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  1. Thanks Lt DeFault. Had one sent within the hour.
  2. Can someone explain how to install a sky mod to SBProPe 4.163. I do not see a sky file folder. Also a good sky mod suggestion would be very appreciated.
  3. Recently I moded the woodland textures file with the German signs mod (Excellent). I noticed that it replaced the existing file folder, this was after I didn't back up the original. I received an original file from the great folks here so I have it on my desktop with the German Signs mod still installed. My question is: Can I add to the original woodland file folder instead of replacing images in it? It would be sweet to have the capability to have both folders available.
  4. Is it really this slow? Give me a well motivated human loader.
  5. Thought you might like it, thinking it might be a T72. Back in the old days we were allowed civilians to shoot, no kids though. The Abrams put an end to that.
  6. I was wondering if someone might send me an original textures woodland file folder. Accidentally replaced the original file with an updated "German Signs" folder. Forgot to back up the original.
  7. Once again SB rocks, now to get back to Dino riding the A3
  8. Co.C 2-70th AR M60A1 Fort Stewart GA. Red Cloud Range Tank Table VIII "Top Gun Baby!"
  9. Just when you think you know what your doing, a careful scan of the assigned hot keys revealed "S" was assigned to halt and smoke generators.
  10. Note: the first M1IPs came with the smoke generators which were quickly disconnected due to a fire hazard.
  11. how do I eliminate the constant use of smoke generators. There are certain vehicles that automatically turn them on during a halt and this is frustrating. 3.0 did not do this so why 4.163? I actually had the smoke generators disconnected on the real M60A3's. Smoke does have its use but deploying it can be deadly if you skyline yourself. I would rather have it my decision to turn it on or off.
  12. Same was happening to me, thanks once again Jartsev
  13. Never ever did let my loader mess with the stab, no way no how. That 10 hp turret motor always had a hard time maintaining hydraulic pressure. I do not remember if it was in any manual to disengage stab. I have noticed that the smoke generators are always on. Smoke generators in real life suck. They will give away positions and maneuver. I had my platoon disconnect them. Never really needed them.
  14. After having played the M60A3 in the sim, I have to honest, its about right
  15. Played with the above and got my track back. I think the new pc may be to much for the monitor also, got to tone to down, thanks everyone.
  16. Everything looks great for awhile then if I move my POV the tracks are gone. I have set everything to minimum default and still no good.
  17. Thanks everyone for the constant support. THe Sim is running fine
  18. Over adjusted screen resolution now the monitor is out of range. I need to back it off a few but don't know how. Keep getting black screen with "out of range"
  19. I remember you my friend from Silent Hunter (Ottoramsaig), Installing 4.1 right now
  20. Does anyone know if this is real? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vu_oHLtlIp4
  21. https://www.facebook.com/796764431/videos/10158070765484432/
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