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  1. I do remember the 2/9th CAV, there was another Armor Battalion that escapes me, anyway 11E10 to 19K40H8 what a strange trip its been, wouldn't trade it for the world.
  2. 2-70th Armor 24th Infantry the electric strawberry! Left Ft Stewart for Germany 1979 (11E) M60A1
  3. You will see in the lower right that the Icons have changed names. Though crowed, it helps in the play back AAR. Simply go to the template and enter your "Cold War" platoon call signs. When building your platoon give it a strength of 5. If I remember correctly the XO was designated 45 and was normally the blade tank BTW a nightmare in design as the PTO ran from the transmission through the grille doors and piped under the hull.
  4. Whether or not "REAL combat and fighting revolves around the infantry. In every war that has been and for every war that will become - infantry will be the centerpiece of fighting. Seizing and retaining ground will always be an objective, and the infantry is every army's best tool for that task" is debatable especially in todays environment. As a former tanker I can tell you that in most cases mounted warfare now rules the day (Personal Opinion). In my day Armor would take the objective and hold it until the infantry arrived. Regardless, if you look deep enough into the forums you may find some interesting methods to Infantry deployment, my favorite is dropping the ramp, deploying infantry while having the battle taxi follow them under the same command for example "Engage". At the end of your route place the pc in a "Hold", at the point "Dismount troops" continue the route a short distance using "Engage", speed 10mph, embark if (Set to mision time 1.00) watch what happens.
  5. I am currently using a Thrustmaster 16000 and would like to tone down the sensitivity, has anyone ever done this?
  6. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ttiH6uVPpE0
  7. Somehow my files got corrupted, deleted all SB and re-installed SB 4.159 (Excellent)
  8. I cannot load any of my scenarios due to map uid not available.
  9. This was a requirement for Tank Commander School both 60,s and Abrams.
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