'll send you a link to the package in a PM. Edit: PM sent.
  7. Yes there is and its been posted many times (search is your friend). If you look in "controls" you'll see this:
  8. Welcome to the Forum. If you pick Iraq (IQ) as the nationality you'll see what the sim has built in. Failing that perhaps try a different country code or look in the Downloads section to find something you like.
  9. Gibsonm

    Button Boxes

    Not really, my wife is the one into haberdashery. Sorry. Seriously, I have no idea what it is in a SB context.
  10. It does take a bit of effort / time to move say a M2HB on a tripod, esp. if its been firing.
  11. Thanks. I'm guessing therefore it might be advisable for those uploading maps to the "downloads" area here perhaps include in the description whether its a full map package or a delta (I guess the file size is a likely indicator). I don't really want to muck around with the Registry Editor just to find out where a file went.
  12. In the absence of a nice, simple, easy, check box in the weather options (Fog: Y/N or Mist: Y/N), how do you create fog (and / or mist)? I'm guessing low cloud ceiling, overcast conditions, low wind and over time gradually increase the visual range? I'm also so guessing that adding light rain to the above mix converts fog into mist?
  13. OK looked in the other place and deleted that file it now works. Next question, where does it put it? After downloading a map I looked in the Packages folder and there is no new map package dated today (or modified today)? Do I just take it on faith that its been downloaded? Guess I need to do a search on the "Packages" folder for the new map file since it likely buried in some "delta" folder somewhere?
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