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  1. Thanks! Interesting thought but I was comparing the RTS portion more to strategy wargame like CMANO, Combat Mission and graviteam tactics especially Steel Armor. Not comparing it to typical RTS like star craft 2.
  2. I see, but I am no stranger to more hardcore wargames like combat missions, CMANO and graviteam tactics which simulate realistic LOS and hit projection. However, I won't be playing from a top down view all the time rather I was thinking a similar experience like Steel Armor: Blaze of War, where I send out general commands to my platoon or company and ride in my tank most of the time while adding the battle from my station.
  3. Don't need a comprehensive video but maybe an activate channel for Steel Beasts. Do you play any other games or just hardcore SB all the way?
  4. That's good to know! I tried searching YouTube last night but mostly came across 3-4 years old video. I am looking for an introductory/ heavy commentary kind of videos.
  5. Thanks for the info. If my dongle gets broken, can I get a replacement? Could you provide some links of famous channels covering Steel Beasts mainly? Thanks
  6. Hi fellow wargamers! I am Max Chee and I am interested in Steel Beasts PE but I have several questions in deciding on before taking this leap. Is the physical dongle required to play every time or just activation? I am back during weekends and tend to play my second PC in my hometown , will I be able to play one game on two my PC but one at a time? Will this work if I purchase one copy? What vanilla single player content are available on the game? Are there tutorials missions for some of the tanks or just a general ones? How is the RTS portion of the game? Are the AI competent enough to play like a normal RTS? Does the RTS works similar to Steel Armor from graviteam tactics? Like being in a tank and commanding a company form the map view and maybe switching to other tanks. Do I have to purchase an upgrade when V4.2 comes out? Are there any good links you can direct me to that can give me more information about Steel Beasts? Thanks for any thoughts and looking forward to your replies. Thanks!
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