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  1. Please update me on this, it is exactly what I want to do.
  2. I first started out on the M60A1 at Fort Knox Kentucky (1977). As a young private, I was totally blown away by it. Spent many years living on them, the upgrade to the M60A3TTS in the mid eighties signaled her last run as a main battle tank. Too this day I still say that old tank had superior thermals. The last M60A3TTS I served on now sits in front of my American Legion.
  3. HEAT rounds go subsonic between 1800 and 2000m, I have actually had them hit sideways on targets (real life not SB), no effect at all. Better to shoot close in or even Battlesight.
  4. I remember someone once referred to us tankers as IHRC I think, can someone tell what it means, thanks
  5. Fantastic sim, I will check to see what I did, no issues so far.
  6. I thought it was the right file, anyway I am running 4.167 and an adjustment on the graphics sliders solved it.
  7. Michael Ramsey

    CTD 4.167

    I seem to have a CTD after about 32 minutes of play in test mode.
  8. Is there a way to convert the infantry on Helicopters to medics i.e. MEDEVAC?
  9. Michael Ramsey

    Kanium Sunday


    Contact me please, I really want to explore Multi Player.
  10. I have update 4.167 installed but still get the 4.162 launch screen?
  11. Thanks Lt DeFault. Had one sent within the hour.
  12. Can someone explain how to install a sky mod to SBProPe 4.163. I do not see a sky file folder. Also a good sky mod suggestion would be very appreciated.
  13. Recently I moded the woodland textures file with the German signs mod (Excellent). I noticed that it replaced the existing file folder, this was after I didn't back up the original. I received an original file from the great folks here so I have it on my desktop with the German Signs mod still installed. My question is: Can I add to the original woodland file folder instead of replacing images in it? It would be sweet to have the capability to have both folders available.
  14. Is it really this slow? Give me a well motivated human loader.
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