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  1. Oh please Bond_Villian feel compelled - ๐Ÿ˜ I run Window defender default with Win10 and enforce it with "Malwarebytes". I have had them off under my trial and error period. I now have them on excluding the Steelbeast folders in their settings instead. I see no impact in the operation of the Steelbeast PE PRO with them off, on or with files excluded.
  2. Its great people care. With you and Ssnake confirming the version of dll raskil gave me I was fure what to get. You could have let it be but you posted and it made it easier for me. Thank you ssidver
  3. raskil! You are my savior. Now my SB run like a ferret on amphetamine. worst FPS with everything on max is 30 fps I got nearly the same dll you have from the net. Booom need to go play now ๐Ÿ™‚
  4. Hello Ssnake For me it was the Direct X D3D9.dll file that was the reason to my setup's low performance. I found on the net one D3D9.dll close to the version you guys run. With absolute everything set at max plus now running in 2560x2440 I have in F8 view minimum 30 fps up to 45 fps In F6 gunner view I got minimum 62 fps up to 68 fps. Now I wonder if your versions are even better for me.... Hmmmm..... Nope that for another day. I have a new version of Steelbeast PE PRO to bend to my will. I am happy now. You have cultivated a fantastic forum together with all its members. One posting and my problems are solved. This was a user problem hosted in my setup. Hallelujah my SABOT is loaded
  5. Hello Can lovers I don't post this under support. It's not a SB PE PRO bug. It's the Kelvinize bug. Background (else jump to "Long Short" below Been issue solving my 7 FPS, "Not responding", Super freeze SB 4.160 PE Pro installation during 4 days getting mild headache. My biggest bottleneck in hardware is my graphic card ZOTAC GeForce GTX 1080 AMP Extreme. The rest have better performance. Therefore I doubt it's a hardware issue. Other app installed have been checked. Last is win10 pro itself to check. 7 FPS is with 1920X1080 resolution Terrain setting and graphic settings all set to lowers possible. Terrain from new map pack Fulda map (2015). Location the smallest size possible with its lower right corner at the maps south west corner. default theme. Populates with one STRV122. This is what I have found out. Windows 10 64-bit run Direct X 12 Microsoft claim Direct X 12 file d3d9.dll ( found in: C:\Windows\SysWOW64) to be the back compatible with any Direct X 9.0c application My found version of d3d9.dll is 10.0.17763.1 Long Short Can any helpful tank addict running default Win10, Direct X 12 and SB PE PRO 4.160 with at least 24 FPS check what their d3d9.dll version is. File under C:\Windows\SysWOW64 and version found right click file -> properties -> tab "Details" It would be very helpful and appreciated Thank you
  6. Thank you Gibsonm And thank you for the heads-up on the 4.160 patch. I had missed that
  7. Hello fellows of Steelbeast and her development and maintenance crew. I been gone from online and this forum for a long time. Been playing Steelbeast PE PRO on and off though. Now Iยดm into the 4.159, fault and optimize searching. That's one part of running the Steelbeast sim I guess. To help me along I visit this forum to my heart delight. I've been Kelvin and Kelvin_ice here before but now I'm Kelvinize. I guess its some kind of evolution to "badassness". I'm loosing the thread.... What I wanted to say was I get here and here are still the names of people I've "known" since 13 years back at least. Its heart warming. Sometimes you leave the reservation to handle the world and you loose yourself in all sorts of things. Well I'm back in the reservation and to go here added small bits I lost not knowing. I will be active again. Dedicate time and fiddle with SB PE Pro again. Maybe join some scenario online and foremost read your posts. I just wrote this to say hello and celebrate the loyalty and dedication of this Forum and thank eSIM Games for their support and development to our hearts content. Kelvin, Kelvin_Ice -> Kelvinize
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