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  1. Anyone know had to add tents and set up control M113s in TOC formation??
  2. I run the application.... it seems to crap out. Doesn't do anything for me. I have 4.156 and the patch will not update it.
  3. I thought that could be it. I searched through spam. I could not find the second email.
  4. I bought the "early bird special" for 4.15 and received my awesome mouse pad and thumbdrive. I installed the map software first and then the sim. When I try to start up the software with my old dongle inserted I get: "License failure - please insure that the codemeter control center is running and that you have a valid software or USB-dongle license of the following type available "SB Pro PE" What am I missing here? the codemeter is being read okay.
  5. It's amazing how far you all have come. I feel lucky to have been a customer since the beginning and watch the entire project evolve. Excellent work fellas.
  6. Version 1


    Feburary 13th 1989 The first domino has fallen... Simple mission: Lead elements of a Soviet mechanized infantry regiment are probing through the outer defense lines of Fulda. Whack them. National Guard M-60A3s were on exercise to the south-west when hostilities broke out and the week-end warriors are scared shitless. Use your new M1A1s utilizing the terrain to stop the enemy advance. You have a platoon of mortars ready to provide indirect fire. Enemy consists of T-64B along with mechanized infantry. No triggered ending. Lasts approximately 25 minutes.
  7. Your research is some of the best on the planet!
  8. Coach... I have the same issue. I have not played SB for a few months (I know... for SHAME!) and now I get a start-up and then a shut down after like 7 seconds. I'll be a tester for that patch if you have it.
    Absolutely beautiful! Thank you for the hard work!
  9. cobrabase

    M2A2-M3A2 Bradley

    Sheer beauty! Thank you so much!
  10. When I drop them into the MOD folder the sim simply will not start. This is weird.
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