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  1. Good point, I just recently got into it with a FPS individual trying to compare SB with WoT, but you are right, I have found some you tube vids on SB switchology that I have actually learned from. Let me know if I can assist you in anyway, my real life experience is however limited to US (M60A1/M60A3/M1IP/M1A1/M88A2 and some Russian tanks
  2. Great point about the sharing, the map is of the JBMDL (Joint Base McGuire Dix Lakehurst) in New Jersey (USA). I was able to build it from an old range control map for eight digit grids and google satellite for longitude/latitude reference. I do not see a distribution restriction on the map. The concept is simple, train troops through mission rehearsal on a simulator. The commander of the Battle Simulations Group seen a stupid little vid I posted on Facebook and was amazed, he then asked if Fort Dix was in the sim. I told him it didn't, he was disappointed in a map representation provided by a system called ARES, a tactical digital floor display. After thinking about it, I combed through the maps to find grids that lined up with Fort Dix with relatively flat terrain, and I found it. 4 months later its done, now a troop can practice with a sand table, then on to the sim, then boots on the ground in the exact same place he was at in the sim. The buildings might look different but they are there, just like on his/her map. Amazing! then I blew his mind with the AAR. He also has a need to train Observer Controllers (OC), I have included a little demo I showed him, grids are correct and he is located in TAC 7A. Just a note: The good COL. and myself have footed the bill so far, SB is not recognized as an approved trainer. We are using the concept of "You can add to training, after you teach the approved courseware". 825955147_E22RUNOCCHASE.mp4
  3. What I am attempting to do, is provide a customized map on my pc for a military unit to use. They are purchasing SB (Out of their own pocket) and wish to display my map on a tactical map floor trainer (ARES). I am on the West Coast and they are on the East. Once they have their SB fired up, I would like to make the map accessible. From what I understand they will be hooking up multiple pc's in the hope of a shareware server. My question is: If I conduct a session giving them the IP, will they see the map, and if so, can they download it for posterity.
  4. Maybe he should back to war thunder or world of tanks.
  5. I have created a map from scratch and wish to share with some friends. I have combed through an old SB manual with no luck. The map is published, but how do I get it on the server to share? I should note that due to slow wifi, I am still using 4.167
  6. Is there a way to hot key the daylight channel in the M60A3? Also the Ammo Select Unit (ASU) Moving/Stationary Switch. I know the CANT unit does not actually work in the FCS, but it was necessary to switch modes when moving and stopped. Just nice things to have, M28 Azimuth Indicator able to zero, quadrant elevation on the Gunners guard operational.
  7. I have personally trained the Armies of Taiwan, Thailand, Greece, Turkey and Brazil on the M60A3TTS which they consider to be a very formable tank.
  8. Please update me on this, it is exactly what I want to do.
  9. I first started out on the M60A1 at Fort Knox Kentucky (1977). As a young private, I was totally blown away by it. Spent many years living on them, the upgrade to the M60A3TTS in the mid eighties signaled her last run as a main battle tank. Too this day I still say that old tank had superior thermals. The last M60A3TTS I served on now sits in front of my American Legion.
  10. HEAT rounds go subsonic between 1800 and 2000m, I have actually had them hit sideways on targets (real life not SB), no effect at all. Better to shoot close in or even Battlesight.
  11. I remember someone once referred to us tankers as IHRC I think, can someone tell what it means, thanks
  12. Fantastic sim, I will check to see what I did, no issues so far.
  13. I thought it was the right file, anyway I am running 4.167 and an adjustment on the graphics sliders solved it.
  14. I seem to have a CTD after about 32 minutes of play in test mode.
  15. Is there a way to convert the infantry on Helicopters to medics i.e. MEDEVAC?
  16. I have update 4.167 installed but still get the 4.162 launch screen?
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