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  1. I bought the "early bird special" for 4.15 and received my awesome mouse pad and thumbdrive. 


    I installed the map software first and then the sim. 


    When I try to start up the software with my old dongle inserted I get:


    "License failure - please insure that the codemeter control center is running and that you have a valid software or USB-dongle license of the following type available "SB Pro PE"


    What am I missing here?  the codemeter is being read okay. 

  2. On 6/1/2019 at 3:14 PM, daskal said:

    Maaan, shits just got real! I really liked the proper alignment of the roads on the side of those hills.


    Great Video Nils - this is your best one yet!

    It's amazing how far you all have come.  I feel lucky to have been a customer since the beginning and watch the entire project evolve.  Excellent work fellas.

  3. On 7/9/2018 at 10:45 AM, Damian90 said:

    @Ssnake@dejawolf@cobrabase@Assassin 7


    During doing some research I discovered something interesting, it seems that my theory I discarded in the past was in the end correct! M1's upper front hull plate (glacis) indeed have variable thickness, around drivers hatch it's 50mm thick, however rest of the plate is ~70-80mm thick. How do I know, well I found photos of an old basic M1, modified as a test bed for hydropneumatic suspension system with variable height control. I noticed that front fuel tanks were removed replaced by hydropneumatic oil reservoirs with pipes coming through holes cut in upper glacis, and what I noticed is that glacis plate on most of it's surface is thicker than over driver hatch area.




    Your research is some of the best on the planet!

  4. Coach... I have the same issue.  I have not played SB for a few months (I know... for SHAME!)  and now I get a start-up and then a shut down after like 7 seconds.   I'll be a tester for that patch if you have it. 

  5. 9 hours ago, Mirzayev said:



    Is this an issue just on my end, or have others experienced this? 


    Only in a minor fashion when I play 4.0 in 3-screen.  Before 4.0 it would drop badly but post-4.0 runs decent (with a bit of slow down) for me.

  6. This is a really weird protocol.  I've had a TC "fight" me for ammunition selection when ASLAVs were being targeted.  I saw them on the other side of a valley and had sabot loaded.  I switched to the TC position and selected MPAT (which is a round I REALLY dislike but it was the only HEAT I had at the time).  I heard the loader unload sabot and load MPAT.  I switched back to gunner and index MPAT only to realize Sabot had been RELOADED by the replacement AI TC. 


    I really don't think protocol should be sabot for an ASLAV.  That's really weird. 

  7. 2 hours ago, Damian90 said:

    Hey, Andrei Tarasenko updated his site, and some new great informations are included. @cobrabase you might be interested in this, altough in most cases articles are in russian and needs translation.


    Anyway, first article is about evolution of the armor protection, mainly of the T-64 series.



    Another article, in english this time, is about development of welded turrets for tanks in Soviet Union.


    Thank you for this!

  8. Just now, Rotareneg said:

    Did you download it again, or were you using the same files you originally installed from? If it's the same files from before, I'd suspect either a virus/malware issue, or more likely an overly enthusiastic antivirus/antimalware/internet security package interfering with things. If it's a new download being corrupted, I'd use Transmission to download the bittorrent instead as it will ensure the downloaded files are not corrupted.

    I redownloaded all 5 parts again and now it just.... works.  Not complaining. 

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