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  1. Operation Domino

    Version 1


    Feburary 13th 1989 The first domino has fallen... Simple mission: Lead elements of a Soviet mechanized infantry regiment are probing through the outer defense lines of Fulda. Whack them. National Guard M-60A3s were on exercise to the south-west when hostilities broke out and the week-end warriors are scared shitless. Use your new M1A1s utilizing the terrain to stop the enemy advance. You have a platoon of mortars ready to provide indirect fire. Enemy consists of T-64B along with mechanized infantry. No triggered ending. Lasts approximately 25 minutes.
  2. History of US Tanks.

    Your research is some of the best on the planet!
  3. SB does not start up

    Coach... I have the same issue. I have not played SB for a few months (I know... for SHAME!) and now I get a start-up and then a shut down after like 7 seconds. I'll be a tester for that patch if you have it.
  4. M2A2-M3A2 Bradley

    Absolutely beautiful! Thank you for the hard work!
  5. M2A2-M3A2 Bradley

    Sheer beauty! Thank you so much!
  6. We love videos

    A big thank you to Poland.
  7. File names and types to replace the internal coax sound

    Yeah, I do that. My game won't start then.
  8. File names and types to replace the internal coax sound

    When I drop them into the MOD folder the sim simply will not start. This is weird.
  9. Greetings all. I'm having as devil of a time trying to replace my coax sound. What are the file names and where do I place the files for the brad and abrams? Thanks.
  10. I have some replacement files for the internal coax sound I would like to use. I need to confirm what file names to use and where to drop them as I am having trouble.
  11. Latest Press Release

    Until we have the possibility to generate a chem/bio attack we have my scenario emulating it.
  12. We love videos

    Soviet Showcase
  13. M1A2 SEP CITV Frame Rate Drop

    Only in a minor fashion when I play 4.0 in 3-screen. Before 4.0 it would drop badly but post-4.0 runs decent (with a bit of slow down) for me.