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  1. Just waiting on those particle effects!
  2. My new Steelbeasts exclusive youtube channel is up. It will have almost all my classic oldies and plenty of room for 3.0 vids. https://www.youtube.com/user/SteelbeastsCavalry cheers
  3. That's what is known as Hin-sah... HNSA. Honest-no-s*%t-assessment.
  4. HA! I JUST ASKED ABOUT THIS LIKE 30 SECONDS AGO! Nils I love ya! Well... not like that but.... okay, with 3.0, maybe just a LITTLE like that! Totally stoked to see what you boys come up with!
  5. Any news on changes in effects/explosions smoke?
  6. HOLY CRAP! T-64!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Gotcha. Nils I am so amazed. You all have been doing a complete overhaul and it is amazing! How much are we looking at for an update.
  8. Whoah whoah whoah... hold it. The new M1 variants... What's this "Also with all standard crew positions, of course. " Do we have a loader position now or do you mean stowage on the outside? ??????
  9. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yeR-rmpOGwg
  10. You can always watch my video on this SPECULATION of how the SEP will differ from the M1A1HA+ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WHZSQOMdJpc
  11. OH MY GOD... BLACKHAWKS!!!! I'm naming my first born Nils. SHOW US THE BRADLEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Here is what I put out to my over 1,500 youtube subscribers (at least on my FIRST small channel). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HZhUN-_Vl3E
  13. We still have a month to wait correct? Fine with me. I'm off all Summer.
  14. Is the T-72BV crewable? Know what... I don't care if it isn't... this update is enough for me to give up my quest for a meaningful relationship. THANK YOU ESIM!
  15. In THIS update? Well, I HOPE I'm wrong but lets give esim a break.
  16. Nice but I'll wait for the update. LOL!
  17. I'm just guessing but... no chance in hell.
  18. They interview him in the California National Guard in there somewhere.
  19. What changes (if any) have been made to the armor of the new M1A2 SEP VS our old tried and true M1A1 HA+? According to the book (which features Steelbeasts forum member 3-Star btw) by Michael Green and Greg Stewart - the U.S. Army increased the frontal and turret side armor on the SEP. Any figures used in the sim? Anyone know if the glacis plate of the forward hull was up-armored?
  20. Dynamic weather??!! 50 new weapons???
  21. wow.................... wow.................. wow......
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