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  1. I turned my A3 in for an M1IP in the mid eighties. Around 2001 I had to dispatch my 2 M88's for range detail pulling 60's out storage down range 85 at Ft Dix. My Recovery teamed called me about an A3 with my name on the TC hatch. I drove out to Range 85 and met up with the 88's. After cutting the locks on the loaders handle I looked inside. Her LRF and M21 and TTS were gone but everything else was there, We hooked a slave cable, drained the water separators. Primed the fuel lines and after only fifteen minutes we attempted a hot start. Pure thick grey smoke poured out of the grilles, good sign she was getting fuel as the exhaust covers rattled she started getting compression and then it happened, she rattled to life! All those years sitting down range. She now sits in front of my American Legion Post. https://www.google.com/maps/@39.7642116,-74.2171646,3a,25.3y,285.7h,82.64t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sYeK9sTD9hVD6NZp45NmylQ!2e0!7i13312!8i6656d
  2. I could not fit in the gunners compartment comfortably. Extremely cramped. The CM11 was in my opinion a failure. By the time I got there in Houkou they had already resorted back to purchasing refurbished M60A3's. I ran an M60A3 NETT while there. New Equipment Training Team. Also did the same thing for the Royal Thai Cavalry in Thailand.
  3. During multiple deployments to South West Asia I got the opportunity to check out the CM11. What a nightmare! The CM-11 is a hybrid M60 chassis fitted with the turret from the older M48 Patton and the fire control system of the M1 Abrams
  4. Agreed on the non use of hull ammo storage. My A3 ready rack in the turret might only be capable of perhaps holding 20 120mm rounds. Located on the turret floor was ammo storage primary used for for WP/HEP/APERS. You could probably store an additional 7 rounds there. Here is a problem I see with your picture. The Abrams gets its hydraulic pressure from the engine (AGB) The M60 series relied on a 10hp hydraulic pump mounted in the gunners position that would scream bloody murder during a stab run. The Abrams turret is a lot heavier so I don,t think you would have the full monty with the rapid turret traverse and gun elevation and depression. I would love to know how they worked around that.
  5. Don't know where I got this, just saying.............
  6. Fried my 10 year old pc, new one being built, thanks for all the help
  7. This is why I play SB, great folks willing to help. Just waiting for the pc build. Never had a problem downloading the files. My problem was an old computer with an illegal copy of windows 7 (installed by intell). Could not execute the files.
  8. Living off the grid makes cable impossible. Most places I go only have WiFi. What is the GB NIC exactly?
  9. This is what I am building, hope it works, any advice welcome Apevia Sniper 2 Black and Blue, side window, front USB 3.0 Intel Core i7-9700K Coffee Lake 3.6GHz (4.9GHz turbo) 8-Core (Upgraded Cooling Suggested) Cooler Master MasterLiquid Lite ML120L RGB, extra quiet Liquid Cooling System ASUS PRIME H310M-E, Onboard Video HDMI, GB LAN, DDR4, USB 3.1 16GB (2x8GB) PC4-21300 DDR4 2666MHz Dual Channel GeForce GTX 1650 4GB - Triple Head, HDMI M.2 Solid-State Drive 1.0TB 7200RPM SATA3 6GB/s 32m cache No Optical Drive Wireless 802.11 N 300MBs Network Card PCI Express Thermaltake 700W ultra quiet ATX Power Supply Microsoft Windows 10 64-Bit
  10. I created this account and by mistake I used my name instead of a call sign. My old account was ottoramsaig. Can I retrieve it?
  11. Having served on the M60/M60A1/M60A3 I can tell you that is not represented well in regards to speed. So far as Fire Power, an M68 Cannon and 105mm ammo should give you penetration capable of stopping and destroying a T72. The A3's were a hold over until the Abrams was fielded. Fired many rounds down range at Tank Table 8, stab platform speed 16 - 18 mph, fenders not vibrating sight stabilized "On the way!" Not sure if its modeled or not but the draw back of a 60 is that the gunners primary sight is slaved to the gun. A 10hp motor would scream as it tried to maintain hydraulic pressure during a stab on the move run. After every engagement I would six pack out the LRF clearing the range. Ensure that the gunner was DUMPING LEAD. Re-lase and engage. ARM LAST RETURN. (Desert) 1st RETURN (Woodland)
  12. Trying again to download. Keeps telling me to insert Disk 1
  13. I have tried many times but no matter what I cannot open the execution file. C:\esimgames\SBProPE\Release (at this point I can see the folder but the icon is not of a tank but an application page. Once I click on it I get a message " "Windows cannot access the specified device, path or file. You may >> not have the appropriate permissions to access the item." Running Windows 7
  14. Everything went well with the downloads as per the release notes. However after install from my common desk top folder, the execution cmd in the SBproPE folder in my release folder is not the M1 Icon but one that looks like a computer screen. When I click on it the pc tells me "windows cannot the specific device, path or file. You may not have the right permissions" I checked the codemeter to see if the licences were on it but there are no files, HELP!
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