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  1. Well the terrain engine is ok but the vehicle modelling (both the "physics" [the vehicle is bucking all over the place] and internal detail) is pretty poor.
  2. Ah thanks. I was hoping to avoid "AI pathing Olympics" as people fill maps with dust bins, park benches, yet more walls and other crap* (my technical term - yours may vary).
  3. Note: New time as Australia has come off Daylight Saving time and the country is back to just three time zones again. By now most readers will already know who BG ANZAC is, so I'll put the information relevant to this week in first, then background, etc. If you are new to the Forum, feel free to read the entire post. IMPORTANT: As a serving Officer, I am not allowed to make "public comment" about topics without clearance. This is why my signature block says what it says to cover written comment. Recorded audio on YouTube = "Public Comment", especially if I were to express a personal opinion (without knowing someone was recording). In addition recording people's voices in Australia is illegal without their permission or a Warrant. If you want to record a session, ASK! We maybe about fit you in (I maybe able to play the OPFOR, etc.). If you don't ask: a. Expect me to ask you to remove the YouTube (or other media). b. Don't be too surprised if you aren't welcomed back. BLUF (Bottom Line Up Front): Your Local time: Click on this link for the Local time in your part of the world Count down: Time remaining until Meeting start Mission will start promptly at 0900 GMT. If you want a pre game "chat" then by all means come on line at say 0830 GMT, but so that the Kiwi's aren't after Midnight, the Mission will commence promptly at 0900 GMT. Agenda: Based on the recent sustained good attendance, we are embarking on a more structured approach (only sustainable if the attendance is maintained). Planned Agenda: 1st Thursday (this coming meeting): Teach / Discuss a topic (Attack, Defence, Convoy Escort, Reserve Demolition, OPs, ...) using a scenario / map as the basis for discussion. As to what we cover, that will be will be determined by the response to the related email "newsletter" for this Thursday sent to regular attendees. 2nd Thursday: First volunteer develops a plan for the tactical problem and we see how they go. There will be a brief debrief at the end looking at strengths / weaknesses of their solution, which the person COing the next week is free to incorporate into their solution. 3rd Thursday: We play the same scenario with a different CO (each able to improve / adjust their plan based on their predecessor). 4th Thursday: As we missed the second iteration, this week, even though its the fourth in the month will be another person's go at the same problem. 5th Thursday (if there is one in a given month): Q & A - You need to supply the questions or a "player's choice" determined by responses here / to email. As always, visitors (apart from one individual) / first timers / spectators are welcome. Current Standard: 4.023 Please use the new Calendar RSVP function or post here to facilitate planning. Background: Who is BG ANZAC? https://www.bganzac.org Described here: http://www.steelbeasts.com/sbforums/showthread.php?t=21753 A couple of examples of the BattleGroup at work: Multi Player session: Training session: Timings: Thursday evenings, Australian East Coast time. Next meeting: 0900 GMT on Thursday, June 27th. 1000 in London 1700 in Perth 1830 in Darwin 1830 in Adelaide 1900 in Brisbane 1900 in Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra 2100 in Auckland In game chat / Communications: You'll need access to "Teamspeak" to communicate with us. The Teamspeak software is available here: Download Teamspeak client software How to connect and use it is detailed here: Steel Beasts Wiki Entry - Starter Pack Remote Access / Screen Sharing / Whiteboard Sessions: We continue the use of TeamViewer so people without the Steel Beasts software can connect and see and hear what we see and hear (looking over our shoulder if you like). Team Viewer available here This maybe a suitable vehicle for people to see what the software is all about (you can even use it on a Mac), without having to invest in even a short time limited copy. Anyway we'll see how it goes. So if you are interested, visit our web site https://www.bganzac.org and sign up.
  4. Welcome! I'll park the obvious "Why would you want to?" question. These might provide some pointers: But I'm pretty sure the official SB support concept does not extend to supporting the running of 19+ year old software in a current Operating System.
  5. Ah there you go. You can start a whole new thread about what vehicles they'll remove! Personally I'm not aware of them ever removing a vehicle from the available fleet (another difference between here and "Waste of Time")
  6. Not an exhaustive list though. The various videos already posted include others.
  7. And indeed dynamically (in the upcoming 4.1x) if you have: a. Enough time b. The relevant armoured engineer vehicles
  8. If needs be, I can host (get up early, launch it and then shut the session down including saving the AAR, once I get home later that day). Unfortunately that means that after perhaps the first 60 - 90 mins that you wouldn't have access to "pause and rejoin" options if someone crashed. Doesn't help you with the OPFOR or CO parts though.
  9. Good roll-up last night. Interesting plan. Nail biting conclusion. Lots of lessons learned (I hope). Good stuff Jumo! 👍 Lets see what Smithcorp's interpretation generates next week.
  10. Is that defined as standing beside / near it (ideally not in front of) when it goes off. Or do you mean inside a squeezing the trigger?
  11. Well there were two icons on Ssnake's graphic. One is the T-55 shown in the first (I think) video. The other, who knows.
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