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  1. The ipadress of ts server in first thread is wrong, only use domain name steelbeasts.org!
  2. Hi! I have a question. Was there any information about a new Steel Beasts version coming out htis year?
  3. That was a cool match, thanks to everyone who participated!
  4. So there is a small selection of my pictures. I hope not to bore you with them Link: https://plus.google.com/photos/110725115274440153740/albums/5896078495413506241?authkey=COar6_3Lu5TCSA
  5. Thanks for the small visit on saturday on your tank. Was very nice!
  6. Thanks to everyone, that was really funny!
  7. Hey. I've taken part at this event this year. Need to organise my 13 Gb of pictures and much more amount of videos. Everyone who lives next or near to this area, go there next yar and see the Leo 1 in action. It was really cool. There was also a M109 fighting on ground targets by direct shooting. Never seen before. So if everything is fine, PzBtl 911 from germany is there again next year. Maybe some other tankers from this forum will come.
  8. Erazor


    panzer is the correct answer!
  9. Hi! No, the TS3's domain-name is simply steelbeasts.org instead of the IP- address. For the little program you need the .net framework installed, if it won't start. The program uses the sb-created logfile, adds the information you add in the mask and uploads it via ftp to our steelbeasts.org server. We only need the logfiles from people who dropped out. After the test, I will give Ssnake all the files and eSim came begin to search the error, if there is one. I think this test will help the whole community so I would be happy if enough people participate an Saturday. It should be as short as possible, maximum time will be 1 hour. For further questions ask me.
  10. Some time ago, we also tried not to start hacking on the keyboard when the action phase begins. Waiting nearly a minute wasn't as bad. Maybe we should test this behavior with many people, means testing without planing. So it doesn't coast so much time and helps esim.@Sean: You are also hosting many people or did it in the past. You don't have those casulties?
  11. I don't think, that the BIOS causes the failure. When we play in our battalion, we don't have these problems. Changing the clock speed, should not kill the network connection, otherwise all other games like Battlefield etc would have the same problem. Maybe next time, we should let whireshark track in that special moment. I suggest, the it's a problem in the network design of steelbeasts. The high bandwidth load in the phase of starting the game, hm, when starting a download, you also have these burst and our provider is specialized on hosting gameservers.
  12. Hi! Thanks for that tipp. Some days ago, the NIC was disconnected due to an error from the hoster. While using the server, the user on it has sb always in focus, because it's running over vnc. Let's see, what the future brings...
  13. Hi volcano. No, we did no changes and at the moment we are on to find out what the problem was.
  14. This event was again really funny. Thanks to all participants! Playing with 30+ is of course much better. I hope to see you at the next event!
  15. Thanks for the fun last night, guys! It's always funny, to play with all of you.
  16. Hm, you have any education in using electrical things? Normaly there must be any connectors. So it's your job now, to get out the "pin-usage. Afer that, you must programm for example a microcontroller that makes the communicatinon between the usb-port and the electrics. I always wanted to realise such a project, but I was missing the leopard 2 steering unit :-)
  17. Welcome back from battlefield. Hope your impressions of that sucking impressions from iraqu anren't as bad that they capture you. Have fun again with SB Pro PE
  18. Cool, sounds realisable. Maybe Al hears our wishes for a real dedicated server :-)
  19. This is a real good idea. I was also searching for arguments, that could be given to the exe at starttime, but it failed. Your mod is really welcome. In what language your write it? How do you "emulate" the clicks in the menu?
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