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  1. Gibsonm's post in Fennek Vehicle 60mm Mortar Ammo option? was marked as the answer   
    Well you can adjust the mix (SMK vs HE) but there is only one type of SMK and one type of HE available.
    You can also change them from 60mm to 81mm mortars.
    Sorry, just confirming that you are dismounting the mortar teams prior to checking the ammunition? Checking the ammunition for the vehicle itself only includes the vehicle weapons.
    The mortars are not "built in" like say the M1064A3.
    As for the AD vehicle, if it only carries Stingers in real life, then I suspect that's the only option you'll get.
  2. Gibsonm's post in Converting single player mission to small coop scenario was marked as the answer   
    Assuming the client machine doesn't already have them, Yes.
    They (Client) will get a message saying "you need to download Scenario X".
    You (Host) will then receive a message prompting you to allow the download.
  3. Gibsonm's post in 4.363 M1064A3 model missing the 0.50" M2HB was marked as the answer   
    Seems to work.

    Now just 7 other files to update.
  4. Gibsonm's post in Pacifist Allies was marked as the answer   
    As Ssnake mentioned if you are playing in single person mode (offline as you say), you can only play one "side".
    You can only give orders to Blue units.
    Green units need to be scripted.
    If you want Green units to react to human generated orders, you need 1 person to play Blue and a 2nd person to play Green and then tell the Green player what you need done via Teamspeak or similar.
    You can not control 2, or more, sides when playing single player.
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