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  1. Eagle Dynamics doing well, but I can't look pas the fact they rarely, if ever, update their core products that are still sold, but are a complete unusable mess. They overhauled the engine, maps, etc. and in the process completely ruined their campaigns - you can still buy them, for full price, load up in game, and have non of the scripts work. Black Shark 2 is being sold with campaigns in package that you can't progress cause the scripting is all messed, tuned for 1.5 engine version. I had to spend hours fixing scripts for Deployment campaign for Ka-50. Shame. Whenever ED announces big improvements to their engine I dread to think what it'll eventually bring. I wouldn't have problem with that if they informed their customers about the state of some modules and that they work properly only with certain builds.
  2. Does anyone here play MBT by James Day? Great Tactical fun, it goes relatively deep into simulation of gun combat, damage models based on facing, armor and angling. Spotting and command chain plays a big part. It's like squad leader but with a focus on modern mechanized warfare rather than infantry. https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/157323/mbt-second-edition
  3. If it's a hand on a crank that turns the whole thing, why can't it be a continous motion like some suggested? One that accelerates and deaccelerates slowly, with slow hand adjustments done turning a wheel I can't imagine it being less realistic than, say, button mashing where each tap to the arrow key sends tanker's arm into sudden milimeter long spasm for fraction of a second, done hundred times in a row. You should have seen my grandma work that crank at the well. Compared to SB Scimitar crews she'd turn that little box with a turret into a helicopter.
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